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Qualitative evaluation of buffalo cheese using FTIR spectroscopy

Author(s): Aurelia Coroian | Monica Trif | Cristian Ovidiu Coroian | Vioara Mireşan | Camelia Răducu | Stelian Dărăban
Characterization of some milk components, function of lactation, in buffaloes

Author(s): Aurelia Coroian | Cristian O. Coroian | Cristian T. Matea | Vioara Mireşan | Antonia Odagiu | Camelia Răducu | Stelian Dărăban
Gas chromatographic quantification of fatty acids profile from administered forage to lactating buffaloes

Author(s): Aurelia Coroian | Vioara Mireşan | Cristian O. Coroian | Camelia Răducu | Cristian T. Matea | Monica Trif | Antonia Odagiu | Stelian Dărăban
Cluj Merino breeds’ potential for meat production

Author(s): Stelian Dărăban | Cristian Coroian | Bogdan Georgescu
The study of intensive fattening of youth sheep from different breeds in Romania

Author(s): Cristian Coroian | Stelian Dărăban | Augustin Pop | Cornel Cătoi | Antonia Odagiu | Aurelia Pece

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