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Estimação de betas de ações com baixa liquidez

Author(s): Ricardo Goulart Serra | Roy Martelanc
Aluminum Induced Biochemical Alterations in Amaranthus tricolor

Author(s): Bhanuprakash KS | Jha S | Jha N | Sardar M | Annapragada H | Devika Mohan T | Bapodara PA | Roy S
A Study on Some Special Forms of Holographic Ricci Dark Energy in Fractal Universe

Author(s): Surajit Chattopadhyay | Antonio Pasqua | Sudipto Roy
The forensiX Evidence Collection Tube and Its Impact on DNA Preservation and Recovery

Author(s): Alex M. Garvin | Ralf Holzinger | Florian Berner | Walter Krebs | Bernhard Hostettler | Elges Lardi | Christian Hertli | Roy Quartermaine | Christoph Stamm
Single and Multi Container Maintenance Model: A Fuzzy Geometric Programming Approach

Author(s): Ghanshaym Singha Mahapatra | Tapan Kumar Roy
Proximate and Elemental Analyses of Tinospora cordifolia Stem

Author(s): Mahima | Anu Rahal | Atul Prakash | Amit Kumar Verma | Vinod Kumar | Debashish Roy
Micropropagation of Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. Through Tissue Culture Technique

Author(s): Jyoti Sahu | Shagufta Khan | Ram Kumar Sahu | Amit Roy
Model for Backyard Poultry Farming in West Bengal, India

Author(s): P.K. Das | P.R. Ghosh | B. Roy | D. Mazumdar
Effects of Superliv Concentrate on the Growth, Immunocompetence Traits and Nutrient Retention of Commercial Broilers During Extreme Winter

Author(s): Amitav Bhattacharyya | Satish Kumar Garg | Vinod Kumar | Debashish Roy | K. Ravikanth | Shivi Maini

Comparative study on antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of three colored varieties of Capsicum annuum

Author(s): Vatsalya Krupa Khabade | Nanda Belakere Lakshmeesh | Sangita Roy
The effect of innovative home care projects on the perceived burden of informal caregivers: a follow up study

Author(s): Johanna de Almeida Mello | Sophie Cès | Thérèse Van Durme | Roy Remmen | Jean Macq | Anja Declercq
Informal caregiver involvement in innovative home care projects in Belgium

Author(s): Maja Lopez Hartmann | Roy Remmen | Johan Wens | Veronique Verhoeven | Patrick Maggi | Samuel Delye | Christiane Gosset | Olivier Schmitz | Thérèse Van Durme | Jean Macq
Effect of Behavioral Finance on Gold Price Trend

Author(s): L. Dieupart-Ruel | A. François | A. Grauffel | J. Le Roy | T. Vacheret
A Survey on Application of Machine Learning to Resource Management in Grid Environment

Author(s): Susmita Singh | Sarbani Roy | Madhulina Sarkar, Sarbani Roy
Hypersensitivity to lignocaine: A case report

Author(s): Rupankar Nath, Sanju Sharma, Anshuman Dutta, Joydeep Roy, Tulika Singh
Growth hormone plus resistance exercise attenuate structural changes in rat myotendinous junctions resulting from chronic unloading

Author(s): D. Curzi | D. Lattanzi | S. Ciuffoli | S. Burattini | R.E. Grindeland | V.R. Edgerton | R.R. Roy | J.G. Tidball | E. Falcieri
Phenotypic detection of inducible Clindamycin resistance among Staphylococcus species

Author(s): Reshmi C Roy | Shitanshu Kaundal | Sulekha Nautiyal, | Shalabh Jauhari | Bhim S Mahawal | Ankit Khanduri
Some intricacies of the momentum operator in quantum mechanics

Author(s): Utpal Roy | Suranjana Ghosh | Kaushik Bhattacharya
Prevalence of Diabetes mellitus and role of stress in diabetes in rural Pondicherry - an union territory of India

Author(s): Majgi Sumanth Mallikarjuna | Bala Soudarssanane M | Gautam Roy | Das Ashok Kumar, Medical Superintendent,Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry, India
Knowledge level Regarding Public Health Issues among Homoeopathic practitioners

Author(s): Neha Chanana | Jayanti Dutta Roy | Amarjeet Singh Minhans
Transcription and Maturation of mRNA in Dinoflagellates

Author(s): Sougata Roy | David Morse
Linking Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance

Author(s): Elaine Mosconi | Marie Christine Roy
The Friedman Rule and the Zero Lower Bound

Author(s): Sebastien Buttet | Udayan Roy
Enrichment of Modern Medicine by Ayurveda

Author(s): S. Selvadurai | T. Shri Vijaya Kirubha | R. Senthamari | Swagata Dutta Roy
Poststroke Fatigue Is Still a Neglected Issue: Findings from an Internet-Based Study on the Need for Information and Treatment in The Netherlands

Author(s): Aglaia M. E. E. Zedlitz | Michelle van Eijk | Roy P. C. Kessels | Alexander C. H. Geurts | Luciano Fasotti
A meta-analysis of studies on cosmetically tinted soft contact lenses

Author(s): Rah MJ | Schafer J | Zhang L | Chan O | Roy L | Barr JT
A continuous version of the negative binomial distribution

Author(s): Nimai Kumar Chandra | Dilip Roy
Hydrochemistry, ostracods and diatoms in a deep, tropical, crater lake in Western Mexico

Author(s): Margarita Caballero | Alejandro Rodriguez | Gloria Vilaclara | Beatriz Ortega | Priyadarsi Roy | Socorro Lozano-García

Author(s): Akhiles Roy | Mahesh Ramdas Dumbare | Shilpa Sudhakar Harak | Momin Zarina Mohammad Najeeb | Rohini Dattatray Deshmukh
Impact of Achyranthes aspera L. on Protein Profile in Impaired Wound Models

Author(s): C C Barua | A Talukdar | S A Begum | A K Handique | G K Handique | J D Roy | B Buragohain
Rethinking generic skills

Author(s): Roy Canning
Braille Calculator

Author(s): Yoshit V. Gidh | Mahesh S. Latey | Arpita roy, Kunal Shah | Savita Ingle
Investigating Population Risk Factors of Pancreatic Cancer by Evaluation of Optical Markers in the Duodenal Mucosa

Author(s): Vladimir Turzhitsky | Yang Liu | Nahla Hasabou | Michael Goldberg | Hemant K. Roy | Vadim Backman | Randall Brand
Optical Spectroscopic Markers of Cancer

Author(s): V. Backman | H. K. Roy
Investigating Population Risk Factors of Pancreatic Cancer by Evaluation of Optical Markers in the Duodenal Mucosa

Author(s): Vladimir Turzhitsky | Yang Liu | Nahla Hasabou | Michael Goldberg | Hemant K. Roy | Vadim Backman | Randall Brand
Comprehensive Phenotyping in Multiple Sclerosis: Discovery Based Proteomics and the Current Understanding of Putative Biomarkers

Author(s): Kevin C. O’Connor | Sushmita Mimi Roy | Christopher H. Becker | David A. Hafler | Aaron B. Kantor
First Case of Genetic Polymorphism in Uridine Monophosphate Synthase Gene in an Indian Holstein Bull

Author(s): Uma Gaur, Tejaswini G. Sathe, Arpita Roy, Rajesh K. Patel* and P. S. Satish Sunkara
Natural Exposure of Horses to Mosquito-Borne Flaviviruses in South-East Queensland, Australia

Author(s): Natalie A. Prow | Cindy S. E. Tan | Wenqi Wang | Jody Hobson-Peters | Lisa Kidd | Anita Barton | John Wright | Roy A. Hall | Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann
Unusual Coliranuloma in very Young Japanese Quail Chick

Author(s): Parimal Roy | S. Hemalatha | V. Purushothaman
FDTD Simulation of Three Photon Absorption and Realization of NAND Gate with GaAs Wire Waveguide

Author(s): Ivy Dutta | Anirban Roy Chowdhury | Dharmadas Kumbhakar
Comparative toxicity assessment between generic salbutamol sulphate inhaler containing hydrofluoroalkane and Ventolin Evohaler

Author(s): Suvas C. Singho Roy | M. A. Jalil | Nigar Sultana Tithi | Sajal K. Saha | Sheikh Zahir Raihan | Utpal K. Chanda | Chanchal K. Ghosh | Sitesh C. Bachar
Bilateral nephromegaly and arthritis: A rare presentation of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Author(s): Tapas Kumar Sabui | Syamal Sardar | Sumanta Laha | Abhishek Roy
Characterization and Optimization of Amylase Producing Bacteria Isolated from Solid Waste

Author(s): Amalesh Samanta | Debmalya Mitra | Sudipendra Nath Roy | Chandrima Sinha | Pinaki Pal

Author(s): Rajesh Ekka | Prohlad Roy
Mining on Medicine Data

Voltage Sag Detection through Wavelet Energy Coefficient

Author(s): S. Debdas | S. Paikra | T. Roy Choudhury
Low Cost Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Author(s): Vivek Hanumante | Sahadev Roy | Santanu Maity,
Polymorphism in Argininosuccinate Synthase Gene in Indian Holstein

Author(s): Uma Gaur, Tejaswini G. Sathe, Arpita Roy, Phani Sri. S. Sunkara, Rajesh. K. Patel* and Sri Venkatesh P.
New Cases of Bovine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (BLAD) Carriers in Indian Holstein Cattle

Author(s): Arpita Roy, Rosaiah Kotikalapudi, Rajesh K. Patel*, Radhika Anantaneni and Sanghamitra Katragadda
Clostridium difficile outbreak in Costa Rica: control actions and associated factors Brote de infección por Clostridium difficile en Costa Rica: medidas de control y factores asociados

Author(s): Roy A. Wong-McClure | Moraima Guevara-Rodríguez | Leandra Abarca-Gómez | Antonio Solano-Chinchilla | Margarita Marchena-Picado | Michele O'Shea | Xiomara Badilla-Vargas
Modernidade medieval: cidadania e urbanismo na era global

Author(s): Nezar Alsayyad | Ananya Roy
Study on avifaunal diversity from three different regions of North Bengal, India

Author(s): Utpal Singha Roy | Purbasha Banerjee | S. K. Mukhopadhyay
Incendio de un tubo endotraqueal durante traqueostomia

Author(s): Irma Llamas | Augusto Wolfschoon | Roy E Rodriguez Reyes
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