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Benthic communities at two remote Pacific coral reefs: effects of reef habitat, depth, and wave energy gradients on spatial patterns

Author(s): Gareth J. Williams | Jennifer E. Smith | Eric J. Conklin | Jamison M. Gove | Enric Sala | Stuart A. Sandin
Battery Capacity Estimation of Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Application

Author(s): myungsoo jun | kandler smith | eric wood | marshall smart
AICAR inhibits ceramide biosynthesis in skeletal muscle

Author(s): Erickson Katherine A | Smith Melissa E | Anthonymuthu Tamil S | Evanson Michael J | Brassfield Eric S | Hodson Aimee E | Bressler M | Tucker Braden J | Thatcher Mikayla O | Prince John T | Hancock Chad R | Bikman Benjamin T
A unified phylogeny-based nomenclature for histone variants

Author(s): Talbert Paul B | Ahmad Kami | Almouzni Geneviève | Ausió Juan | Berger Frederic | Bhalla Prem L | Bonner William M | Cande W | Chadwick Brian P | Chan Simon W L | Cross George A M | Cui Liwang | Dimitrov Stefan I | Doenecke Detlef | Eirin-López José M | Gorovsky Martin A | Hake Sandra B | Hamkalo Barbara A | Holec Sarah | Jacobsen Steven E | Kamieniarz Kinga | Khochbin Saadi | Ladurner Andreas G | Landsman David | Latham John A | Loppin Benjamin | Malik Harmit S | Marzluff William F | Pehrson John R | Postberg Jan | Schneider Robert | Singh Mohan B | Smith M | Thompson Eric | Torres-Padilla Maria-Elena | Tremethick David | Turner Bryan M | Waterborg Jakob | Wollmann Heike | Yelagandula Ramesh | Zhu Bing | Henikoff Steven
The fungus Neurospora crassa displays telomeric silencing mediated by multiple sirtuins and by methylation of histone H3 lysine 9

Author(s): Smith Kristina M | Kothe Gregory O | Matsen Cindy B | Khlafallah Tamir K | Adhvaryu Keyur K | Hemphill Melissa | Freitag Michael | Motamedi Mohammad R | Selker Eric U
Acute morbidity and complications of thigh compartment syndrome: A report of 26 cases

Author(s): Kanlic Enes M | Pinski Sarah E | Verwiebe Eric G | Saller Jeremy | Smith Wade R
High throughput quantitative proteomic analysis of cellular host response to influenza virus in primary human monocyte-derived macrophages

Author(s): Cheung Chung | Chan Eric | Leung Carolina | Jacobs Jon | Smith Richard | Katze Michael | Peiris Malik
Identification of a T-cell epitope in the Staphylococcus aureus Panton-Valentine LukS-PV component

Author(s): Eric L. Brown | Keri Csencsits Smith | Maria Gabriela Bowden
A new species of blunt-headed vine snake (Colubridae, Imantodes) from the Chocó region of Ecuador

Author(s): Omar Torres-Carvajal | Mario Yanez | Diego Quirola | Eric N. Smith | Ana Almendáriz
Using Mobile Robots to Establish Mobile Wireless Mesh Networks and Increase Network Throughput

Author(s): Cory Q. Nguyen | Byung-Cheol Min | Eric T. Matson | Anthony H. Smith | J. Eric Dietz | Donghan Kim
Commentary: JWST near-infrared detector degradation— finding the problem, fixing the problem, and moving forward

Author(s): Bernard J. Rauscher | Carl Stahle | Robert J. Hill | Matthew Greenhouse | James Beletic | Sachidananda Babu | Peter Blake | Keith Cleveland | Emmanuel Cofie | Bente Eegholm | C. W. Engelbracht | Donald N. B. Hall | Alan Hoffman | Basil Jeffers | Christine Jhabvala | Randy A. Kimble | Stanley Kohn | Robert Kopp | Don Lee | Henning Leidecker | Don Lindler | Robert E. McMurray Jr. | Karl Misselt | D. Brent Mott | Raymond Ohl | Judith L. Pipher | Eric Piquette | Dan Polis | Jim Pontius | Marcia Rieke | Roger Smith | W. E. Tennant | Liqin Wang | Yiting Wen | Christopher N. A. Willmer | Majid Zandian
Efficacy and Safety of Deracoxib for the Control of Postoperative Pain and Inflammation Associated with Dental Surgery in Dogs

Author(s): Stephen E. Bienhoff | Eric S. Smith | Linda M. Roycroft | Elizabeth S. Roberts | Larry D. Baker
Acute Reciprocal Changes Distant from the Site of Spinal Osteotomies Affect Global Postoperative Alignment

Author(s): Eric Klineberg | Frank Schwab | Christopher Ames | Richard Hostin | Shay Bess | Justin S. Smith | Munish C. Gupta | Oheneba Boachie | Robert A. Hart | Behrooz A. Akbarnia | Douglas C. Burton | Virginie Lafage
Correlations between Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Metabolic Indices in Adult Nonhuman Primates

Author(s): Tarique D. Perera | Dunyue Lu | Lakshmi Thirumangalakudi | Eric L. P. Smith | Arkadiy Yaretskiy | Leonard A. Rosenblum | John G. Kral | Jeremy D. Coplan
Hip Anatomy and Ontogeny of Lower Limb Musculature in Three Species of Nonhuman Primates

Author(s): Jeremy J. Baker | Katherine J. Searight | Madeliene Atzeva Stump | Matthew B. Kehrer | Colleen Shanafelt | Eric Graham | Timothy D. Smith
Positive Selection by Purified MHC Class II / Thymic Epithelial Cells In Vitro: Costimulatory Signals Mediated by B7 Are Not Involved

Author(s): Eric J. Jenkinson | Graham Anderson | Nel C. Moore | Christopher A. Smith | John J. T. Owen
Acute Reciprocal Changes Distant from the Site of Spinal Osteotomies Affect Global Postoperative Alignment

Author(s): Eric Klineberg | Frank Schwab | Christopher Ames | Richard Hostin | Shay Bess | Justin S. Smith | Munish C. Gupta | Oheneba Boachie | Robert A. Hart | Behrooz A. Akbarnia | Douglas C. Burton | Virginie Lafage
Comparative Genomics of Aeschynomene Symbionts: Insights into the Ecological Lifestyle of Nod-Independent Photosynthetic Bradyrhizobia

Author(s): Damien Mornico | Lucie Miché | Gilles Béna | Nico Nouwen | André Verméglio | David Vallenet | Alexander A.T. Smith | Eric Giraud | Claudine Médigue | Lionel Moulin
Book Reviews

Author(s): R. Anderson Sutton | Wim van Zanten | T.E. Behrend | Willem Remmelink | Erik Brandt | Eric Venbrux | Madelon Djajadiningrat-Nieuwenhuis | Tineke Hellwig | M. Estellie Smith | Peter J.M. Nas | Uta Gärtner | Jan Becka | Beatriz van der Goes | H. Slaats | Stephen C. Headley | Janet Carsten | Stephen C. Headley | James J. Fox | M. Hekker | Helmut Buchholt | Tineke Hellwig | Brigitte Müller | Jan van der Putten | Liaw Yock Fang | Jan van der Putten | Liaw Yock Fang | Jan van der Putten | Liaw Yock Fang | Jan van der Putten | Liaw Yock Fang | Alle G. Hoekema | Chr.G.F. de Jong | George Hotze | Ronald G. Gill | H.A.J. Klooster | Holk H. Dengel | Harry A. Poeze | Hans Antlöv | P.W. Preston | Michael Hill | J.W. (Pim) Schoorl | Michael Southon | Henk Schulte Nordholt | Geoffrey Robinson | Herman A.O. de Tollenaere | Th. Stevens | Donald E. Weatherbee | Mpu Prapañca | E.P. Wieringa | Jennifer Lindsay | E.P. Wieringa | Wouter Smit
A multi-organ transcriptome resource for the Burmese Python (Python molurus bivittatus)

Author(s): Castoe Todd | Fox Samuel | Jason de Koning AP | Poole Alexander | Daza Juan | Smith Eric | Mockler Todd | Secor Stephen | Pollock David
Structural characterization of a ribose-5-phosphate isomerase B from the pathogenic fungus Coccidioides immitis

Author(s): Edwards Thomas | Abramov Ariel | Smith Eric | Baydo Ruth | Leonard Jess | Leibly David | Thompkins Kaitlin | Clifton Matthew | Gardberg Anna | Staker Bart | Van Voorhis Wesley | Myler Peter | Stewart Lance
Variation of the Side Chain Branch Position Leads to Vastly Improved Molecular Weight and OPV Performance in 4,8-dialkoxybenzo[1,2-b:4,5-b′]dithiophene/2,1,3-benzothiadiazole Copolymers

Author(s): Robert C. Coffin | Christopher M. MacNeill | Eric D. Peterson | Jeremy W. Ward | Jack W. Owen | Claire A. McLellan | Gregory M. Smith | Ronald E. Noftle | Oana D. Jurchescu | David L. Carroll
Predicting the risk of end-stage renal disease in the population-based setting: a retrospective case-control study

Author(s): Johnson Eric | Smith David | Thorp Micah | Yang Xiuhai | Juhaeri Juhaeri
Malaria and other vector-borne infection surveillance in the U.S. Department of Defense Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center-Global Emerging Infections Surveillance program: review of 2009 accomplishments

Author(s): Fukuda Mark | Klein Terry | Kochel Tadeusz | Quandelacy Talia | Smith Bryan | Villinski Jeff | Bethell Delia | Tyner Stuart | Se Youry | Lon Chanthap | Saunders David | Johnson Jacob | Wagar Eric | Walsh Douglas | Kasper Matthew | Sanchez Jose | Witt Clara | Cheng Qin | Waters Norman | Shrestha Sanjaya | Pavlin Julie | Lescano Andres | Graf Paul | Richardson Jason | Durand Salomon | Rogers William | Blazes David | Russell Kevin
Hemipenes of the long-tailed rattlesnakes (Serpentes: Viperidae) from Mexico

Author(s): Robert C. Jadin | Jacobo Reyes Velasco | Eric N. Smith
Methylation of TIMP3 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Eric Smith, Neville J De Young, Zi-Qiang Tian, Maria Caruso, Andrew R Ruszkiewicz, Jun-Feng Liu, Glyn G Jamieson, Paul A Drew
2005: A New Controversial Chapter in the use of FOBT in Primary Care Colorectal Cancer Screening

Author(s): Ariel Eric Klevan | Eran Shlomovitz | Andrew J. Smith
Myocardial ASL perfusion reserve test detects ischemic segments in initial cohort of 10 patients with angiographic CAD

Author(s): Zun Zungho | Jao Terrence | Smith Ning | Varadarajan Padmini | Pai Ramdas | Wong Eric | Nayak Krishna
Efficacy and safety of tiotropium Respimat® SMI in COPD in two 1-year randomized studies

Author(s): Eric Bateman | Dave Singh | David Smith | et al
Evaluation of the bacterial diversity of Pressure ulcers using bTEFAP pyrosequencing

Author(s): Smith Drake | Snow David | Rees Eric | Zischkau Ann | Hanson J Delton | Wolcott Randall | Sun Yan | White Jennifer | Kumar Shashi | Dowd Scot
Development and testing of a measure designed to assess the quality of care transitions

Author(s): Eric A. Coleman | Jodi D. Smith | Janet C. Frank | Theresa B. Eilertsen | Jill N. Thiare | Andrew M. Kramer
Measurement Invariance, Entropy, and Probability

Author(s): Steven A. Frank | D. Eric Smith
3' tag digital gene expression profiling of human brain and universal reference RNA using Illumina Genome Analyzer

Author(s): Asmann Yan | Klee Eric | Thompson E Aubrey | Perez Edith | Middha Sumit | Oberg Ann | Therneau Terry | Smith David | Poland Gregory | Wieben Eric | Kocher Jean-Pierre
An updated atlas of human helminth infections: the example of East Africa

Author(s): Brooker Simon | Kabatereine Narcis | Smith Jennifer | Mupfasoni Denise | Mwanje Mariam | Ndayishimiye Onésime | Lwambo Nicholas | Mbotha Deborah | Karanja Peris | Mwandawiro Charles | Muchiri Eric | Clements Archie | Bundy Donald | Snow Robert
Quantitation of DNA methylation by melt curve analysis

Author(s): Smith Eric | Jones Michael | Drew Paul
Hyperbaric treatment for children with autism: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, controlled trial

Author(s): Rossignol Daniel | Rossignol Lanier | Smith Scott | Schneider Cindy | Logerquist Sally | Usman Anju | Neubrander Jim | Madren Eric | Hintz Gregg | Grushkin Barry | Mumper Elizabeth
Nicotine Contamination in Particulate Matter Sampling

Author(s): Yueh-Hsiu Chiu | Jaime E. Hart | Thomas J. Smith | S. Katharine Hammond | Eric Garshick | Francine Laden
Oh my aching gut: irritable bowel syndrome, Blastocystis, and asymptomatic infection

Author(s): Boorom Kenneth | Smith Huw | Nimri Laila | Viscogliosi Eric | Spanakos Gregory | Parkar Unaiza | Li Lan-Hua | Zhou Xiao-Nong | Ok Ülgen | Leelayoova Saovanee | Jones Morris
Similarity of aberrant DNA methylation in Barrett's esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Smith Eric | De Young Neville | Pavey Sandra | Hayward Nicholas | Nancarrow Derek | Whiteman David | Smithers B Mark | Ruszkiewicz Andrew | Clouston Andrew | Gotley David | Devitt Peter | Jamieson Glyn | Drew Paul
Toward element-level interoperability in bibliographic metadata

Author(s): Carol Jean Godby | Devon Smith | Eric Childress
Effects of creatine loading on electromyographic fatigue threshold during cycle ergometry in college-aged women

Author(s): Smith Abbie | Walter Ashley | Herda Trent | Ryan Eric | Moon Jordan | Cramer Joel | Stout Jeffrey
Specificity of DNA-binding by the FAX-1 and NHR-67 nuclear receptors of Caenorhabditis elegans is partially mediated via a subclass-specific P-box residue

Author(s): DeMeo Stephen | Lombel Rebecca | Cronin Melissa | Smith Eric | Snowflack Danielle | Reinert Kristy | Clever Sheila | Wightman Bruce
Percent body fat estimations in college women using field and laboratory methods: a three-compartment model approach

Author(s): Moon Jordan | Hull Holly | Tobkin Sarah | Teramoto Masaru | Karabulut Murat | Roberts Michael | Ryan Eric | Kim So | Dalbo Vincent | Walter Ashley | Smith Abbie | Cramer Joel | Stout Jeffrey
The stochastic behavior of a molecular switching circuit with feedback

Author(s): Krishnamurthy Supriya | Smith Eric | Krakauer David | Fontana Walter
A high-density consensus map of barley linking DArT markers to SSR, RFLP and STS loci and agricultural traits

Author(s): Wenzl Peter | Li Haobing | Carling Jason | Zhou Meixue | Raman Harsh | Paul Edie | Hearnden Phillippa | Maier Christina | Xia Ling | Caig Vanessa | Ovesná Jaroslava | Cakir Mehmet | Poulsen David | Wang Junping | Raman Rosy | Smith Kevin | Muehlbauer Gary | Chalmers Ken | Kleinhofs Andris | Huttner Eric | Kilian Andrzej
Accuracy of commercial geocoding: assessment and implications

Author(s): Whitsel Eric | Quibrera P Miguel | Smith Richard | Catellier Diane | Liao Duanping | Henley Amanda | Heiss Gerardo
Endothelial progenitor cells display clonal restriction in multiple myeloma

Author(s): Braunstein Marc | Özçelik Tayfun | Bağişlar Sevgi | Vakil Varsha | Smith Eric | Dai Kezhi | Akyerli Cemaliye | Batuman Olcay
Inefficient cationic lipid-mediated siRNA and antisense oligonucleotide transfer to airway epithelial cells in vivo

Author(s): Griesenbach Uta | Kitson Chris | Garcia Sara | Farley Raymond | Singh Charanjit | Somerton Luci | Painter Hazel | Smith Rbecca | Gill Deborah | Hyde Stephen | Chow Yu-Hua | Hu Jim | Gray Mike | Edbrooke Mark | Ogilvie Varrie | MacGregor Gordon | Scheule Ronald | Cheng Seng | Caplen Natasha | Alton Eric
Metallothionien 3 expression is frequently down-regulated in oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma by DNA methylation

Author(s): Smith Eric | Drew Paul | Tian Zi-Qing | De Young Neville | Liu Jun-Feng | Mayne George | Ruszkiewicz Andrew | Watson David | Jamieson Glyn
Biplot and Singular Value Decomposition Macros for Excel©

Author(s): Ilya Lipkovich | Eric P. Smith
A case-control study of autism and mumps-measles-rubella vaccination using the general practice research database: design and methodology

Author(s): Smeeth Liam | Hall Andrew | Fombonne Eric | Rodrigues Laura | Huang Xiangning | Smith Peter
Validation of the diagnosis of autism in general practitioner records

Author(s): Fombonne Eric | Heavey Lisa | Smeeth Liam | Rodrigues Laura | Cook Claire | Smith Peter | Meng Linyan | Hall Andrew

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