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A Buffer-Sizing Algorithm for Network-on-Chips with Multiple Voltage-Frequency Islands

Author(s): Anish S. Kumar | M. Pawan Kumar | Srinivasan Murali | V. Kamakoti | Luca Benini | Giovanni De Micheli
High thoracic epidural anaesthesia as the sole anaesthetic technique for minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass in a high-risk patient.

Author(s): Chakravarthy Murali | Jawali V | Patil T | Srinivasan K | Manohar M | Khan J | Jayaprakash K | Das J | Mahajan V
A comprehensive analysis of the naturally occurring polymorphisms in HIV-1 Vpr: Potential impact on CTL epitopes

Author(s): Srinivasan Alagarsamy | Ayyavoo Velpandi | Mahalingam Sundarasamy | Kannan Aarthi | Boyd Anne | Datta Debduti | Kalyanaraman Vaniambadi | Cristillo Anthony | Collman Ronald | Morellet Nelly | Sawaya Bassel | Murali Ramachandran
A Method for Routing Packets Across Multiple Paths in NoCs with In-Order Delivery and Fault-Tolerance Gaurantees

Author(s): Srinivasan Murali | David Atienza | Luca Benini | Giovanni De Micheli
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