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Bifenox: methyl 5-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)-2-nitrobenzoate

Author(s): Youngeun Jeon | Jineun Kim | Seonghwa Cho | Tae Ho Kim

Author(s): Seonghwa Cho | Jineun Kim | Youngeun Jeon | Tae Ho Kim
Efficacy of hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Yang Hyun Baek | Kyoung Tae Kim | Sung Wook Lee | Jin Sook Jeong | Byeong Ho Park | Kyung Jin Nam | Jin Han Cho | Young Hoon Kim | Young Hoon Roh | Hyung Sik Lee | Young Min Choi | Sang Young Han
Probability Control for Verification of an Event Report Using Fuzzy System

Author(s): Hyun Woo Lee | Soo Young Moon | Tae Ho Cho
Effectiveness of the Novel Herbal Medicine, KIOM-MA, and Its Bioconversion Product, KIOM-MA128, on the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis

Author(s): Tae Ho Chung | Tae Jin Kang | Won-Kyung Cho | Ga Young Im | Geum Seon Lee | Min Cheol Yang | Chang-Won Cho | Jin Yeul Ma
Small sphincterotomy combined with endoscopic papillary large balloon dilation versus sphincterotomy

Author(s): Hyun Gun Kim, Young Koog Cheon, Young Deok Cho, Jong Ho Moon, Do Hyun Park, Tae Hoon Lee, Hyun Jong Choi, Sang-Heum Park, Joon Seong Lee, Moon Sung Lee
Endoscopic ultrasonography does not differentiate neoplastic from non-neoplastic small gallbladder polyps

Author(s): Young Koog Cheon, Won Young Cho, Tae Hee Lee, Young Deok Cho, Jong Ho Moon, Joon Seong Lee, Chan Sup Shim
Limited endoscopic sphincterotomy plus large balloon dilation for choledocholithiasis with periampullary diverticula

Author(s): Hyung Wook Kim, Dae Hwan Kang, Cheol Woong Choi, Jong Hwan Park, Jin Ho Lee, Min Dae Kim, Il Doo Kim, Ki Tae Yoon, Mong Cho, Ung Bae Jeon, Suk Kim, Chang Won Kim, Jun Woo Lee
Prevalence of clonorchiasis in patients with gastrointestinal disease: A Korean nationwide multicenter survey

Author(s): Ho Gak Kim, Jimin Han, Myung-Hwan Kim, Kyu Hyun Cho, Im Hee Shin, Gwang Ha Kim, Jae Seon Kim, Jin Bong Kim, Tae Nyeun Kim, Tae Hyeon Kim, Tae Hyo Kim, Jae Woo Kim, Ji Kon Ryu, Young-Soo Moon, Jong Ho Moon, Sung Jae Park, Chan Guk Park, Sung-Jo Bang, Chang Heon Yang, Kyo-Sang Yoo, Byung Moo Yoo, Kyu Taek Lee, Dong Ki Lee, Byung Seok Lee, Sang Soo Lee, Seung Ok Lee, Woo Jin Lee, Chang Min Cho, Young-Eun Joo, Gab Jin Cheon, Young Woo Choi, Jae Bok Chung, Yong Bum Yoon

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