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Effect of orientation on heat transfer in pulsating heat pipe

Author(s): Naumova A. M. | Kravets V. Yu.
Research of heat exchange rate of the pulsating heat pipe

Author(s): Kravets V. Yu. | Naumova A. M. | Vovkogon A. M.
Boiling heat transfer intensity on small-size surface

Author(s): Alekseik O. S. | Kravets V. Yu. | Kopchevskaya I. A.
Methodology of assessment of Ukraine’s environment quality

Author(s): I.А. Aleksandrov | L.O. Kravets
Apoptosis of Neurons at a Craniocerebral Trauma

Author(s): A.O. Trofimov | L.Ya. Kravets
Plasty of the Base of the Skull Defects and Dura Mater with the Reperen’s New Polymer Material

Author(s): S.E. Tikhomirov | S.N. Tsybusov | L.Ya. Kravets | A.P. Fraerman | A.A. Balmasov
Teaching social risk family members

Author(s): Kravets Е. V.
Molecular and genetics approaches for investigation of phospholipase D role in plant cells

Author(s): Kravets V. S. | Kolesnikov Ya. S. | Kretynin S. V. | Kabachevskaya E. M. | Liahnovitch G. V. | Bondarenko O. M. | Volotovsky I. D. | Kukhar V. P.
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