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FLP/FRT Recombination from Yeast: Application of a Two Gene Cassette Scheme as an Inducible System in Plants

Author(s): Murali R. Rao | Hong S. Moon | Tobias M. H. Schenk | Dirk Becker | Mitra Mazarei | C. Neal Stewart
DNA-Delivery Methods to Produce Transgenic Plants

Author(s): Behrooz Darbani | Safar Farajnia | Mahmoud Toorchi | Saeed Zakerbostanabad | Shahin Noeparvar | C. Neal Stewart Jr.
Plant Transformation: Needs and Futurity of the Transgenes

Author(s): Behrooz Darbani | Safar Farajnia | Shahin Noeparvar | C. Neal Stewart Jr. | Seyed A. Mohammadi | Saeed Zakerbostanabad
Coat Protein Gene Sequence Analysis of Potato virus X and Potato virus Y: Conserved Regions to Design Gene Silencing Cassette

Author(s): Behrooz Darbani | C. Jr. Neal Stewart | H. Ahmad Razban | Shahin Noeparvar
Rationale and design of the Kanyini guidelines adherence with the polypill (Kanyini-GAP) study: a randomised controlled trial of a polypill-based strategy amongst Indigenous and non Indigenous people at high cardiovascular risk

Author(s): Liu Hueiming | Patel Anushka | Brown Alex | Eades Sandra | Hayman Noel | Jan Stephen | Ring Ian | Stewart Greg | Tonkin Andrew | Weeramanthri Tarun | Wade Vicki | Rodgers Anthony | Usherwood Tim | Neal Bruce | Peiris David | Burke Hugh | Reid Christopher | Cass Alan
Genetic load and transgenic mitigating genes in transgenic Brassica rapa (field mustard) × Brassica napus (oilseed rape) hybrid populations

Author(s): Rose Christy | Millwood Reginald | Moon Hong | Rao Murali | Halfhill Matthew | Raymer Paul | Warwick Suzanne | Al-Ahmad Hani | Gressel Jonathan | Stewart C Neal
Novel software package for cross-platform transcriptome analysis (CPTRA)

Author(s): Zhou Xin | Su Zhen | Sammons R Douglas | Peng Yanhui | Tranel Patrick | Stewart C Neal | Yuan Joshua
Comparative genome analysis of lignin biosynthesis gene families across the plant kingdom

Author(s): Xu Zhanyou | Zhang Dandan | Hu Jun | Zhou Xin | Ye Xia | Reichel Kristen | Stewart Nathan | Syrenne Ryan | Yang Xiaohan | Gao Peng | Shi Weibing | Doeppke Crissa | Sykes Robert | Burris Jason | Bozell Joseph | Cheng (Max) Zong-Ming | Hayes Douglas | Labbe Nicole | Davis Mark | Stewart C Neal | Yuan Joshua
Pathogen Phytosensing: Plants to Report Plant Pathogens

Author(s): Mitra Mazarei | Irina Teplova | M. Reza Hajimorad | C. Neal Stewart
Transcriptional responses of Arabidopsis thaliana plants to As (V) stress

Author(s): Abercrombie Jason | Halfhill Matthew | Ranjan Priya | Rao Murali | Saxton Arnold | Yuan Joshua | Stewart C Neal
Statistical tools for transgene copy number estimation based on real-time PCR

Author(s): Yuan Joshua | Burris Jason | Stewart Nathan | Mentewab Ayalew | Stewart C Neal
Statistical analysis of real-time PCR data

Author(s): Yuan Joshua | Reed Ann | Chen Feng | Stewart C Neal
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