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Author(s): Anne Booth | W.L. Korthals Altes | Wim van den Doel | Robert Cribb | C.D. Grijns | Kingsley Bolton | David Henley | Ole Bruun | Ward Keeler | Jonathon Falla | Elsbeth Locher-Scholten | Mary F. Somers Heidhues | Marie Alexandrine Martin | Christin Kocher Schmid | J. Noorduyn | Bernhard Dahm | J. Noorduyn | J.N. Sneddon | Anton Ploeg | Richard Michael Bourke | Anton Ploeg | Maureen A. MacKenzie | Nico G. Schulte Nordholt | Jeremy Kemp | Rudiger Schumacher | Clara Brakel-Papenhuijzen | Corry M.I. van der Sluys | Carol Laderman | J.H.F. Sollewijn Gelpke | Geoffrey Irwin | R.G. Tol | Burhan Magenda
A diverse autumn diet without dominant prey for opportunistic black-backed jackals Canis mesomelas

Author(s): Emmanuel Do Linh San | Nangamso B. Malongwe | Bradley Fike | Michael John Somers | Michele Walters
Tim50a, a nuclear isoform of the mitochondrial Tim50, interacts with proteins involved in snRNP biogenesis

Author(s): Xu Hongzhi | Somers Z Brad | Robinson Melvin | Hebert Michael
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