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AHP in Assessing Performance of Diploma Institutes – A Case Study

Author(s): Dr. Sujit Kumar Goshal | Sukanta Kumar Naskar | Dr. Dipankar Bose
Pattern Delineation of Deep Trench Arrays on Polished Silicon Surfaces Employing Contrast-photoresists Lithography- Deep Trench Patterning

Author(s): Sujit Nayak | Shilpi Pandey | Himani Sharma | Vibhor Kumar | Ravi Raj Bhatia | J. Akhtar
Online Association-Rule within the Data Warehouse

Author(s): Sujit Kumar Keshir1, Mr Raja Verman
A Simple Sector Independent Space Vector Modulation Technique Implemented using a DSP Processor

Author(s): Susovan Mukhopadhyay | Sujit Kumar Biswas | Nirmal kumar Deb
1. Usefulness of high resolution computed tomography scan in the detection and characterization of pulmonary infections in patients with febrile neutropenia

Author(s): Debasis Deoghuria | Abhijit Mandal | Sibes Kumar Das | Somnath Bhattacharya | Anirban Das | Sujit Kumar Bhattacharyya
Sonourethrography in the evaluation of anterior urethral stricture: correlation with retrograde urethrography in male

Author(s): Sumanta Kumar Mandal | Sujit Kumar Bhattacharyya | Abhijit Mandal | Debasis Deoghuria | Pranab Kumar Mandal
Virtual Class Room Experimentation for Teaching Manufacturing and Operation Management Course

Author(s): Pramod K. Shahabadkar | Sujit Kumar Jha | Prashant K Shahabadkar
Design and evaluation of methotrexate buccal mucoadhesive patches

Author(s): Bhanja Satyabrata | P Ellaiah | Rohit Choudhury | KVR Murthy | Panigrahi Bibhutibhusan | Martha Sujit Kumar
Phytochemical investigation & evaluation for antidiabetic activity of leafy extracts of various Ocimum (Tulsi) species by alloxan induced diabetic model

Author(s): Choudhury Golak Bihari*, Behera Manaswini, Panda Sangram Keshari and Tripathy Sujit Kumar
Chromolaena odorata (L.) : An Overview

Author(s): Anup Kumar Chakraborty*, Sujit Rambhade, Umesh k Patil
Evaluation of Anthelmintic Activity of Pistia stratiotes Linn

Author(s): H. K. Sundeep Kumar | Anindya Bose | Arundhuti Raut | Sujit Kumar Sahu | M. B. V. Raju
Television tip-over head injuries in children

Author(s): Samson Sujit Kumar | Nair Pratheesh | Baldia Manish | Joseph Mathew
n vitro study of antiamoebic effect of methanol extract of mature seeds of Carica papaya on trophozoites of Entamoeba histolytica

Author(s): Sujit Kumar Sarker, Nilufar Begum, Dinesh Mondal, Md. Abdullah Siddique, Mohammad A. Rashid
Coexistence Of Psoriasis And Discoid Lupus Erythematosus

Author(s): Das Nilay Kanti | Dutta Rathindra Nath | Sengupta Sujit Ranjan | Sinha Asoke Kumar
Solitary Cysticercosis Of Deltoid Muscle In A Child: The Diagnostic Dilemma And Case Report

Author(s): Sujit Kumar Tripathy, Ramesh Kumar Sen, Pebam Sudes, Sarvdeep Dhatt
Delleman syndrome with Goldenhar overlap

Author(s): Sujit Kumar G | Haran R | Rajshekhar Vedantam
Multiple extracranial metastases from intradiploic meningioma

Author(s): Sujit Kumar G | Chacko Geeta | Chacko Ari | Haran R
Synthesis of Benzo[b]fluorenone Nuclei of Stealthins

Author(s): Sujit Kumar Ghorai | Saroj Ranjan De | Raju Karmakar | Nirmal Kumar Hazra | Dipakranjan Mal
An unusual cause of "dropped head syndrome"

Author(s): Sujit Kumar G | Haran R | Rajshekhar Vedantam
Aggregation of Non Ionic Surfactant Igepal in Aqueous Solution: Fluorescence and Light Scattering Studies

Author(s): Sujit Kumar Ghosh | Pijus Kanti Khatua | Subhash Ch. Bhattacharya
Management of idiopathic oligoasthenospermia with lycopene

Author(s): Mohanty N | Kumar Sujit | Jha A | Arora R
Cerebral phaeohyphomycosis presenting as an intraventricular mass

Author(s): G. Samson Sujit Kumar | Dugar Manish | Chacko Geeta
Lumbo-costo-vertebral syndrome with posterior spinal dysraphism

Author(s): Sujit Kumar G | Kulkarni Vaijayantee | Haran R
Intracranial actinomadura granuloma

Author(s): Sujit Kumar G | Chacko Geeta | Mathews Mary | Mathew John
Metastasis of frontal oligoastrocytoma to cerebellar vermis

Author(s): Sujit Kumar G | Chacko Geeta | Rajshekhar Vedantam
Unusual presentation of the 'syndrome of the trephined'

Author(s): Sujit Kumar G | Chacko Ari | Rajshekhar Vedantam
Alveolar soft-part sarcoma presenting with multiple intracranial metastases

Author(s): Sujit Kumar G | Chacko Geeta | Chacko Ari | Rajshekhar Vedantam

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