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Preparing Students for an International Career: The Case for Contextualizing and Integrating Ethics Education

Author(s): Sue Wright | Maria Cadiz Dyball | Philippa Byers | Renee Radich
Multi-professional clinical medication reviews in care homes for the elderly: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial with cost effectiveness analysis

Author(s): Desborough James | Houghton Julie | Wood John | Wright David | Holland Richard | Sach Tracey | Ashwell Sue | Shaw Val
Engaging Staff in Curriculum Change: Reflections from an Accounting Ethics Initiative

Author(s): Sue Wright | Philippa Byers | Maria Dyball | James Hazelton | Renee Radich
A randomised non-inferiority controlled trial of a single versus a four intradermal sterile water injection technique for relief of continuous lower back pain during labour

Author(s): Lee Nigel | Coxeter Peter | Beckmann Michael | Webster Joan | Wright Vanessa | Smith Tric | Kildea Sue
Exploiting proteomic data for genome annotation and gene model validation in Aspergillus niger

Author(s): Wright James | Sugden Deana | Francis-McIntyre Sue | Riba-Garcia Isabel | Gaskell Simon | Grigoriev Igor | Baker Scott | Beynon Robert | Hubbard Simon
The costs of reducing loss to follow-up in South African cervical cancer screening

Author(s): Goldhaber-Fiebert Jeremy | Denny Lynette | De Souza Michelle | Wright Thomas | Kuhn Louise | Goldie Sue
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