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Ectopic expression of C-terminal tubulin variants alters wood composition and structure in Populus

Author(s): Swamy Prashant | Long Feng | Nyamdari Batbayar | Chung Jeng-Der | Mansfield Shawn | Harding Scott | Tsai Chung-Jui
Partial suppression of a strongly expressed tonoplast sucrose transporter affects water use and carbon partitioning in Populus

Author(s): Harding Scott | Frost Christopher | Payyavula Raja | Tay Kate HC | Tsai Chung-Jui
Glycosylation-mediated phenylpropanoid partitioning in Populus tremuloides cell cultures

Author(s): Payyavula Raja | Babst Benjamin | Nelsen Matthew | Harding Scott | Tsai Chung-Jui
Joint analysis of two microarray gene-expression data sets to select lung adenocarcinoma marker genes

Author(s): Jiang Hongying | Deng Youping | Chen Huann-Sheng | Tao Lin | Sha Qiuying | Chen Jun | Tsai Chung-Jui | Zhang Shuanglin

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