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MOBILE AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT CONTROL PERIODICITY Периодичность контроля технического состояния мобильной сельскохозяйственной техники

Author(s): Byshоv N. V. | Bоrychev S. N. | Kokorev G. D. | Uspensky I. A. | Yukhin I. A. | Sinitsin P. S. | Kartsev E. A. | Nikolotov I. N. | Gusarov S. N.
Optical, radar, and magnetic observations of magnetosheath plasma capture during a positive IMF Bz impulse

Author(s): V. Safargaleev | A. Kozlovsky | T. Sergienko | T. K. Yeoman | M. Uspensky | D. M. Wright | H. Nilsson | T. Turunen | A. Kotikov
STARE velocity at large flow angles: is it related to the ion acoustic speed?

Author(s): M. V. Uspensky | A. V. Koustov | S. Nozawa
STARE velocities: 2. Evening westward electron flow

Author(s): M. Uspensky | A. Koustov | P. Janhunen | E. Nielsen | K. Kauristie | O. Amm | R. Pellinen | H. Opgenoorth | R. Pirjola
HF radar observations of high-aspect angle backscatter from the E-region

Author(s): S. E. Milan | M. Lester | T. K. Yeoman | T. R. Robinson | M. V. Uspensky | J.-P. Villain
STARE velocities: the importance of off-orthogonality and ion motions

Author(s): M. Uspensky | A. Koustov | P. Janhunen | R. Pellinen | D. Danskin | S. Nozawa
Velocities of auroral coherent echoes at 12 and 144 MHz

Author(s): A. V. Koustov | D. W. Danskin | M. V. Uspensky | T. Ogawa | P. Janhunen | N. Nishitani | S. Nozawa | M. Lester | S. Milan
CUTLASS HF radar observations of high-velocity E-region echoes

Author(s): M. V. Uspensky | A. V. Koustov | P. Eglitis | A. Huuskonen | S. E. Milan | T. Pulkkinen | R. Pirjola
On auroral dynamics observed by HF radar: 1. Equatorward edge of the afternoon-evening diffuse luminosity belt

Author(s): M. Uspensky | P. Eglitis | H. Opgenoorth | G. Starkov | T. Pulkkinen | R. Pellinen
Flow angle dependence for the asymmetry of broad 50-MHz coherent echoes at large magnetic aspect angles

Author(s): A. V. Kustov | G. J. Sofko | J. A. Koehler | M. V. Uspensky
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