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A universal 30-month child health assessment focussed on social and emotional development

Author(s): Lucy C Thompson | Philip M J Wilson | Alex McConnachie
Variation in quality of preventive care for well adults in Indigenous community health centres in Australia

Author(s): Bailie Ross | Si Damin | Connors Christine | Kwedza Ru | O'Donoghue Lynette | Kennedy Catherine | Cox Rhonda | Liddle Helen | Hains Jenny | Dowden Michelle | Burke Hugh | Brown Alex | Weeramanthri Tarun | Thompson Sandra
Delivery of maternal health care in Indigenous primary care services: baseline data for an ongoing quality improvement initiative

Author(s): Rumbold Alice | Bailie Ross | Si Damin | Dowden Michelle | Kennedy Catherine | Cox Rhonda | O'Donoghue Lynette | Liddle Helen | Kwedza Ru | Thompson Sandra | Burke Hugh | Brown Alex | Weeramanthri Tarun | Connors Christine
Case study: osteoid osteoma - an unusual cause of shin splints

Author(s): Longworth Bob | Thompson Alex
Study protocol: Audit and Best Practice for Chronic Disease Extension (ABCDE) Project

Author(s): Bailie Ross | Si Damin | Connors Christine | Weeramanthri Tarun | Clark Louise | Dowden Michelle | O'Donohue Lynette | Condon John | Thompson Sandra | Clelland Nikki | Nagel Tricia | Gardner Karen | Brown Alex
Risk maps for range expansion of the Lyme disease vector, Ixodes scapularis, in Canada now and with climate change

Author(s): Ogden Nicholas | St-Onge Laurie | Barker Ian | Brazeau Stéphanie | Bigras-Poulin Michel | Charron Dominique | Francis Charles | Heagy Audrey | Lindsay L Robbin | Maarouf Abdel | Michel Pascal | Milord François | O'Callaghan Christopher | Trudel Louise | Thompson R Alex
Evaluation of two formulations of adjuvanted RTS, S malaria vaccine in children aged 3 to 5 years living in a malaria-endemic region of Mozambique: a Phase I/IIb randomized double-blind bridging trial

Author(s): Macete Eusebio | Sacarlal Jahit | Aponte John | Leach Amanda | Navia Margarita | Milman Jessica | Guinovart Caterina | Mandomando Inacio | López-Púa Yolanda | Lievens Marc | Owusu-Ofori Alex | Dubois Marie-Claude | Cahill Conor | Koutsoukos Marguerite | Sillman Marla | Thompson Ricardo | Dubovsky Filip | Ballou W Ripley | Cohen Joe | Alonso Pedro

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