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Human and great ape red blood cells differ in plasmalogen levels and composition

Author(s): Moser Ann | Steinberg Steven | Watkins Paul | Moser Hugo | Ramaswamy Krishna | Siegmund Kimberly | Lee D Rick | Ely John | Ryder Oliver | Hacia Joseph
The impact of antiplatelet therapy on pelvic fracture outcomes

Author(s): Christy Jonathan | Stawicki S | Jarvis Amy | Evans David | Gerlach Anthony | Lindsey David | Rhoades Peggy | Whitmill Melissa | Steinberg Steven | Phieffer Laura | Cook Charles
Identification of differences in human and great ape phytanic acid metabolism that could influence gene expression profiles and physiological functions

Author(s): Watkins Paul | Moser Ann | Toomer Cicely | Steinberg Steven | Moser Hugo | Karaman Mazen | Ramaswamy Krishna | Siegmund Kimberly | Lee D Rick | Ely John | Ryder Oliver | Hacia Joseph
The GYMSSA trial: a prospective randomized trial comparing gastrectomy, metastasectomy plus systemic therapy versus systemic therapy alone

Author(s): Kerkar Sid | Kemp Clinton | Duffy Austin | Kammula Udai | Schrump David | Kwong King | Quezado Martha | Goldspiel Barry | Venkatesan Aradhana | Berger Ann | Walker Melissa | Toomey Mary | Steinberg Seth | Giaccone Guiseppe | Rosenberg Steven | Avital Itzhak
The complicated management of a patient following transarterial chemoembolization for metastatic carcinoid

Author(s): Pearson Andrew | Steinberg Steven | Shah Manisha | Bloomston Mark
Thrombomodulin Ala455Val Polymorphism and the risk of cerebral infarction in a biracial population: the Stroke Prevention in Young Women Study

Author(s): Cole John | Roberts Stacy | Gallagher Margaret | Giles Wayne | Mitchell Braxton | Steinberg Karen | Wozniak Marcella | Macko Richard | Reinhart Laurie | Kittner Steven
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