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Salivaricin G32, a Homolog of the Prototype Streptococcus pyogenes Nisin-Like Lantibiotic SA-FF22, Produced by the Commensal Species Streptococcus salivarius

Author(s): Philip A. Wescombe | Kristin H. Dyet | Karen P. Dierksen | Daniel A. Power | Ralph W. Jack | Jeremy P. Burton | Megan A. Inglis | Anna L. Wescombe | John R. Tagg
Quantitative determination by real-time PCR of four vaginal Lactobacillus species, Gardnerella vaginalis and Atopobium vaginae indicates an inverse relationship between L. gasseri and L. iners

Author(s): De Backer Ellen | Verhelst Rita | Verstraelen Hans | Alqumber Mohammed | Burton Jeremy | Tagg John | Temmerman Marleen | Vaneechoutte Mario
Relatedness between the two-component lantibiotics lacticin 3147 and staphylococcin C55 based on structure, genetics and biological activity

Author(s): O'Connor Eileen | Cotter Paul | O'Connor Paula | O'Sullivan Orla | Tagg John | Ross R Paul | Hill Colin

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