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Depression, osteoporosis, serotonin and cell membrane viscosity between biology and philosophical anthropology

Author(s): Cocchi Massimo | Tonello Lucio | Gabrielli Fabio | Pregnolato Massimo
Human depression: a new approach in quantitative psychiatry

Author(s): Cocchi Massimo | Tonello Lucio | Rasenick Mark
Do mood disorders play a role in pig welfare?

Author(s): Massimo Cocchi | Luca Sardi | Lucio Tonello | Giovanna Martelli
The use of artificial neural networks to study fatty acids in neuropsychiatric disorders

Author(s): Cocchi Massimo | Tonello Lucio | Tsaluchidu Sofia | Puri Basant
A comparison of oxidative stress in smokers and non-smokers: an in vivo human quantitative study of n-3 lipid peroxidation

Author(s): Puri Basant | Treasaden Ian | Cocchi Massimo | Tsaluchidu Sofia | Tonello Lucio | Ross Brian
Fatty acids and oxidative stress in psychiatric disorders

Author(s): Tsaluchidu Sofia | Cocchi Massimo | Tonello Lucio | Puri Basant
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