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Clinical outcome of breast cancer occurring after treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma: case-control analysis

Author(s): El-Din Mohamed | Hughes Kevin | Raad Rita | Goldberg Saveli | Aisenberg Alan | Niemierko Andrzej | Taghian Alphonse
Primary breast lymphoma: Patient profile, outcome and prognostic factors. A multicentre Rare Cancer Network study

Author(s): Jeanneret-Sozzi Wendy | Taghian Alphonse | Epelbaum Ron | Poortmans Philip | Zwahlen Daniel | Amsler Beat | Villette Sylviane | Belkacémi Yazid | Nguyen Tan | Scalliet Pierre | Maingon Philippe | Gutiérrez Cristina | Gastelblum Pauline | Krengli Marco | Raad Rita | Ozsahin Mahmut | Mirimanoff René-Olivier
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