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Autonomic Mechanisms of Emotional Reactivity and Regulation

Author(s): Catherine C. Uy | Iain A. Jeffrey | Matthew Wilson | Viswanath Aluru | Anita Madan | Ying Lu | Preeti Raghavan
Microfluidic Platform for Enzyme-Linked and Magnetic Particle-Based Immunoassay

Author(s): Nikhil Bhalla | Danny Wen Yaw Chung | Yaw-Jen Chang | Kimberly Jane S. Uy | Yi Ying Ye | Ting-Yu Chin | Hao Chun Yang | Dorota G. Pijanowska
Empyema in a Woman with Cystic Fibrosis: A Cautionary Tale

Author(s): Anne Coates | Oren Schaefer | Karl Uy | Brian P. O'Sullivan
Clinical significance of hyperbilirubinemia in the CASTLE study

Author(s): Uy J | Hu W | Wirtz V | Hosey T | Butcher D | McGrath D | Farajallah A
Assessing the risk of birth defects associated with atazanavir exposure in pregnancy

Author(s): Esker S | Albano J | Tilson H | Uy J | Arikan D | Krantz K | Jiménez-Expósito MJ | Seekins D
Impact of the HIV-1 protease N88S substitution on protease inhibitor susceptibility and clinical response

Author(s): Uy J | Lataillade M | Thiry A | McGrath D | Seekins D | Hanna G
Nutrients Intake and Digestibility by West African Dwarf Goats Fed Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Jacq.) Griseb. Basal Diet and Citrus Pulp-Based Diets

Author(s): A.O.Oni | C.F.I. Onwuka | O.O. Oduguwa | O.S. Onifade | O.M. Arigbede | O.O. Oni | U.Y. Anele
State of acid-basic ballance in children's oral cavity with chronic pyelonephritis

Author(s): Admakin O.I. | Chugaeva U.Y. | Nagaevskiy I.V. | Kozlitina Y.A.
Features of local immunity of an oral cavity at children with rheumatic diseases

Author(s): Kozlitina Y.A. Chugaeva U.Y. Admakin O.I.
Inter-country and ethnic variation in colorectal cancer survival: Comparisons between a Philippine population, Filipino-Americans and Caucasians

Author(s): Redaniel Maria | Laudico Adriano | Mirasol-Lumague Maria | Gondos Adam | Uy Gemma | Brenner Hermann
Ovarian cancer survival population differences: a "high resolution study" comparing Philippine residents, and Filipino-Americans and Caucasians living in the US

Author(s): Redaniel Maria | Laudico Adriano | Mirasol-Lumague Maria | Gondos Adam | Uy Gemma | Toral Jean | Benavides Doris | Brenner Hermann
Monopole harmonics for a special gauge

Author(s): Zenaida E. S. Uy
Differential renal function in the prediction of recovery in adult obstructed kidneys after pyeloplasty.

Author(s): Ortapamuk H | Naldoken S | Tekdogan UY | Aslan Y | Atan A

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