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Switching adhesion forces by crossing the metal–insulator transition in Magnéli-type vanadium oxide crystals

Author(s): Bert Stegemann | Matthias Klemm | Siegfried Horn | Mathias Woydt
Radial dyssynchrony assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance in relation to left ventricular function, myocardial scarring and QRS duration in patients with heart failure

Author(s): Foley Paul | Khadjooi Kayvan | Ward Joseph | Smith Russell | Stegemann Berthold | Frenneaux Michael | Leyva Francisco
Quantification of Spatial Parameters in 3D Cellular Constructs Using Graph Theory

Author(s): A. W. Lund | C. C. Bilgin | M. A. Hasan | L. M. McKeen | J. P. Stegemann | B. Yener | M. J. Zaki | G. E. Plopper
A modified echocardiographic protocol with intrinsic plausibility control to determine intraventricular asynchrony based on TDI and TSI

Author(s): Dreger Henryk | Borges Adrian | Ismer Bruno | Schattke Sebastian | Stegemann Berthold | Baumann Gert | Melzer Christoph
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