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Straight-Line Target Tracking for Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Author(s): Morten Breivik | Vegard E. Hovstein | Thor I. Fossen
Kinematic Models for Manoeuvring and Seakeeping of Marine Vessels

Author(s): Tristan Perez | Thor Inge Fossen
Nonlinear Container Ship Model for the Study of Parametric Roll Resonance

Author(s): Christian Holden | Roberto Galeazzi | Claudio Rodríguez | Tristan Perez | Thor Inge Fossen | Mogens Blanke | Marcelo de Almeida | Santos Neves
Experimental Validation of a Marine Propeller Thrust Estimation Scheme

Author(s): Luca Pivano | Øyvind N. Smogeli | Tor A. Johansen | Thor Inge Fossen
An Overview of the Marine Systems Simulator (MSS): A Simulink Toolbox for Marine Control Systems

Author(s): Tristan Perez | Øyvind N. Smogeli | Thor I. Fossen | Asgeir J. Sørensen
Wave Synchronizing Crane Control during Water Entry in Offshore Moonpool Operations - Experimental Results

Author(s): Tor A. Johansen | Thor I. Fossen | Svein I. Sagatun | Finn G. Nielsen
Tutorial on nonlinear backstepping: Applications to ship control

Author(s): Thor I. Fossen | Jan P. Strand
Nonlinear control of ships minimizing the position tracking errors

Author(s): Svein P. Berge | Kohei Ohtsu | Thor I. Fossen
Design of automatic thruster assisted mooring systems for ships

Author(s): Jan P. Strand | Asgeir J. Sørensen | Thor I. Fossen
Robust adaptive control of underwater vehicles: A comparative study

Author(s): Thor I. Fossen | Ola-Erik Fjellstad
Design of a dynamic positioning system using model-based control

Author(s): Asgeir J. Sørensen | Svein I. Sagatun | Thor I. Fossen
Identification of Dynamically Positioned Ships

Author(s): Thor I. Fossen | Svein I. Sagatun | Asgeir J. Sørensen
Adaptive feedback linearization applied to steering of ships

Author(s): Thor I. Fossen | Marit J. Paulsen
Adaptive control of ROVs with actuator dynamics and saturation

Author(s): Ola-Erik Fjellstad | Thor I. Fossen | Olav Egeland
Sliding control of MIMO nonlinear systems

Author(s): Thor I. Fossen | Bjarne A. Foss
Adaptive control of nonlinear underwater robotic systems

Author(s): Thor I. Fossen | Svein I. Sagatun
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