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Fast and Regularization less Active Contour

Author(s): Rahul Patel | Hiren Mewada | Suprava Patnaik
Novel Edge Mapping for License Plate Detection

Author(s): Suprava Patnaik | Chirag N. Paunwala | Mirah Shah | Sulay Shah
Automatic License Plate Localization Using Intrinsic Rules Saliency

Author(s): Chirag N. Paunwala | Dr. Suprava Patnaik
Rate Distortion Performance for Joint Source Channel Coding of JPEG image Over AWGN Channel

Author(s): Jigisha N. Patel, Suprava Patnaik, Vaibhavi P. Lineswala
Image Registration using NSCT and Invariant Moment

Author(s): Jignesh Sarvaiya, Suprava Patnaik, Hemant Goklani
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