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Lithological and Geological Impacts on Gully Erosion (Case Study: Seif Abad Watershed, Lorestan)

Author(s): SH. Yousofvand | M. Habibnejad | K. Soleimani | M. Rezaie Pasha
Schiff Base Metal Derivatives Enhance the Expression of HSP70 and Suppress BAX Proteins in Prevention of Acute Gastric Lesion

Author(s): Shahram Golbabapour | Nura Suleiman Gwaram | Mazen M. Jamil Al-Obaidi | A. F. Soleimani | Hapipah Mohd Ali | Nazia Abdul Majid
Preparation and Characterization of a Gastric Floating Dosage Form of Capecitabine

Author(s): Ehsan Taghizadeh Davoudi | Mohamed Ibrahim Noordin | Ali Kadivar | Behnam Kamalidehghan | Abdoreza Soleimani Farjam | Hamid Akbari Javar
Culture of Borrelia persica and its Flagellar Antigen in vitro

Author(s): Zahra Zamani | Mohammad Arjmand | Farzad Oreiz | Mohammad Soleimani | Seyed Hossein Hosseini | Mehdi Assmar | Saifeddin Javadian | Reza Saghiri | Fatemeh Pourfallah
The Role of Cow’s Milk Allergy in Pediatric Chronic Constipation: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Author(s): Seyed-Mohsen Dehghani | Bita Ahmadpour | Mahmood Haghighat | Sara Kashef | Mohammad Hadi Imanieh | Mohammad Soleimani
Event-Driven Fuzzy Paradigm for Emotion Generation Dynamics

Author(s): Ahmad Soleimani | Ziad Kobti
Radial Basis Function in Artificial Neural Network for Prediction of Bankruptcy

Author(s): Alireza Mehrazin | Mohammad Taghipour | Omid Froutan | Bashir Ghabdian | Hamid Soleimani
Aligned and random nanofibrous nanocomposite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Author(s): Amir Doustgani | Ebrahim Vasheghani-Farahani | Masoud Soleimani
Design of an Improved Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Assay for Molecular Detection of Streptococcus pneumonia

Author(s): Fahimeh Aghamiri | Mohammad Soleimani | Amir Hossein Mohseni | Keivan Majidzade
Full Mouth Rehabilitation of an Ectodermal Dysplasia Patient with Implant-Supported Prostheses: A Clinical Report

Author(s): Rahab Ghoveizi | Hakimeh Siadat | Sakineh Nikzad | Ghasem Ommati Shabestari | Yadolah Soleimani Shayesteh
Intensive Care Unit Staff and Resource Utilization: Is It an Effective Factor?

Author(s): Majid Golestani Eraghi | Taghi Mohammad Beigmohammadi | Ali Akbar Soleimani | Mojtaba Mojtahedzadeh
An exploration study to detect important factors influencing insurance firms

Author(s): Farzaneh Soleimani | Fattaneh Alizadeh Meshkani | Abdullah Naami
Relationship of risk factors and ST segment changes with symptoms of acute coronary syndrome0.

Author(s): Hamid Sharifnia | Ali Akbar Haghdoost | Roghieh Nazari | Nasim Bahrami | Mohammad Ali Soleimani | Kamran Pormand
Machine Maintenance in Open Shop Problems with Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): Meisam soleimani | Majid salimi
Osteogenic Inhibition in Multiple Myeloma

Author(s): Hussain Habibi | Saeid Abroun | Abbas Hajifathali | Masoud Soleimani | Saeid Kaviani | Nasim Kalantari | Susan Eslahchi
Caspase-Mediated Apoptosis in Sensory Neurons of Cultured Dorsal Root Ganglia in Adult Mouse

Author(s): Hamid Reza Momeni | Malek Soleimani Mehranjani | Mohammad Ali Shariatzadeh | Mahnaz Haddadi
Sand Flies of the Subgenus Adlerius (Diptera: Psychodidae) in an Endemic Focus of Visceral Leishmaniasis and Introduction of Phlebotomus (Adlerius) comatus as a New Record for Iran

Author(s): Ali Reza Zahraei-Ramazani | Dinesh Kumar | Mohammad Reza Yaghoobi-Ershadi | Abdollah Naghian | Reza Jafari | Mohammad Reza Shirzadi | Hamid Abdoli | Hassan Soleimani | Niloofar Shareghi | Maryam Ghanei | Mohammad Hossein Arandian | Ahmad Ali Hanafi-Bojd
Study of ultrastructure and apoptosis in the endometrium of women with or without endometriosis

Author(s): Leila Roshangar | Seddighe Abdollahifard | Abbas Majdi | Armin Zarrintan | Alia Ghasemzade | Laaia Farzadi | Sara Soleimani Rad | Jafar Soleimani Rad
The Effect of Educating the Use of Spray by Visual Concept Mapping Method on the Quality of Life of Children with Asthma

Author(s): Parisa Bozorgzad | Abbas Ebadi | Mostafa Moin | Forough Sarhangy | Somayyeh Nasiripour | Mohammad Ali Soleimani
Differential Expression and Sequence Polymorphism of the Olive Pollen Allergen Ole E 1 in Two Iranian Cultivars

Author(s): Ali Soleimani | Sonia Morales | Jose Carlos Jimenez-Lopez | Antonio Jesus Castro | María Isabel Rodríguez-García | Juan de Dios Alché
Adverse Effect of High Glucose Concentration on Stem Cell Therapy

Author(s): Najmaldin Saki | Mohammad Ali Jalalifar | Masoud Soleimani | Saeideh Hajizamani | Fakher Rahim
Novel glutamatergic drugs for the treatment of mood disorders

Author(s): Lapidus KAB | Soleimani L | Murrough JW
The Emerging Role of Mesenchymal stem Cells in Tissue Engineering

Author(s): Ali Dehghanifard | Mohammad Shahjahani | Masoud Soleimani | Najmaldin Saki
Feasibility of Cell Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Review of 83 Studies

Author(s): Abdolreza Ardeshirylajimi | Majid Farshdousti Hagh | Najmaldin Saki | Esmaeil Mortaz | Masoud Soleimani | Fakher Rahim
Expansion of CD133 +umbilical Cord Blood Derived Hematopoietic Stem Cells on Biocompatible Microwells

Author(s): Mina soufizomorrod | Masoud soleimani | Abbas Hajifathali | Majid Mossahebimohammadi | Saeed Abroun | Saeed Abroun
Predicting Developmental Disorder in Infants Using an Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): Farin Soleimani | Robab Teymouri | Akbar Biglarian
Efficacy of Core Decompression of Femoral Head to Treat Avascular Necrosis in Intravenous Drug Users

Author(s): Seyed Mohammad Jalil Abrisham | Mohammad Reza Hajiesmaeili | Hossein Soleimani | Hamid Pahlavanhosseini
The Evaluation of Increase in Hemodialysis Frequency on C-Reactive Protein Levels and Nutritional Status

Author(s): Ali Akbar Rashidi | Ali Reza Soleimani | Hassan Nikoueinejad | Shokooh Sarbolouki
Subclinical neuropathy in workers occupationally exposed to n-hexane

Author(s): Masoud Neghab | Esmail Soleimani | Kambiz Khamoushian
Sexual health challenges of adolescents in Iran: A review article

Author(s): N Bahrami | M Simbar | M.A Soleimani
Happiness as a Predictor of Psychological Well-Being of Male Athlete Students

Author(s): Abdollah Ghasempour | Heidar Jodat | Masomeh Soleimani | Kiomars Zhalehshabanlo
The effect of long term treatment of lowest effective dose of para-nonylphenol on viability, morphology and proliferation of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells

Author(s): Mohammad Husein Abnosi | Malek Soleimani Mehranjani | Sayed Mohammad Ali Shariatzadeh | Majid Mahdiyeh Najafabadi | Laila Dehdehi
Effect of transient inactivation of rostral ventromedial medulla on swim stress induced analgesia in formalin test in rats

Author(s): Neda Soleimani | Elaheh Erami | Mehdi Abbasnejad | Shamsizadeh Ali | Azhdari-Zarmehri Hassan
Nuclear factor-κB1 expression levels in human gastric adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Razieh Ebrahimi-Askari | Mehrdad Behmanesh | Maryam Ghalandary | Masoud Soleimani
Effects of lidocaine injections into the rostral ventromedial medulla on nociceptive behviours in hot-plate and formalin tests in rats

Author(s): Hassan Azhdari Zarmehri | Nima Haidari-Oranji | Neda Soleimani | Mohammad Sofiabadi
Some Iterative Methods Free from Derivatives and Their Basins of Attraction for Nonlinear Equations

Author(s): Farahnaz Soleimani | Fazlollah Soleymani | Stanford Shateyi
In Vitro Hepatocyte-Like Cells Differentiation of Human Umbilical Cord Blood Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Author(s): Masoumeh Ghaderi | Abdolamir Allameh | Masoud Soleimani | Mahdi Forozande Moghadam
Comparative Study of The Effect of LPS on The Function of BALB/c and C57BL/6 Peritoneal Macrophages

Author(s): Sara Soudi | Ahmad Zavaran-Hosseini | Zuhair Muhammad Hassan | Masoud Soleimani | Fatemeh Jamshidi Adegani | Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi
Effect of lidocaine spray on the pain intensity during insertion of vascular needles in hemodialysis patients

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Asgari | Nahid Hoshmand Motlagh | Mohsen Soleimani | Raheb Ghorbani
Numerical study of natural convection in an inclined L-shaped porous enclosure

Author(s): S. M. Moghimi | G. Domairry | H. Bararnia | S. Soleimani | E. Ghasemi
Assessment of scientific thinking in basic science in the Iranian second national Olympiad

Author(s): Azarpira Negar | Amini Mitra | Kojuri Javad | Pasalar Parvin | Soleimani Masud | Hossein Khani Saman | Ebrahimi Marzieh | Niknejhad Hassan | Karimian Zahra | Lotfi Farhad | Shahabi Shahram | Saadat Iraj | Dehghani Mohammad Reza | Mohagheghi Mohammad Ali | Adibi Payman | Bagheri Lankarani Kamran
Country of Origin: A Study over Perspective of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Cues on Consumer's Purchase Decision

Author(s): Samin Rezvani | Ghazaleh Shenyari | Goodarz Javadian Dehkordi | Mehrdad Salehi | Neda Nahid | Soheil Soleimani
The Investigation of the Relationship between Economic Value Added (EVA) and Return on Assets (ROA) in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)

Author(s): Saeid Jabbarzadeh Kangarloei | Morteza Motavassel | Esmaeil Arzanlu | Behzad Soleimani
Microeconomic Analysis of Healthcare Services in Bou Ali Sina University Hospital

Author(s): Aziz Rezapour | Jalal Arabloo | Farbod Ebadi Fard Azar | Mohammad Javad Soleimani | Hossein Safari
Is Bowel Preparation Necessary Before kidney-Ureter-Bladder Radiography and Intravenous Urography?

Author(s): Farid Dadkhah | Mohammad Reza Safarinejad | Erfan Amini | Mohammad Soleimani | Alireza Lashay
The Role of The A2A Receptor in Cell Apoptosis Caused by MDMA

Author(s): Mansooreh Soleimani | Majid Katebi | Akram Alizadeh | Farzaneh | Mehdi Mehdizadeh
Zingiber Officinale Alters 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine-Induced Neurotoxicity in Rat Brain

Author(s): Mehdi Mehdizadeh | Fataneh Dabaghian | Akram Nejhadi | Hassan Fallah-huseini | Samira Choopani | Nima Shekarriz | Nima Molavi | Arghavan Basirat | Farzaneh Mohammadzadeh Kazorgah | Alireza Samzadeh-Kermani | Sara Soleimani Asl
The Effect of Colloidal Silica Nanoparticles on the Activity of α-Amylase

Author(s): G. R. Behbehani | M. Soleimani | A. Khani | L. Barzegar | S. Bagheri
Vanadium Recovery from Oil Refinery Sludge Using Emulsion Membrane Technique

Author(s): Nabavinia M. | Soleimani M. | Kargari A.
Effect of Saliva Contamination on Microleakage of a Fissure Selant with or without Bonding Agent

Author(s): AA Soleimani | Z Bahrololumi | M Kabudan | M Mousavi Nasab | A Abarghooyi
Relationship between Blood Pressure and Passive Smoking in Elementary School Children

Author(s): Abolhassan Seyedzadeh | Forough Hashemi | Akram Soleimani
Examination of articulation in patient using obturator by means of computer planning

Author(s): Leila Sedighpor | Hoshang Dadgar | Mojgan naseh | Zahra Soleimani | Somaieh Allahiary
Comparison of the Effect of Conventional and Electroforming Methods on Marginal Integrity: an in Vitro Study

Author(s): Noorbakhsh M. | Jalalian E. | Baghbanbashi R. | Soleimani M.
A Novel Target for Diuretic Therapy

Author(s): Manoocher Soleimani
Evaluation of Chemoprevention Effect of Systemic Celecoxib on Induction of

Author(s): Fateme Arbabi-Kalati | Mehran Mesgari-Abbasi | Mojgan Nasirinasab | Maryam Sohrabi | Leila Roshangar | Jafar Soleimani | Amir A. Khaki | Yousof Doustar | Yousof Javadzade
Increase of CXCR4 Expression on Expanded Non-enriched Cord Blood CD34+ Cells Using MSCs

Author(s): Masoud Soleimani | Hossein Mozdarani | Ali Akbar Pourfathollah | Yousef Mortazavi | Kamran Alimoghaddam | Abbas Hajifathali | Zahra Zonobi
The Effect of Low Level Laser Irradiation on Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Author(s): Hossein Baharvand | Masoud Soleimani | Hamid Gourabi
A study to measure the impact of organizational culture and organizational excellence

Author(s): Asghar Nikbakht Elham Nikbakht | Ali Soleimani Rad | Mohammad Reza Iravani
Screening of Novel Bacteriophage Infection in Pseudomonas putida Isolated From Potato Disease

Author(s): Abbas Soleimani Delfan | Zahra Etemadifar | Majid Bouzari | Giti Emtiazi
Metrizability of Cone Metric Spaces Via Renorming the Banach Spaces

Author(s): Mehdi Asadi | S. Mansour Vaezpour | Billy E. Rhoades | Hossein Soleimani
Cloning of Tissue Plasminogen Activator cDNA in Nonpathogenic Leishmania

Author(s): Mohammad Soleimani | Noushin Davudi | Fatollah Fallahian | Fereidoun Mahboudi
Effect of Astrocyte-Conditioned Medium, Retinoic Acid and Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor on Neural Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

Author(s): Reza Moghadasali | Bahman Zeynali | Masoud Soleimani | Maryam Hatami | Hossein Baharvand
Hemolysis and Pulmonary Insufficiency following Right Ventricular Assist Device Implantation

Author(s): Sarah A. Schubert | Behzad Soleimani | Walter E. Pae
Dose distribution verification for GZP6 sources: A comparison of Monte Carlo, radiochromic film, and GZP6 treatment planning system

Author(s): Toossi Bahreyni Taghi Mohammad | Ghorbani Mahdi | Mowlavi Asghar Ali | Hashemian Abdolreza | Meigooni Soleimani Ali
Coenzyme Q10 Protects Hippocampal Neurons Against Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury via Modulation of BAX/Bcl-2 Expression

Author(s): M Zamani | M Katebi | M Mehdizadeh | F Mohamadzadeh | Mansooreh Soleimani
Spin-dependent conductance of a typical fishbone-like nanostructure

Author(s): M Mardaani | H Rabani | S Soleimani
Lung metastasis due to limb osteogenic and soft tissue sarcoma in the hospitalized patients at Al-Zahra hospital in Isfahan between 1995 and 2008

Author(s): Seyed Abbas Tabatabaee | Seyed Mozaffar Hashemi | Mojtaba Ahmadinejad | Vahid Almasi | Abdolkhalegh Bahranifard | Saba Soleimani
Comparison Study of the Diagnostic Values of Serum Cystatin C and Creatinine in the Assessment of Renal Function in the Early Follow-up of Renal Transplant Patients

Author(s): M. J. Soleimani | M. A. Zargar Shoushtari | H. Shahrokh | H. Habib Akhyari | R. Kaffash Nayyeri | S. M. Fereshtehnejad | M. Asgari
Correlation between high-risk pregnancy and developmental delay in children aged 4–60 months

Author(s): Fatemeh Torabi | Sedigheh Amir Ali Akbari | Saba Amiri | Farin Soleimani | Hamid Alavi Majd
Study of Certain Epidemiological Aspects of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Khatam County, Yazd Province,Iran.

Author(s): MR Yaghoobi-Ershadi | N Marvi-Moghadam | R Jafari | AA Akhavan | H Soleimani | AR Zahraei-Ramazani | MH Arandian | AR Dehghan-Dehnavi
A Faunestic Study of Rodents in Yazd with Emphasis on Rural Reservoirs of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Author(s): R Jafari | AA Dehghani-Tafti | MH Ehrampoosh | H Soleimani
Epidemiological Status of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Bafgh City,Yazd Province 2005.

Author(s): R Jafari | M Mohebali | AR Dehghan-Dehnoee | H Soleimani | AA Akhavan | H Hajjaran | A Dehghan-Shadkam | J Fatahi
Zoledrinic Acid Induces Steoblastic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells without Change in Hypomethylation Status of OSTERIX Promoter

Author(s): Majid Farshdousti Hagh | Mehrdad Noruzinia | Yousef Mortazavi | Masoud Soleimani | Saeid Kaviani | Maryam Mahmodinia Maymand
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