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The impact of shift work induced chronic circadian disruption on IL-6 and TNF-α immune responses

Author(s): van Mark Anke | Weiler Stephan | Schröder Marcel | Otto Andreas | Jauch-Chara Kamila | Groneberg David | Spallek Michael | Kessel Richard | Kalsdorf Barbara
Air pollution research: visualization of research activity using density-equalizing mapping and scientometric benchmarking procedures

Author(s): Zell Hanna | Quarcoo David | Scutaru Cristian | Vitzthum Karin | Uibel Stefanie | Schöffel Norman | Mache Stefanie | Groneberg David | Spallek Michael
Work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the automotive industry due to repetitive work - implications for rehabilitation

Author(s): Spallek Michael | Kuhn Walter | Uibel Stefanie | van Mark Anke | Quarcoo David
Development and evaluation of a computer-based medical work assessment programme

Author(s): Mache Stefanie | Scutaru Cristian | Vitzthum Karin | Gerber Alexander | Quarcoo David | Welte Tobias | Bauer Torsten | Spallek Michael | Seidler Andreas | Nienhaus Albert | Klapp Burghard | Groneberg David
Shift work and pathological conditions

Author(s): van Mark Anke | Spallek Michael | Kessel Richard | Brinkmann Elke

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