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Author(s): Macrae Finlay | Moslein Gabriela | Cotton Richard | Sijmons Rolf | den Dunnen Johan | Woods Michael | Tavtigian Sean | Jenkins Mark | Hofstra Robert | Haile Robert
Detecting differential allelic expression using high-resolution melting curve analysis: application to the breast cancer susceptibility gene CHEK2

Author(s): Nguyen-Dumont Tú | Jordheim Lars | Michelon Jocelyne | Forey Nathalie | McKay-Chopin Sandrine | Sinilnikova Olga | Le Calvez-Kelm Florence | Southey Melissa | Tavtigian Sean | Lesueur Fabienne
Determining the effectiveness of High Resolution Melting analysis for SNP genotyping and mutation scanning at the TP53 locus

Author(s): Garritano Sonia | Gemignani Federica | Voegele Catherine | Nguyen-Dumont Tú | Le Calvez-Kelm Florence | De Silva Deepika | Lesueur Fabienne | Landi Stefano | Tavtigian Sean
Mutation analysis and characterization of ATR sequence variants in breast cancer cases from high-risk French Canadian breast/ovarian cancer families

Author(s): Durocher Francine | Labrie Yvan | Soucy Penny | Sinilnikova Olga | Labuda Damian | Bessette Paul | Chiquette Jocelyne | Laframboise Rachel | Lépine Jean | Lespérance Bernard | Ouellette Geneviève | Pichette Roxane | Plante Marie | Tavtigian Sean | Simard Jacques
Characterization of TRZ1, a yeast homolog of the human candidate prostate cancer susceptibility gene ELAC2 encoding tRNase Z

Author(s): Chen Yang | Beck Audrey | Davenport Christina | Chen Yuan | Shattuck Donna | Tavtigian Sean
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