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Primary Epithlelioid Angiosarcoma Of The Maxilla Masquerading As A Poorly Differentiated Carcinoma : Case Report

Author(s): Mounesh kumar C D | David P. Tauro | Rajay Kamat | Suresh K V | Rajendra Desai
Serological detection of St. Louis encephalitis virus and West Nile virus in equines from Santa Fe, Argentina

Author(s): Laura Tauro | Betina Marino | Luis Adrian Diaz | Eduardo Lucca | Debora Gallozo | Lorena Spinsanti | Marta Contigiani
A swelling on the fore head- the tip of the iceberg

Author(s): Prathvi Shetty | Leo Francis Tauro | Kavitha Mary Alex | Chandra Kumar Bhallal
Fluorescent eco-particles for surface flow physics analysis

Author(s): F. Tauro | M. Porfiri | S. Grimaldi
Clinico-pathological and biomolecular findings in Italian patients with multiple cutaneous neurofibromas

Author(s): Ponti Giovanni | Losi Lorena | Martorana Davide | Priola Manuela | Boni Elisa | Pollio Annamaria | Neri Tauro | Seidenari Stefania
Heterogeneity of p53-pathway Protein Expression in Chemosensitive Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Michael J Groves, Stephanie F MacCallum, Michael T Boylan, Sally Haydock, Joan Cunningham, Keith Gelly, Duncan Gowans, Ron Kerr, Philip J Coates, Sudhir Tauro
Assessment of Fluorescent Particles for Surface Flow Analysis 

Author(s): Flavia Tauro | Gabriele Mocio | Emiliano Rapiti | Salvatore Grimaldi | Maurizio Porfiri
Design and Development of Fuzzy Expert System for Integrated Disease Management in Finger Millets

Author(s): Philomine Roseline | Clarence J.M Tauro | N. Ganesan
Fluorescent particle tracers in surface hydrology: a proof of concept in a semi-natural hillslope

Author(s): F. Tauro | S. Grimaldi | A. Petroselli | M. C. Rulli | M. Porfiri
Comparative Study of the New Generation, Agile, Scalable, High Performance NOSQL Databases

Author(s): Clarence J M Tauro | Aravindh S | Shreeharsha A.B
Fluorescent particle tracers for surface flow measurements: a proof of concept in a semi-natural hillslope

Author(s): F. Tauro | S. Grimaldi | A. Petroselli | M. C. Rulli | M. Porfiri
CMS and G1 Collector in Java 7 Hotspot: Overview, Comparisons and Performance Metrics

Author(s): Clarence J M Tauro | Manjunath V Prabhu | Vernon J Saldanha
 A Comparative Study on Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology versus Fine Needle Capillary Cytology in Thyroid Nodules

Author(s): Leo F. Tauro | Geover J. Lobo | Hilda Fernandes | Celine George | P. Sathyamoorthy Aithala | Divakar Shenoy | Prathvi Shetty
Testing Object-Oriented Software Systems: A Survey of Steps and Challenges

Author(s): Clarence J M Tauro | N Ganesan | Anupam Ghosh | Nirupam Ghosh
A Study of In-depth Issues Surrounding Object Oriented Languages using Object Oriented Design Patterns

Author(s): Clarence J M Tauro | N Ganesan | Krishna Priya R | Bhavya F
A Study of Benefits in Object based Storage Systems

Author(s): Clarence J M Tauro | N Ganesan | Anjan Kumar RS
Comparative Study on Object Persistence Methods

Author(s): Clarence J M Tauro | N Ganesan | Ritesh Kumar Sahai | Sandhya Rani A
 Sneaky Pancreatic Head Mass

Author(s): Shetty Prathvi | Leo F Tauro | Jayaram Jnaneshwari
Primary tuberculosis of submandibular salivary gland

Author(s): Tauro Leo | George Celine | Kamath Aroon | Swethadri G | Gatty Rohan
Hyperleukocytosis in a neonate: A diagnostic dilemma

Author(s): Sushanth | Avabratha K | Tauro Kiran | Shwethadri G
Asymptomatic Meckel′s diverticulum in adults: Is diverticulectomy indicated?

Author(s): Tauro Leo | George Celine | Rao Bangalore | Martis John | Menezes Leo | Shenoy Hejmadi
Primary lymphoma of the colon

Author(s): Tauro Leo | Furtado Harold | Aithala Panambur | D′Souza Clement | George Celine | Vishnumoorthy Santhrupth
Tuberculosis of gall bladder presenting as empyema

Author(s): Tauro Leo | Martis John | Shenoy Hejmadi
Ewing′s sarcoma of the maxilla

Author(s): Vikas Prasad B | Ahmed Mujib B | Bastian T | David Tauro P
A comparative study of the efficacy of topical negative pressure moist dressings and conventional moist dressings in chronic wounds

Author(s): Tauro Leo | Ravikrishnan J | Satish Rao B | Shenoy H | Shetty S | Menezes Leo
Spontaneous rupture of the malarial spleen

Author(s): Tauro Leo | Maroli Roshan | D′Souza Clement | Hegde Balkur | Shetty Sangabettu | Shenoy Divakar
Mesocolic hernia: An unusual internal hernia

Author(s): Tauro L | Vijaya G | D′Souza C.R.S | Ramesh H | Shetty S | Hegde B | Deepak J
A turtle in the belly: Helminthoma

Author(s): Tauro Leo | Martis JJS | Hegde B | John S | Kumar Prem
Multidrug resistant malaria in splenectomized patient

Author(s): Tauro L | Roshan M | Hegde N | Bhat K | Vivek
Diagnostic dilemma in Kaposi′s sarcoma

Author(s): Rao Satish | Tauro Leo | Menezes Leo | Nandakishore B | Kumar K
Cornu cutaneum at an unusual site

Author(s): Tauro Leo | Martis John Joseph | John Sijo | K Prem Kumar
Fournier′s gangrene of the penis

Author(s): Tauro Leo | Roshan M | Satish Rao B | Ravikrishnan J | Menezes Leo
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