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Determination of Different Trace Heavy Metals in Ground Water of South West Bank/Palestine by ICP/MS

Author(s): Husam Malassa | Mutaz Al-Qutob | Mahmoud Al-Khatib | Fuad Al-Rimawi
Assessment and Evaluation of Treated Municipal Wastewater Quality for Irrigation Purposes

Author(s): Omar Ali Al-Khashman | Mohammad Al-Hwaiti | Laila Al-Khatib | Feras Fraige

Author(s): Laila Al-Khatib | Feras Fraige | Mohammad Al-Hwaiti | Omar Al-Khashman
A Survey of Compute Intensive Algorithms for Ribo Nucleic Acids Structural Detection

Author(s): Ra'ed M. Al-Khatib | Rosni Abdullah | Nur'Aini A. Rashid
A Robust Video Watermarking Algorithm

Author(s): T. Al-Khatib | A. Al-Haj | L. Rajab | H. Mohammed
Loss of P16 Protein Expression and Its Association with Epstein-Barr Virus LMP-1 Expression in Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Author(s): Fawzi Irshaid | Khaled Tarawneh | Aisha Alshdefat | Fatiha Dilmi | Adnan Jaran | Raji Al-Hadithi | Ahad Al-Khatib
Assessment of the quality of existing patient educational tools focused on sudden cardiac arrest: a systematic evaluation by the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Thought Leadership Alliance

Author(s): Hazelton G | Al-Khatib SM | Fonarow GC | Thomas KL | Hayes D | Sanders GD | Campbell SM | Yancy C | Peterson ED | Sears S
Hydro-Geochemical Characteristics of Groundwater Beneath the Gaza Strip

Author(s): Muhammad Al-Khatib | Husam Al-Najar
Effect of strain and storage period on egg quality characteristics of local Iraqi laying hens

Author(s): H. N. Hermiz | K. A. Abas | T. R. Al-Khatib | Sh. M. Amin , | A. M. Ahmed , | D. A. Hamad , | H. P. Denha
Cooperative Machine Learning Method

Author(s): Adnan M. Al-Khatib
Detect CNP Fraudulent Transactions

Author(s): Adnan M. Al-Khatib
Transient Presyncope Secondary to Posterior Descending Artery Occlusion

Author(s): Andrew D. Moffat | Jamal T. Al-Khatib | Jennifer Michael | Vien X. Nguyen
Efficient New Design and Verification of Sign-Digit-Adder for Two Symmetric Redundant Radix-4 Numbers

Author(s): Qasem Abu Al-Haija | Yathrip Al-Zahouri | Mohammad Al-Khatib | Maamoun Ahmed
Study of Pb Adsorption by Carbon Nanofibers Grown on Powdered Activated Carbon

Author(s): Yehya M. Ahmed | Abdullah-Al- Mamun | S.A. Muyibi | Ma`an Fahmi R. Al-Khatib | A.T. Jameel | Mohammed A. AlSaadi
Improving TCP Performance of DOCSIS Based Broadband Networks

Author(s): Wissam Al-Khatib | K. Gunavathi
A Comparative Taxonomy of Parallel Algorithms for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

Author(s): Ra’ed M. Al-Khatib | Rosni Abdullah | Nur’aini Abdul Rashid

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