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A global analysis of genetic interactions in Caenorhabditis elegans

Author(s): Byrne Alexandra B | Weirauch Matthew T | Wong Victoria | Koeva Martina | Dixon Scott J | Stuart Joshua M | Roy Peter J
Oxidation of the cysteine-rich regions of parkin perturbs its E3 ligase activity and contributes to protein aggregation

Author(s): Meng Fanjun | Yao Dongdong | Shi Yang | Kabakoff Jonathan | Wu Wei | Reicher Joshua | Ma Yuliang | Moosmann Bernd | Masliah Eliezer | Lipton Stuart | Gu Zezong
Prostate apoptosis response protein 4 sensitizes human colon cancer cells to chemotherapeutic 5-FU through mediation of an NFκB and microRNA network

Author(s): Wang Bi-Dar | Kline Christina | Pastor Danielle | Olson Thomas | Frank Bryan | Luu Truong | Sharma Arun | Robertson Gavin | Weirauch Matthew | Patierno Steven | Stuart Joshua | Irby Rosalyn | Lee Norman
Type of lipid lowering therapy impacts atherosclerosis progression in peripheral arterial disease as assessed by CMR

Author(s): West Amy | Anderson Justin | Meyer Craig | Epstein Fred | Hagspiel Klaus | Berr Stuart | Harthun Nancy | DiMaria Joseph | Hunter Jennifer | Christopher John | Winberry Gabriel | Van Opstal Edward | Chew Joshua | Kramer Christopher
Information-based methods for predicting gene function from systematic gene knock-downs

Author(s): Weirauch Matthew | Wong Christopher | Byrne Alexandra | Stuart Joshua
A search engine to identify pathway genes from expression data on multiple organisms

Author(s): Chen Chunnuan | Weirauch Matthew | Powell Corey | Zambon Alexander | Stuart Joshua
SpectralNET – an application for spectral graph analysis and visualization

Author(s): Forman Joshua | Clemons Paul | Schreiber Stuart | Haggarty Stephen
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