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Distributed Solution of Simulation-Based Optimization Problems on Networks of Workstation

Author(s): Thomas Barth | Barnd Freisleben | Manfred Grauer | Frank Thilo
Meta-ViPIOS: Harness Distributed I/O Resources with ViPIOS

Author(s): Thomas Fuerte | Oliver Jorns | Erich Schikuta | Helmut Wanek
Cutaneous myxosarcoma in a Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)Mixossarcoma cutâneo em um Hamster Sírio

Author(s): Didier Quevedo Cagnini | Marta Cristina Thomas Heckler | Carla Fredrichsen Moya-Araujo | Gustavo Henrique Marques Araújo | Renée Laufer Amorim
Resultados del tratamiento quirúrgico de las hernias hiatales tipo III y IV por vía transtorácica izquierda

Author(s): Alejandro Witte Pfister | Xavier Benou00EEt D'Journo | Jean Philippe Avaro | Moussa Ouattara | Delphine Trousse | Christophe Doddoli | Pascal A Thomas
5 Years: Editorial

Author(s): Thomas Apperley | Christopher S Walsh

Author(s): Thomas Apperley | Christopher S Walsh
Low Power 24 GHz ad hoc Networking System Based on TDOA for Indoor Localization

Author(s): Melanie Jung | Georg Fischer | Robert Weigel | Thomas Ussmueller
Durability of tannin-boron-treated timber

Author(s): Gianluca Tondi | Sabrina Palanti | Stefanie Wieland | Marie-France Thevenon | Alexander Petutschnigg | Thomas Schnabel
An NMF solution for the Petri Nets to State Charts case study at the TTC 2013

Author(s): Georg Hinkel | Thomas Goldschmidt | Lucia Happe
An NMF solution for the Flowgraphs case at the TTC 2013

Author(s): Georg Hinkel | Thomas Goldschmidt | Lucia Happe
The Influence of Couples’ Living Arrangements on Smoking Habits and Body Weight

Author(s): Dr. Thomas Klein | Dr. Ingmar Rapp | Björn Schneider.
Der Einfluss der partnerschaftlichen Lebensform auf Rauchverhalten und Körpergewicht

Author(s): Dr. Thomas Klein | Dr. Ingmar Rapp | Björn Schneider
Hemorrhagic Transformation (HT) and Symptomatic Intracerebral Hemorrhage (sICH) Risk Prediction Models for Postthrombolytic Hemorrhage in the Stroke Belt

Author(s): James E. Siegler | Muhammad Alvi | Amelia K. Boehme | Michael J. Lyerly | Karen C. Albright | Reza Bavarsad Shahripour | Pawan V. Rawal | Niren Kapoor | April Sisson | J. Thomas Houston | Anne W. Alexandrov | Sheryl Martin-Schild | Andrei V. Alexandrov
SmBa2NbO6 Nanopowders, an Effective Percolation Network Medium for YBCO Superconductors

Author(s): S. Vidya | K. C. Mathai | P. P. Rejith | Sam Solomon | J. K. Thomas
Explicit Dynamic Finite Element Method for Failure with Smooth Fracture Energy Dissipations

Author(s): Jeong-Hoon Song | Thomas Menouillard | Alireza Tabarraei
Rotational Transport of Islets: The Best Way for Islets to Get around?

Author(s): Rupert Oberhuber | Christof Mittermair | Bettina Zelger | Daniela Pirkebner | Anna Draxl | Annemarie Weissenbacher | Thomas Resch | Christian Margreiter | Robert Sucher | Raimund Margreiter | Johann Pratschke | Paul Hengster | Martin Hermann
Efficacy of Micromobile Foot Compression Device in Increasing Lower Limb Venous Blood Flow

Author(s): Thomas Charles | Stephen Mackintosh | James Fingleton | Irene Braithwaite | Mark Weatherall | Richard Beasley
Effect of Exercise on Metabolic Syndrome Variables in Breast Cancer Survivors

Author(s): Gwendolyn A. Thomas | Marty Alvarez-Reeves | Lingeng Lu | Herbert Yu | Melinda L. Irwin
Unusual Metastatic Patterns of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma of the Breast

Author(s): Justin D. Sobinsky | Thomas D. Willson | Francis J. Podbielski | Mark M. Connolly
A Reclusive Foreign Body in the Airway: A Case Report and a Literature Review

Author(s): Ajay Philip | V. Rajan Sundaresan | Philip George | Satyabrata Dash | Regi Thomas | Anand Job | V. K. Anand
Low Molecular Weight Heparin Induced Skin Necrosis without Platelet Fall Revealing Immunoallergic Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia

Author(s): Thomas Godet | Sébastien Perbet | Aurélien Lebreton | Guillaume Gayraud | Sophie Cayot | Aymeric Tremblay | Aurélie Ravinet | Sébastien Christophe | Renaud Guérin | Julien Pascal | Matthieu Jabaudon | Amr Hassan | Anne-Françoise Sapin | Jean-Etienne Bazin | Jean-Michel Constantin
The Potential of Hybrid Pixel Detectors in the Search for the Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay of 116Cd

Author(s): Thilo Michel | Thomas Gleixner | Jürgen Durst | Mykhaylo Filipenko | Stefan Geißelsöder
A Survey of Chinese Medicinal Herbal Treatment for Chemotherapy-Induced Oral Mucositis

Author(s): Gesa Meyer-Hamme | Kathrin Beckmann | Janine Radtke | Thomas Efferth | Henry Johannes Greten | Matthias Rostock | Sven Schröder
Molecular Differences and Similarities Between Alzheimer’s Disease and the 5XFAD Transgenic Mouse Model of Amyloidosis

Author(s): Chera L. Maarouf | Tyler A. Kokjohn | Charisse M. Whiteside | MiMi P. Macias | Walter M. Kalback | Marwan N. Sabbagh | Thomas G. Beach | Robert Vassar | Alex E. Roher
Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification of DNA (LAMP): A New Diagnostic Tool Lights the World of Diagnosis of Animal and Human Pathogens: A Review

Author(s): Kuldeep Dhama | K. Karthik | Sandip Chakraborty | Ruchi Tiwari | Sanjay Kapoor | Amit Kumar | Prasad Thomas
Design, Synthesis and Cytotoxic Evaluation of o-Carboxamido Stilbene Analogues

Author(s): Mohamad Nurul Azmi | Mohd Fadzli Md Din | Chin Hui Kee | Munirah Suhaimi | Ang Kheng Ping | Kartini Ahmad | Mohd Azlan Nafiah | Noel F. Thomas | Khalit Mohamad | Leong Kok Hoong | Khalijah Awang
Influence of Experimental Parameters on Fatigue Crack Growth and Heat Build-Up in Rubber

Author(s): Franziska Stadlbauer | Thomas Koch | Vasiliki-Maria Archodoulaki | Florian Planitzer | Wolfgang Fidi | Armin Holzner
Developing a Sealing Material: Effect of Epoxy Modification on Specific Physical and Mechanical Properties

Author(s): Christoph Schoberleitner | Vasiliki-Maria Archodoulaki | Thomas Koch | Sigrid Lüftl | Markus Werderitsch | Gerhard Kuschnig
An Improved Image Fusion Approach Based on Enhanced Spatial and Temporal the Adaptive Reflectance Fusion Model

Author(s): Dongjie Fu | Baozhang Chen | Juan Wang | Xiaolin Zhu | Thomas Hilker
Bio-Activity and Dereplication-Based Discovery of Ophiobolins and Other Fungal Secondary Metabolites Targeting Leukemia Cells

Author(s): Tanja Thorskov Bladt | Claudia Dürr | Peter Boldsen Knudsen | Sara Kildgaard | Jens Christian Frisvad | Charlotte Held Gotfredsen | Martina Seiffert | Thomas Ostenfeld Larsen
Forschungsergebnisse zur Sternrußtauresistenz bei Rosen

Author(s): Lühmann, Ann-Katrin | Terefe, Diro | Kohlenberg, Max | Linde, Marcus | Debener, Thomas
Access points to the different level of health care in a country without a gatekeeping system; numbers and reasons

Author(s): Kathryn Hoffmann | Katharina Viktoria Stein | Manfred Maier | Anita Rieder | Thomas Ernst Dorner
Wechselwirkungen zwischen der Bewirtschaftung und der Biodiversität von Weinbau-Steillagen

Author(s): Maixner, Michael | Porten, Matthias | Schmitt, Thomas
Regenwurmzönosen als Indikatoren der Bodenfruchtbarkeit am Beispiel weinbaulich genutzter Flächen

Author(s): Riepert, Frank | Baier, Barbara | Felgentreu, Dieter | Strumpf, Thomas
Prolonged electrical stimulation-induced gluteal and hamstring muscle activation and sitting pressure in spinal cord injury: Effect of duty cycle

Author(s): Christof A. J. Smit, MD | Karin J. A. Legemate, MSc | Anja de Koning, MSc | Sonja de Groot, PhD | Janneke M. Stolwijk-Swuste, MD, PhD | Thomas W. J. Janssen, PhD
First downscattered neutron images from Inertial Confinement Fusion experiments at the National Ignition Facility

Author(s): Guler Nevzat | Aragonez Robert J. | Archuleta Thomas N. | Batha Steven H. | Clark David D. | Clark Deborah J. | Danly Chris R. | Day Robert D. | Fatherley Valerie E. | Finch Joshua P. | Gallegos Robert A. | Garcia Felix P. | Grim Gary | Hsu Albert H. | Jaramillo Steven A. | Loomis Eric N. | Mares Danielle | Martinson Drew D. | Merrill Frank E. | Morgan George L. | Munson Carter | Murphy Thomas J. | Oertel John A. | Polk Paul J. | Schmidt Derek W. | Tregillis Ian L. | Valdez Adelaida C. | Volegov Petr L. | Wang Tai-Sen F. | Wilde Carl H. | Wilke Mark D. | Wilson Douglas C. | Atkinson Dennis P. | Bower Dan E. | Drury Owen B. | Dzenitis John M. | Felker Brian | Fittinghoff David N. | Frank Matthias | Liddick Sean N. | Moran Michael J. | Roberson George P. | Weiss Paul | Buckles Robert A. | Cradick Jerry R. | Kaufman Morris I. | Lutz Steve S. | Malone Robert M. | Traille Albert
Summary of the first neutron image data collected at the National Ignition Facility

Author(s): Grim Gary P. | Archuleta Thomas N. | Aragonez Robert J. | Atkinson Dennis P. | Batha Steven H. | Barrios Maria A. | Bower Dan E. | Bradley David K. | Buckles Robert A. | Clark David D. | Clark Deborah J. | Cradick Jerry R. | Danly Chris | Drury Owen B. | Fatherley Valerie E. | Finch Joshua P. | Garcia Felix P. | Gallegos Robert A. | Guler Nevzat | Glenn Steven M. | Hsu Albert H. | Izumi Nobuhiko | Jaramillo Steven A. | Kyrala George A. | Pape Sebastien Le | Loomis Eric N. | Mares Danielle | Martinson Drew D. | Ma Tammy | Mackinnon Andrew J. | Merrill Frank E. | Morgan George L. | Munson Carter | Murphy Thomas J. | Polk Paul J. | Schmidt Derek W. | Tommasini Riccardo | Tregillis Ian L. | Valdez Adelaida C. | Volegov Petr L. | Wang Tai-Sen F. | Wilde Carl H. | Wilke Mark D. | Wilson Douglas C. | Dzenitis John M. | Felker Brian | Fittinghoff David N. | Frank Matthias | Liddick Sean N. | Moran Michael J. | Roberson George P. | Weiss Paul | Kauffman Morris I. | Lutz Steve S. | Malone Robert M. | Traille Albert
Symmetry tuning with megajoule laser pulses at the National Ignition Facility

Author(s): Kline J.L. | Meezan N.B. | Callahan D.A. | Glenzer S.H. | Kyrala G.A. | Dixit S.N. | Town R.P.J. | Benedetti R. | Bradley D.K. | Bond E. | Nicola P. Di | Dewald E.L. | Doeppner T. | Glenn S. | Haynam C. | Heeter R.F. | Hinkel D.E. | Izumi N. | Jancaitis K. | Jones O.S. | Kalantar D. | Kilkenny J. | LaFortune K.N. | Landen O. | Ma T. | MacKinnon A. | Michel P. | Moody J.D. | Moran M. | Parham T. | Prasad R.R. | Radousky H.B. | Ralph J. | Schneider M.B. | Simanovskaia N. | Thomas C.A. | Weber S. | Widmann K. | Widmayer C. | Williams E.A. | Wontergheman B. Van | Edwards M.J. | Suter L.J. | Atherton L.J. | MacGowan B.J.
Hohlraum designs for high velocity implosions on NIF

Author(s): Meezan Nathan B. | Hicks Damien G. | Callahan Debra A. | Olson Richard E. | Schneider Marilyn S. | Thomas Cliff A. | Robey Harry F. | Celliers Peter M. | Kline John L. | Dixit Shamasundar N. | Michel Pierre A. | Jones Ogden S. | Clark Daniel S. | Ralph Joseph E. | Döppner Tilo | MacKinnon Andrew J. | Haan Steven W. | Landen Otto L. | Glenzer Siegfried H. | Suter Laurence J. | Edwards Michael J. | MacGowan Brian J. | Lindl John D. | Atherton Lawrence J.
Shock timing on the National Ignition Facility: First experiments

Author(s): Celliers P.M. | Robey H.F. | Boehly T.R. | Alger E. | Azevedo S. | Berzins L.V. | Bhandarkar S.D. | Bowers M.W. | Brereton S.J. | Callahan D. | Castro C. | Chandrasekaran H. | Choate C. | Clark D.S. | Coffee K.R. | Datte P.S. | Dewald E.L. | DiNicola P. | Dixit S. | Döppner T. | Dzenitis E. | Edwards M.J. | Eggert J.H. | Fair J. | Farley D.R. | Frieders G. | Gibson C.R. | Giraldez E. | Haan S. | Haid B. | Hamza A.V. | Haynam C. | Hicks D.G. | Holunga D.M. | Horner J.B. | Jancaitis K. | Jones O.S. | Kalantar D. | Kline J.L. | Krauter K.G. | Kroll J.J. | LaFortune K.N. | Pape S. Le | Malsbury T. | Mapoles E.R. | Meezan N.B. | Milovich J.L. | Moody J.D. | Moreno K. | Munro D.H. | Nikroo A. | Olson R.E. | Parham T. | Pollaine S. | Radousky H.B. | Ross G.F. | Sater J. | Schneider M.B. | Shaw M. | Smith R.F. | Sterne P.A. | Thomas C.A. | Throop A. | Town R.P.J. | Trummer D. | Wonterghem B.M. Van | Walters C.F. | Widmann K. | Widmayer C. | Young B.K. | Atherton L.J. | Collins G.W. | Landen O.L. | Lindl J.D. | MacGowan B.J. | Meyerhofer D.D. | Moses E.I.
Ignition tuning for the National Ignition Campaign

Author(s): Landen O. | Edwards J. | Haan S.W. | Lindl J.D. | Boehly T.R. | Bradley D.K. | Callahan D.A. | Celliers P.M. | Dewald E.L. | Dixit S. | Doeppner T. | Eggert J. | Farley D. | Frenje J.A. | Glenn S. | Glenzer S.H. | Hamza A. | Hammel B.A. | Haynam C. | LaFortune K. | Hicks D.G. | Hoffman N. | Izumi N. | Jones O.S. | Kilkenny J.D. | Kline J.L. | Kyrala G.A. | Mackinnon A.J. | Milovich J. | Moody J. | Meezan N. | Michel P. | Munro D.H. | Olson R.E. | Ralph J. | Robey H.F. | Nikroo A. | Regan S.P. | Spears B.K. | Suter L.J. | Thomas C.A. | Town R. | Wilson D.C. | MacGowan B.J. | Atherton L.J. | Moses E.I.
Plasma–Surface Interactions Under High Heat and Particle Fluxes

Author(s): Gregory De Temmerman | Kirill Bystrov | Feng Liu | Wei Liu | Thomas Morgan | Irem Tanyeli | Miranda van den Berg | Haiyan Xu | Jakub Zielinski
A brief, standardized tool for measuring HIV-related stigma among health facility staff: results of field testing in China, Dominica, Egypt, Kenya, Puerto Rico and St. Christopher & Nevis

Author(s): Laura Nyblade | Aparna Jain | Manal Benkirane | Li Li | Anna-Leena Lohiniva | Roger McLean | Janet M Turan | Nelson Varas-Díaz | Francheska Cintrón-Bou | Jihui Guan | Zachary Kwena | Wendell Thomas
Assessment of HIV-related stigma in a US faith-based HIV education and testing intervention

Author(s): Jannette Y Berkley-Patton | Erin Moore | Marcie Berman | Stephen D Simon | Carole Bowe Thompson | Thomas Schleicher | Starlyn M Hawes

Thermal stability and phase transformations of martensitic Ti–Nb alloys

Author(s): Matthias Bönisch, Mariana Calin, Thomas Waitz, Ajit Panigrahi, Michael Zehetbauer, Annett Gebert, Werner Skrotzki and Jürgen Eckert
Old age mortality in Eastern and South-Eastern Asia

Author(s): Danan Gu | Patrick Gerland | Kirill F. Andreev | Nan Li | Thomas Spoorenberg | Gerhard Heilig
Family policies in the context of low fertility and social structure

Author(s): Thomas Fent | Belinda Aparicio Diaz | Alexia Prskawetz
An Integrated Inventory-Transportation System with Periodic Pick-Ups and Leveled Replenishment

Author(s): Thomas Volling | Martin Grunewald | Thomas S. Spengler
Effects of Parental Union Dissolution on Child Mortality and Child Schooling in Burkina Faso

Author(s): Bilampoa Gnoumou Thiombiano | Thomas K. LeGrand | Jean-François Kobiané
Development of Brain EEG Connectivity across Early Childhood: Does Sleep Play a Role?

Author(s): Salome Kurth | Peter Achermann | Thomas Rusterholz | Monique K. LeBourgeois
The problem of Taeniasis and Cysticercosis in Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Author(s): Sri S. Margono | Akira Ito | Thomas Suroso
Comparative genome analysis of Solanum lycopersicum and Solanum tuberosum

Author(s): Rohit Lall | George Thomas | Satendra Singh | Archana Singh | Gulshan Wadhwa
Hyperparameter estimation for uncertainty quantification in mesoscale carbon dioxide inversions

Author(s): Lin Wu | Marc Bocquet | Frédéric Chevallier | Thomas Lauvaux | Kenneth Davis
Los griegos y la vida buena: un diálogo

Author(s): Thomas M. Robinson | Aikaterini Lefka
Radiological characterization of the concrete biological shield of the APSARA reactor

Author(s): Srinivasan Priya | Srinivasan Panchapakesan | Thomas Shibu | Gopalakrishnan R.K. | Goswami A.
Algorithms for Hidden Markov Models Restricted to Occurrences of Regular Expressions

Author(s): Paula Tataru | Andreas Sand | Asger Hobolth | Thomas Mailund | Christian N. S. Pedersen
Crambescidin-816 Acts as a Fungicidal with More Potency than Crambescidin-800 and -830, Inducing Cell Cycle Arrest, Increased Cell Size and Apoptosis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Author(s): Juan A. Rubiolo | Eva Ternon | Henar López-Alonso | Olivier P. Thomas | Félix V. Vega | Mercedes R. Vieytes | Luis M. Botana
Polymorphous Low Grade Adenocarcinoma- Case Report and Review of Literature

Author(s): S.Sunil | B.S.Sreenivasan | Jisha Titus | Devi Gopakumar | Soma Susan | Jubin Thomas | Antony George
Potentially malignant disorders of oral cavity

Author(s): Antony George | B.S. Sreenivasan | S.Sunil | Soma Susan Varghese | Jubin Thomas | Devi Gopakumar | Varghese Mani
The Kahnawá:ke Standoff and Reflections on Fascism

Author(s): David Bedford | Thomas Cheney
A 72-year-old patient with bilateral Maisonneuve fractures

Author(s): Thomas Dienstknecht | Klemens Horst | Hans-Christoph Pape
Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease in a child with osteopetrosis

Author(s): Alex L. Sims | Thomas W. Barwick | Richard J. Montgomery
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