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Lung cancer developing in a young patient with Epidermodysplasia verruciformis

Author(s): Yakir Rottenberg | Michal Lotem | Tamar Peretz
Serum CEACAM1 Correlates with Disease Progression and Survival in Malignant Melanoma Patients

Author(s): Sapoznik Sivan | Faranesh Suzan | Ortenberg Rona | Hamburger Tamar | Barak Vivian | Peretz Tamar | Schachter Jacob | Markel Gal | Lotem Michal
Mature Results of a Prospective Randomized Trial Comparing 5-Flourouracil with Leucovorin to 5-Flourouracil with Levamisole as Adjuvant Therapy of Stage II and III Colorectal Cancer- The Israel Cooperative Oncology Group (ICOG) Study

Author(s): Arie Figer, Aviram Nissan, Adi Shani, Riva Borovick, Mariana Stiener, Mario Baras, Herbert R. Freund, Aaron Sulkes, Alexander Stojadinovic, Tamar Peretz
Cytokines levels, Severity of acute mucositis and the need of PEG tube installation during chemo-radiation for head and neck cancer - a prospective pilot study

Author(s): Meirovitz Amichay | Kuten Michal | Billan Salem | Abdah-Bortnyak Roxolyana | Sharon Anat | Peretz Tamar | Sela Mordechai | Schaffer Moshe | Barak Vivian
Effects of the single nucleotide polymorphism at MDM2 309 on breast cancer patients with/without BRCA1/2 mutations

Author(s): Nechushtan Hovav | Hamburger Tamar | Mendelson Susan | Kadouri Luna | Sharon Nir | Pikarsky Eli | Peretz Tamar
A novel BRCA-1 mutation in Arab kindred from east Jerusalem with breast and ovarian cancer

Author(s): Kadouri Luna | Bercovich Dani | Elimelech Arava | Lerer Israela | Sagi Michal | Glusman Gila | Shochat Chen | Korem Sigal | Hamburger Tamar | Nissan Aviram | Abu-Halaf Nahil | Badrriyah Muhmud | Abeliovich Dvorah | Peretz Tamar

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