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Studies of the dimensionality, correlates, and meaning of measures of the maximizing tendency

Author(s): Hye Bin Rim | Brandon M. Turner | Nancy E. Betz | Thomas E. Nygren
Mutation screening of NOS1AP gene in a large sample of psychiatric patients and controls

Author(s): Delorme Richard | Betancur Catalina | Scheid Isabelle | Anckarsäter Henrik | Chaste Pauline | Jamain Stéphane | Schuroff Franck | Nygren Gudrun | Herbrecht Evelyn | Dumaine Anne | Mouren Marie | Råstam Maria | Leboyer Marion | Gillberg Christopher | Bourgeron Thomas
An investigation of ribosomal protein L10 gene in autism spectrum disorders

Author(s): Gong Xiaohong | Delorme Richard | Fauchereau Fabien | Durand Christelle | Chaste Pauline | Betancur Catalina | Goubran-Botros Hany | Nygren Gudrun | Anckarsäter Henrik | Rastam Maria | Gillberg I Carina | Kopp Svenny | Mouren-Simeoni Marie-Christine | Gillberg Christopher | Leboyer Marion | Bourgeron Thomas

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