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Activity of antioxidative defense enzymes in the blood of patients with liver echinococcosis

Author(s): Lilić Aleksandar | Denčić Srđan | Pavlović Slađan Z. | Blagojević Duško P. | Spasić Mihajlo B. | Stanković Nebojša S. | Saičić Zorica S.
An application of decentralized estimation in a fault detection problem

Author(s): Tadić Predrag R. | Stanković Miloš S. | Stanković Srđan S. | Đurović Željko M.
Generalized profile function model based on neural networks

Author(s): Radonja Pero | Stanković Srđan
On Two-Dimensional Shape Recognition Using Moment Invariants and AR Models

Author(s): Milan Marković | Predrag Pejnović | Srđan Stanković
Reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament by using two different techniques

Author(s): Ristić Vladimir | Ninković Srđan | Harhaji Vladimir | Stanković Milan | Savić Dragan | Milankov Miroslav
The surgical treatment of the recurrent dislocation on the shoulder joint with minimum invasion anterior approach

Author(s): Ninković Srđan | Stanković Milan | Savić Dragan | Matijević Radmila | Milankov Miroslav
Revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction due to knee instability

Author(s): Milankov Miroslav | Miličić Aleksandar | Savić Dragan | Stanković Milan | Ninković Srđan | Matijević Radmila | Radić Srđan
Correlation between radiological and clinical findings after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Author(s): Ninković Srđan | Miličić Aleksandar | Savić Dragan | Stanković Milan | Radić Srđan | Milankov Miroslav
Treatment of knee flexion contracture in patients with chronic juvenile arthritis: A case report

Author(s): Matijević Radmila | Stanković Milan | Ninković Srđan | Savić Dragan | Milankov Miroslav
False aneurysm following arthroscopic meniscectomy of the knee

Author(s): Milankov Miroslav | Ninković Srđan | Stanković Milan
Partial hydrogenation of edible oils: Synthesis and verification of the nickel catalyst

Author(s): Jovanović Dušan M. | Marković Branislav | Stanković Miroslav | Rožić Ljiljana S. | Novaković Tatjana B. | Vuković Zorica M. | Anić Mirjana R. | Petrović Srđan P.
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