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Effect of service dogs on manual wheelchair users with spinal cord injury: A pilot study

Author(s): Geoffroy Hubert, MSc | Michel Tousignant, PT, PhD | François Routhier, PEng, PhD | Hélène Corriveau, PT, PhD | Noël Champagne, ED, MA Psy
Development of integrated care pathways: toward a care management system to meet the needs of frail and disabled community-dwelling older people

Author(s): Nicole Dubuc | Lucie Bonin | André Tourigny | Luc Mathieu | Yves Couturier | Michel Tousignant | Cinthia Corbin | Nathalie Delli-Colli | Michel Raîche
Simulated In-home Teletreatment for Anomia

Author(s): Lambert Dechêne | Michel Tousignant | Patrick Boissy | Joël Macoir | Serge Héroux | Mathieu Hamel | Simon Brière | Catherine Pagé
In-home Telerehabilitation for Older Persons with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Michel Tousignant | Nicole Marquis | Catherine Pagé | Ninette Imukuze | Annie Métivier | Valérie St-Onge | Annie Tremblay
In-Home Telerehabilitation for Post-Knee Arthroplasty: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Michel Tousignant | Patrick Boissy | Hélène Corriveau | Hélène Moffet | François Cabana
An interdisciplinary clinical practice model for the management of low-back pain in primary care: the CLIP project

Author(s): Poitras Stéphane | Rossignol Michel | Dionne Clermont | Tousignant Michel | Truchon Manon | Arsenault Bertrand | Allard Pierre | Coté Manon | Neveu Alain
An interdisciplinary guideline development process: the Clinic on Low-back pain in Interdisciplinary Practice (CLIP) low-back pain guidelines

Author(s): Rossignol Michel | Poitras Stéphane | Dionne Clermont | Tousignant Michel | Truchon Manon | Arsenault Bertrand | Allard Pierre | Coté Manon | Neveu Alain
The eSMAF: a software for the assessment and follow-up of functional autonomy in geriatrics

Author(s): Boissy Patrick | Brière Simon | Tousignant Michel | Rousseau Eric
Suicide and no axis I psychopathology

Author(s): Ernst Carl | Lalovic Aleksandra | Lesage Alain | Seguin Monique | Tousignant Michel | Turecki Gustavo
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