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A molecular genetic approach to roebuck individual identification in the case of poaching in Serbia

Author(s): Dimitrijević Vladimir | Trailović Ruzica | Petrujkić Branko | Savić Mila | Simeunović Predrag | Stevanović Jevrosima | Stanimirović Zoran
Degradation of Dual Image for Visual and near Infrared Spectrum at repeated CMYK/RGB Rendering

Author(s): Darko Agić | Ivana Stanimirović Žiljak | Ana Agić | Nikolina Stanić Loknar
Molecular sex determination of 20 bird species protected in the Republic of Serbia

Author(s): Stevanov-Pavlović Marija | Vućićević M. | Bošnjak Jasna | Stevanović Jevrosima | Dimitrijević V. | Resanović Radmila | Stanimirović Z.
Development of flow injection method for indirect copper determination with amperometric detection in drinking water samples

Author(s): Lolić Aleksandar | Tripković Tatjana | Baošić Rada | Nikolić-Mandić Snežana | Stanimirović Bojana
Strategy for ecologic control in fighting Varroa destructor

Author(s): Stanimirović Zoran | Ćirković Dragan | Pejin Ivana I. | Pejović Dejan
Evaluation of genotoxic potential of amitraz by cytogenetic test in vivo

Author(s): Pejin Ivana I. | Stanimirović Zoran | Stevanović Jevrosima B. | Kulišić Zoran
Investigations of genotoxic potential of levamisole hydrochloride in bone marrow cells of Wistar rats

Author(s): Kulić Milan | Stanimirović Zoran | Marković Biljana | Ristić Siniša
In vivo investigations of clastogenic effect of levamisole hydrochloride on bone marrow cells of BALB/c mice

Author(s): Kulić Milan | Stanimirović Zoran | Ristić Siniša | Marković Biljana
Prevalence of gastrointestinal helminths in calves in Western Serbia

Author(s): Kulišić Z. | Aleksić Nevenka | Đorđević M. | Gajić B. | Tambur Z. | Stevanović Jevrosima | Stanimirović Z.
Cervical, vaginal and vulvar intraepithelial neoplasms

Author(s): Mitrović-Jovanović Ana | Stanimirović Branko | Nikolić Branka | Zamurović Milena | Perišić Živko | Pantić-Aksentijevic Snežana
The metabolic syndrome X or insulin resistance syndrome

Author(s): Nikolić Aleksandra | Nikolić Dejan | Stanimirović Violeta
Evaluation of ribavirin efficacy and tolerance in subjects with chronic hepatitis C virus infection

Author(s): Stanimirović Violeta | Nikolić Dejan | Stanimirović Branko | Nikolić Aleksandra | Čučak Spomenka
On the Simplex Algorithm Initializing

Author(s): Nebojša V. Stojković | Predrag S. Stanimirović | Marko D. Petković | Danka S. Milojković
Hidden infrared image in a uniform CMYK separation hue

Author(s): Ivana Žiljak Stanimirović | Darko Agić | Jana Žiljak Vujić
Residence of the elderly

Author(s): Stanimirović Mirko | Jovanović Goran
Individual Stochastic Screening for the Development of Computer Graphics

Author(s): Maja Turčić¹* | Vilko Žiljak² | Ivana Ž.–Stanimirović²
Evaluation of the effects of ephedrine on human lymphocytes in the comet assay

Author(s): Radaković Milena | Đelić N. | Stanimirović Z. | Plećaš-Solarović Bosiljka | Spremo-Potparević Biljana | Živković Lada | Bajić V.
The influence of pulverised sugar dusting on the degree of infestation of honey bee colonies with Varroa destructor

Author(s): Stanimirović Z. | Aleksić Nevenka | Stevanović Jevrosima | Ćirković D. | Mirilović M. | Đelić N. | Stojić V.
Serbian Keyword Spotting System

Author(s): Ljiljana Stanimirović | Milan D. Savić
Double Image Design in Newspaper Production

Author(s): Mario Barišić | Klaudio Pap | Ivana Žiljak – Stanimirović | Vilko Žiljak
Some useful MATHEMATICA Teaching examples

Author(s): Milan Tasić | Predrag Stanimirović | Ivan Stanimirović | Marko Petković | Nebojša Stojković
Advanced System Software Curricula

Author(s): Slobodanka Đorđević -Kajan | Dragan Stojanović | Aleksandar Stanimirović
The effect of chlorhexidine on the receptor activator of NF-kB ligand (RANKL) and osteoprotegerin (OPG) expression in chronic periodontitis in humans and companion animals

Author(s): Janković Saša | Aleksić Z. | Nikolić-Jakoba Nataša | Stanimirović D. | Stojić Ž. | Pucar Ana | Hadži-Mihailović M.
Heritability of grooming behaviour in grey honey bees (Apis mellifera Carnica)

Author(s): Stanimirović Z. | Stevanović Jevrosima | Aleksić Nevenka | Stojić V.
Microsatellite DNA polymorphism and its usefulness for pedigree verification in Simmental cattle from Serbia

Author(s): Stevanović Jevrosima | Stanimirović Z. | Dimitrijević V. | Stojić V. | Fratrić Natalija | Lazarević M.
Heritability of hygienic behavior in grey honey bees (Apis mellifera carnica)

Author(s): Stanimirović Zoran | Stevanović Jevrosima | Mirilović M. | Stojić V.
Ecology of Anopheles mosquitoes in Belgrade area: Estimating vector potential for malaria retransmission

Author(s): Dakić Zorica | Kulišić Z. | Stajković N. | Pelemiš M. | Čobeljić M. | Stanimirović Zoran | Inđić N. | Poluga Jasmina | Pavlović M.
Analysis of mitochondrial DNA in honey bees (Apis mellifera) from Serbia

Author(s): Kozmus P. | Stevanović Jevrosima | Stanimirović Z. | Stojić V. | Kulišić Z. | Meglič V.
Evaluation of the genotoxic effects of thyroxine using in vivo cytogenetic test on Swiss albino mice

Author(s): Đelić Ninoslav | Nešić Ivana | Stanimirović Z. | Jovanović S.
Behavioural defenses of the honey bee ecotype from Sjenica–Pešter against Varroa destructor

Author(s): Stanimirović Zoran Ž. | Stevanović Jevrosima B. | Ćirković D.
Evalution of the genotoxic effects of tiamulin S-in vivo

Author(s): Marković Biljana 1 | Stanimirović Zoran Ž. | Đelić Ninoslav J.
Analysis of sister-chromatid exchanges in cultured human lymphocytes treated with cymiazole hydrochloride

Author(s): Stanimirović Zoran Ž. | Fišter Svetlana L. | Stevanović Jevrosima B.
Influence of cymiazole hydrochloride on mitotic and proliferative activities of cultured human lymphocytes

Author(s): Stanimirović Zoran Ž. | Todorović Dajana D. | Stevanović Jevrosima B. | Mladenović Mića | Janković Ljiljana M. | Đorđević M.
Evaluation of genotoxic effects of ipronidazol, Gastrogal 10R, in cultures of human peripheral blood lymphocytes

Author(s): Marković Biljana 1 | Stanimirović Zoran Ž. | Đelić Ninoslav J. | Anđelković M.
Investigations of hygienic behaviour and disease resistance in organic beekeeping of two honeybee ecogeographic varieties from Serbia

Author(s): Stanimirović Zoran Ž. | Pejović Dejan | Stevanović Jevrosima B. | Vučinić Marijana M. | Mirilović Milorad
Trab determination in newly detected patients with hyperthyroidism and their prognostic importance

Author(s): Nikolić Aleksandra | Micić Dragan | Nikolić Dejan | Stanimirović Violeta
The effect of anogenital warts on life quality of affected patients

Author(s): Stanimirović Branko | Stanojević Dušan | Vasiljević Mladenko | Rakić Snežana | Mitrović Ana
Efficient way in early detection of malignant skin tumors by applying epiluminescence microscopy in skin screening

Author(s): Nikolić Dejan V. | Nikolić Aleksandra T. | Stanimirović Violeta V. | Granić Miroslav K. | Ranđelović Tomislav | Bilanović Dragoljub
Heuristic algorithm for single resource constrained project scheduling problem based on the dynamic programming

Author(s): Stanimirović Ivan | Petković Marko | Stanimirović Predrag | Ćirić Miroslav
A non-recursive algorithm for polygon triangulation

Author(s): Stanimirović Predrag S. | Krtolica Predrag V. | Stanojević Rade
The influence of fibrous bed bulk density on the bed properties

Author(s): Šećerov-Sokolović Radmila M. | Stanimirović Olja P. | Sokolović Slobodan M.
Examination of genotoxic effects of fumagillin in vivo

Author(s): Kulić Milan | Aleksić Nevenka | Stanimirović Zoran | Ristić Siniša | Medenica Snežana
The effect of paclitaxel alone and in combination with cycloheximide on the frequency of premature centromere division in vitro

Author(s): Bajić V. | Stanimirović Z. | Stevanović Jevrosima | Milićević Zorka | Živković Lada | Spremo-Potparević Biljana
Fumagillin-induced chromosome aberrations in mouse bone-marrow cells

Author(s): Stanimirović Z. | Aleksić Nevenka | Kulić M. | Maletić M.
The role of the thiol group in protein modification with methylglyoxal

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