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Hyperfine structure and isotope shifts in 461.9 nm forbidden line of Pb I

Author(s): Tomasz J. WASOWICZ | Ryszard DROZDOWSKI | Jerzy KWELA
Stark effect in He I in extremely high electric field

Author(s): Laurentius WINDHOLZ | Ryszard DROZDOWSKI | Tomasz J. WASOWICZ | Jerzy KWELA
NCX-4040, a nitric oxide-releasing aspirin, sensitizes drug-resistant human ovarian xenograft tumors to cisplatin by depletion of cellular thiols

Author(s): Bratasz Anna | Selvendiran Karuppaiyah | Wasowicz Tomasz | Bobko Andrey | Khramtsov Valery | Ignarro Louis | Kuppusamy Periannan
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