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Predicción de Múltiples Puntos de Series de Tiempo Utilizando Support Vector Machines

Author(s): E. Bautista Thompson | E. Guzmu00E1n Ramu00EDrez | Jesu00FAs Figueroa Nazuno
Effect of Embedded Pd Microstructures on the Flat-Band-Voltage Operation of Room Temperature ZnO-Based Liquid Petroleum Gas Sensors

Author(s): Ghusoon M. Ali | Cody V. Thompson | Ali K. Jasim | Isam M. Abdulbaki | James C. Moore
Sleep Duration and Breast Cancer Phenotype

Author(s): Ali Khawaja | Santosh Rao | Li Li | Cheryl L. Thompson
Homeless Aging Veterans in Transition: A Life-Span Perspective

Author(s): Carla J. Thompson | Nancy L. Bridier
Discrete First-Order Three-Point Boundary Value Problem

Author(s): M. Mohamed | H. B. Thompson | M. S. Jusoh | K. Jusoff
Solvability of Discrete Two-point Boundary Value Problems

Author(s): M. Mohamed | H.B. Thompson | M. S. Jusoh
Multi-Decadal Mangrove Forest Change Detection and Prediction in Honduras, Central America, with Landsat Imagery and a Markov Chain Model

Author(s): Chi-Farn Chen | Nguyen-Thanh Son | Ni-Bin Chang | Cheng-Ru Chen | Li-Yu Chang | Miguel Valdez | Gustavo Centeno | Carlos Alberto Thompson | Jorge Luis Aceituno

Author(s): Jesu00FAs E. Molinar Solu00EDs | Ma. del Consuelo Escoto Ponce de Leu00F3n | Rodolfo Z. Garcu00EDa Lozano | Ernesto Bautista Thompson
Concept Design and Reliability

Author(s): G. Cooper | G. Thompson
Assessment of HIV-related stigma in a US faith-based HIV education and testing intervention

Author(s): Jannette Y Berkley-Patton | Erin Moore | Marcie Berman | Stephen D Simon | Carole Bowe Thompson | Thomas Schleicher | Starlyn M Hawes

Author(s): Emmanuel Marfo-Owusu | Amber L. Thompson
The Impact of Extension Gardening Programs on Healthy Attitudes and Behaviors

Author(s): Erica Odera | Alexa J. Lamm | Courtney Owens | Sandra Thompson | Lawrence Carter
An Operational Framework for Defining and Monitoring Forest Degradation

Author(s): Ian D. Thompson | Manuel R. Guariguata | Kimiko Okabe | Carlos Bahamondez | Robert Nasi | Victoria Heymell | Cesar Sabogal
Monitoring effects of pesticides on pollinators – a review of methods and outcomes

Author(s): Alix, Anne | Cocoraju, Aurelien | Laporte, Jean-Michel | Maus, Christian | Miles, Mark | Simon-Delso, Noa | Thompson, Helen
Bee health in Europe – Facts & figures. An Opera document

Author(s): Alix, Anne | Brown, Mike | Campbell, Peter | Capri, Ettore | Kafka, Amalia | Kasiotis, Konstantinos | Machera, Kiki | Maus, Christian | Miles, Mark | Moraru, Petru | Navarro, Lisa | Pistorius, Jens | Thompson, Helen | Marchis, Alexandru
From Finding Aids to Wiki Pages: Remixing Archival Metadata with RAMP

Author(s): Timothy A. Thompson | James Little | David González | Andrew Darby | Matt Carruthers
The utility of cancer-related cultural constructs to understand colorectal cancer screening among African Americans

Author(s): Vetta L. Sanders Thompson | Alan Bugbee | John P. Meriac | Jenine K. Harris
Internet-based physical assessment of people with Parkinson disease is accurate and reliable: A pilot study

Author(s): Trevor G. Russell, PhD | Tammy C. Hoffmann, PhD | Mark Nelson, BPHTY(Hons) | Leah Thompson, BOccThy (Hons) | Amy Vincent, BOccThy (Hons)
Markers of Inflammation and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

Author(s): Nadeem Sarwar | Alexander J. Thompson | Emanuele Di Angelantonio
Serum Protein Expression Profiling for Cancer Detection: Validation of a SELDI-Based Approach for Prostate Cancer

Author(s): William E. Grizzle | Bao-Ling Adam | William L. Bigbee | Thomas P. Conrads | Christopher Carroll | Ziding Feng | Elzbieta Izbicka | Moncef Jendoubi | Donald Johnsey | Jacob Kagan | Robin J. Leach | Diane B. McCarthy | O. John Semmes | Shiv Srivastava | Sudhir Srivastava | Ian M. Thompson | Mark D. Thornquist | Mukesh Verma | Zhen Zhang | Zhiqiang Zou
Proteomic analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in an equine model of asthma during a natural antigen exposure trial

Author(s): Marybeth Miskovic Feutz | C. Paige Riley | Xiang Zhang | Jiri Adamec | Craig Thompson | Laurent L. Couetil
Propagation of radiosonde pressure sensor errors to ozonesonde measurements

Author(s): R. M. Stauffer | G. A. Morris | A. M. Thompson | E. Joseph | G. J. R. Coetzee
Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) emissions in East Asia determined by inverse modeling

Author(s): X. Fang | R. L. Thompson | T. Saito | Y. Yokouchi | J. Kim | S. Li | K. R. Kim | S. Park | F. Graziosi | A. Stohl
Injuries in the North – analysis of 20 years of surveillance data collected by the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program

Author(s): Minh T. Do | Mylène Fréchette | Steven McFaull | Bryany Denning | Mike Ruta | Wendy Thompson
The Effects of Microwave Pretreatment of Dairy Manure on Methane Production

Author(s): Ian Chan | Asha Srinivasan | Ping H. Liao | Kwang V. Lo | Donald S. Mavinic | Jim Atwater | James R. Thompson
Assessing Colorectal Cancer Screening Behaviors and Knowledge among At-Risk Hispanics in Southern New Mexico

Author(s): Janeth I. Sanchez | Rebecca Palacios | Beti Thompson | Vanessa Martinez | Mary A. O’Connell
An Analysis of the Potential Benefits of Metformin on Disease Recurrence in Oral and Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Author(s): Christopher F. Thompson | Marilene B. Wang | Yas Sanaiha | Chi Lai | Tristan Grogan | David Elashoff | Maie A. St. John
Anti-Cancer Activities and Interaction of Imiquimod and Flex-Het, SHetA2, in Melanoma and Ovarian Cancer

Author(s): Mark F. Naylor | David M. Thompson | Stan Lightfoot | Doris Mangiaracina Benbrook
Does foraging mode affect metabolic responses to feeding? A study of pygopodid lizards

Author(s): Michael WALL, Michael B. THOMPSON, Richard SHINE
Bisected direct quadratic regula falsi

Author(s): R. G. Gottlieb | B. F. Thompson
An MLSA-based online scheme for the rapid identification of Stenotrophomonas isolates

Author(s): Patrícia Locosque Ramos | Carlos Alberto Moreira-Filho | Stefanie Van Trappen | Jean Swings | Paul De Vos | Heloiza Ramos Barbosa | Cristiane Carneiro Thompson | Ana Tereza Ribeiro Vasconcelos | Fabiano Lopes Thompson
Drawers of water: assessing domestic water use in Africa

Author(s): John Thompson | Sandy Cairncross
Presencia coral de Chile en América Latina

Author(s): Waldo Aránguiz Thompson
Neural Correlates of Processing Passive Sentences

Author(s): Jennifer E. Mack | Aya Meltzer-Asscher | Elena Barbieri | Cynthia K. Thompson
Increased Occurrence of Valproic Acid-Induced Hyperammonemia in Carriers of T1405N Polymorphism in Carbamoyl Phosphate Synthetase 1 Gene

Author(s): Piotr K. Janicki | Dmitri Bezinover | Marek Postula | Robert S. Thompson | Jayant Acharya | Vinita Acharya | Cathy McNew | J. Daniel Bowman | Iwona Kurkowska-Jastrzebska | Dagmara Mirowska-Guzel
Biological oxygen demand optode analysis of coral reef-associated microbial communities exposed to algal exudates

Author(s): AK Gregg | M Hatay | AF Haas | NL Robinett | K Barott | MJA Vermeij | KL Marhaver | P Meirelles | F Thompson | F Rohwer
Community-based camp management

Author(s): Sally Thompson
Expression and In Silico Analysis of the Recombinant Bovine Papillomavirus E6 Protein as a Model for Viral Oncoproteins Studies

Author(s): J. Mazzuchelli-de-Souza | R. F. Carvalho | R. M. Ruiz | T. C. Melo | R. P. Araldi | E. Carvalho | C. E. Thompson | M. P. Sircili | W. Beçak | R. C. Stocco
Assessing Watershed-Wildfire Risks on National Forest System Lands in the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States

Author(s): Matthew P. Thompson | Joe Scott | Paul G. Langowski | Julie W. Gilbertson-Day | Jessica R. Haas | Elise M. Bowne
The Role of Attention to Emotion in Recovery from Major Depressive Disorder

Author(s): Renee J. Thompson | Jutta Mata | Susanne M. Jaeggi | Martin Buschkuehl | John Jonides | Ian H. Gotlib
Imaging of Acute Invasive Fungal Rhinosinusitis in a Patient with Gorlin Syndrome and Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Author(s): S. T. Donovan | J. W. Thompson | J. T. Sandlund | E. E. Adderson | E. K. Pivnick | J. H. Harreld
Coccidioidomycosis: epidemiology

Author(s): Brown J | Benedict K | Park BJ | Thompson GR III
The Pierre Auger Research and Development Array (RDA) in southeastern Colorado – R&D for a giant ground array

Author(s): Sarazin Fred | Collonges S. | Courty B. | Daubenspeck M. | Gaumé A. | Génolini B. | Guglielmi L. | Hevinga M.A. | Hodgson J. | Hollenbeck J. | Kuhn K. | Malinowski M. | Marton M. | Maskevics M. | Meyer H. | Nelson K. | Rauly E. | Robinson S. | Rokos A. | Solomey N. | Speelman C.F. | Thompson J. | Nguyen Trung T. | Wolf O. | Yadon J.
A Digital Library Feasibility Study

Author(s): C. Henshaw | M. Savage-Jones | D. Thompson
To What Factors Do Rural-Dwelling Hispanics Attribute Depressive Symptoms?

Author(s): Ipsit V. Vahia | Alvaro Camacho | Colin A. Depp | Angelica Herrera | Wesley K. Thompson | Rodrigo Munoz | Dilip V. Jeste | Bernardo Ng
Achieving professionalism

Author(s): R.A.E. Thompson
Staff development and education

Author(s): R.A.E. Thompson
Voluntary nursing in Natal

Author(s): E.V. Thompson
Staff Rostering

Author(s): R.A.E. Thompson
Acts 17:16-34 as paradigm in responding to postmodernity

Author(s): G. A. Lotter | G. G. Thompson
Heat-Shock Proteins in Autoimmunity

Author(s): Kamal D. Moudgil | Stephen J. Thompson | Fabiana Geraci | Boel De Paepe | Yehuda Shoenfeld
Flooding Hope and Livelihoods: Lake St. Martin First Nation

Author(s): Myrle Ballard | Shirley Thompson
How to measure time preferences: An experimental comparison of three methods

Author(s): David J. Hardisty | Katherine F. Thompson | David H. Krantz | Elke U. Weber
Absolute Lymphocyte/Monocyte Ratio at Diagnosis and Interim Positron-Emission Tomography Predict Survival in Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma

Author(s): Luis F. Porrata | Kay M. Ristow | Thomas M. Habermann | Thomas E. Witzig | Joseph P. Colgan | David J. Inwards | Stephen M. Ansell | Ivana N. Micallef | Patrick B. Johnston | Grzegorz Nowakowski | Carrie A. Thompson | Svetomir N. Markovic
The cellular microenvironment modulates the role of PAI-1 and vitronectin in mediating cell-matrix interactions

Author(s): Sumit Goswami | Lawrence C. Thompson | Lindsay Wickman | Cynthia B. Peterson
Role of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor and B-Cell Lymphoma-6 in Regulation of Genes Involved in Metastasis and Migration in Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Author(s): Jeffrey D. Coleman | Jerry T. Thompson | Russell W. Smith | Bogdan Prokopczyk | John P. Vanden Heuvel
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+): Transaction Costs of Six Peruvian Projects

Author(s): Olivia R. Rendón Thompson | Jouni Paavola | John R. Healey | Julia P.G. Jones | Timothy R. Baker | Jorge Torres
Untersuchung, Behandlung und Überwachung des Altershypogonadismus (Late-onset hypogonadism) des Mannes: ISA-, ISSAM-, EAU-, EAA- und ASA-Empfehlungen

Author(s): Nieschlag E | Wang C | Swerdloff RS | Behre HM | Helstrom WJ | Gooren LJ | Kaufmann JM | Legros JJ | Lunenfeld B | Morales A | Morley JE | Thompson IM | Weidner W | Wu FCW
Beyond Time Team: Archaeological Investigations at Coconut Walk, Nevis, West Indies, 1st July–4th August 2010

Author(s): Quetta Kaye | Scott M. Fitzpatrick | Michiel Kappers | Victor Thompson
d-Limonene: a bioactive food component from citrus and evidence for a potential role in breast cancer prevention and treatment

Author(s): Jessica A. Miller | Patricia A. Thompson | Iman A. Hakim | H.-H. Sherry Chow | Cynthia A. Thomson
Engendering cultural responsive care: a reflective model for nurse education

Author(s): Derek Chambers | Susan Thompson | Aru Narayanasamy
A universal 30-month child health assessment focussed on social and emotional development

Author(s): Lucy C Thompson | Philip M J Wilson | Alex McConnachie
Towards Preserving the Confidentiality of Information in a Local Area Network (LAN) Messaging System

Author(s): Aderonke Favour-Bethy THOMPSON | Otasowie IYARE | Boniface Kayode ALESE
Evaluation of Uranium Accumulation in Black Spruce Trees

Author(s): Praise Nyade | Derek Wilton | Henry Longerich | Gary Thompson | Paul McNeill
Evidence-based narratives to reconcile teaching practices in academic disciplines with the scholarship of teaching and learning

Author(s): Rosanne Quinnell | Carol Russell | Rachel Thompson | Nancy Marshall | Jill Cowley
Peripartum Isolated Cortical Vein Thrombosis in a Mother with Postdural Puncture Headache Treated with an Epidural Blood Patch

Author(s): Etienne Laverse | Sarah Cader | Rajith de Silva | Sanjiv Chawda | Satish Kapoor | Olaleye Thompson
Global Patterns of Prostate Cancer Incidence, Aggressiveness, and Mortality in Men of African Descent

Author(s): Timothy R. Rebbeck | Susan S. Devesa | Bao-Li Chang | Clareann H. Bunker | Iona Cheng | Kathleen Cooney | Rosalind Eeles | Pedro Fernandez | Veda N. Giri | Serigne M. Gueye | Christopher A. Haiman | Brian E. Henderson | Chris F. Heyns | Jennifer J. Hu | Sue Ann Ingles | William Isaacs | Mohamed Jalloh | Esther M. John | Adam S. Kibel | LaCreis R. Kidd | Penelope Layne | Robin J. Leach | Christine Neslund-Dudas | Michael N. Okobia | Elaine A. Ostrander | Jong Y. Park | Alan L. Patrick | Catherine M. Phelan | Camille Ragin | Robin A. Roberts | Benjamin A. Rybicki | Janet L. Stanford | Sara Strom | Ian M. Thompson | John Witte | Jianfeng Xu | Edward Yeboah | Ann W. Hsing | Charnita M. Zeigler-Johnson
Knowledge Discovery in Variant Databases Using Inductive Logic Programming

Author(s): Hoan Nguyen | Tien-Dao Luu | Olivier Poch | Julie D. Thompson
Using paleo-climate comparisons to constrain future projections in CMIP5

Author(s): G. A. Schmidt | J. D. Annan | P. J. Bartlein | B. I. Cook | E. Guilyardi | J. C. Hargreaves | S. P. Harrison | M. Kageyama | A. N. LeGrande | B. Konecky | S. Lovejoy | M. E. Mann | V. Masson-Delmotte | C. Risi | D. Thompson | A. Timmermann | L.-B. Tremblay | P. Yiou
Erratum to Andruff, Carraro, Thompson, Gaudreau, and Louvet (2009): Latent Class Growth Modelling: A tutorial

Author(s): Heather Andruff | Natasha Carraro | Amanda Thompson | Patrick Gaudreau | Benoit Louvet
Heat-shock induces rapid resorption of primary cilia

Author(s): Thompson CL | Prodromou NV | Osborn DP | Ashworth R | Knight MM | Beales PL | Chapple JP
A review of African horse sickness and its implications for Ireland

Author(s): Thompson Geoffrey M | Jess Stephen | Murchie Archie K
Identification of copy number alterations associated with the progression of DCIS to invasive ductal carcinoma

Author(s): Johnson C | Gorringe KL | Thompson ER | Opeskin K | Boyle SE | Wang Y | Hill P | Mann GB | Campbell IG
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