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GPR87 Is an Overexpressed G-Protein Coupled Receptor in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung

Author(s): Mathias Gugger | Richard White | Susan Song | Bea Waser | Renzo Cescato | Pierre Rivière | Jean Claude Reubi
Changes among US Cancer Survivors: Comparing Demographic, Diagnostic, and Health Care Findings from the 1992 and 2010 National Health Interview Surveys

Author(s): Natasha D. Buchanan | Jessica B. King | Juan L. Rodriguez | Arica White | Katrina F. Trivers | Laura P. Forsythe | Erin E. Kent | Julia H. Rowland | Susan A. Sabatino
Evidence for genetic variance in resistance to tuberculosis in Great Britain and Irish Holstein-Friesian populations

Author(s): Bermingham Mairead L | Brotherstone Susan | Berry Donagh P | More Simon J | Good Margaret | Cromie Andrew R | White Ian MS | Higgins Isabella M | Coffey Mike | Downs Sara H | Glass Elizabeth J | Bishop Stephen C | Mitchell Andy P | Clifton-Hadley Richard S | Woolliams John A
Design of Reflective, Photonic Shields for Atmospheric Reentry

Author(s): Nikolay Komarevskiy | Valery Shklover | Leonid Braginsky | Christian Hafner | Olga Fabrichnaya | Susan White | John Lawson
Central nervous system exposure of next generation quinoline methanols is reduced relative to mefloquine after intravenous dosing in mice

Author(s): Dow Geoffrey | Milner Erin | Bathurst Ian | Bhonsle Jayendra | Caridha Diana | Gardner Sean | Gerena Lucia | Kozar Michael | Lanteri Charlotte | Mannila Anne | McCalmont William | Moon Jay | Read Kevin | Norval Suzanne | Roncal Norma | Shackleford David | Sousa Jason | Steuten Jessica | White Karen | Zeng Qiang | Charman Susan
Design and methods for a randomized clinical trial comparing three outreach efforts to improve screening mammography adherence

Author(s): Costanza Mary | Luckmann Roger | White Mary | Rosal Milagros | Cranos Caroline | Reed George | Clark Robin | Sama Susan | Yood Robert
Our Journeys: Paths toward Social Education

Author(s): Cameron White | Sabrina Marsh | Susan McCormack
Role of viral hemagglutinin glycosylation in anti-influenza activities of recombinant surfactant protein D

Author(s): Hartshorn Kevan | Webby Richard | White Mitchell | Tecle Tesfaldet | Pan Clark | Boucher Susan | Moreland Rodney | Crouch Erika | Scheule Ronald
The design, implementation and acceptability of an integrated intervention to address multiple behavioral and psychosocial risk factors among pregnant African American women

Author(s): Katz Kathy | Blake Susan | Milligan Renee | Sharps Phyllis | White Davene | Rodan Margaret | Rossi Maryann | Murray Kennan
Introduction of the Thin Prep Imaging System™ (TIS): Experience in a high volume academic practice

Author(s): Chivukula Mamatha | Saad Reda | Elishaev Esther | White Susan | Mauser Nancy | Dabbs David
A cluster randomised controlled trial of educational prompts in diabetes care: study protocol

Author(s): Foy Robbie | Hawthorne Gillian | Gibb Ian | Eccles Martin | Steen Nick | Hrisos Susan | White Trevor | Croal Bernard | Grimshaw Jeremy
Introduction of the Thin Prep Imaging System™ (TIS): experience in a high volume academic practice

Author(s): Chivukula Mamatha | Saad Reda | Elishaev Esther | White Susan | Mauser Nancy | Dabbs David
Evaluating concentration estimation errors in ELISA microarray experiments

Author(s): Daly Don | White Amanda | Varnum Susan | Anderson Kevin | Zangar Richard
Schedule-selective biochemical modulation of 5-fluorouracil in advanced colorectal cancer – a phase II study

Author(s): Tomlinson Shannon | Melin Susan | Higgs Vetta | White Douglas | Savage Paul | Case Douglas | Blackstock A William
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