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Prostate Stem Cells in the Development of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer: Emerging Role and Concepts

Author(s): Akhilesh Prajapati | Sharad Gupta | Bhavesh Mistry | Sarita Gupta
An Economics-Based Second Law Efficiency

Author(s): Karan H. Mistry | John H. Lienhard
Gonorrhoea in men: diagnostic aspects and changing antibiotic susceptibility pattern

Author(s): sandeepkumar om nanda | sonia sandeep barve | chandralekha bhanujan | sachin p lohra | rupal patel | govind l ninama | kalpesh mistry
Variations of Origin of Long Head of Biceps Brachii Muscle from Glenoid Labrum of Scapula

Author(s): Ketan Chauhan | Meenakshi Bansal | Pratik Mistry | Dhananjay Patil | Sanjay Modi | Chandrakant Mehta
Delayed Ureteral Obstruction Following Gunshot Pellet Migration

Author(s): Jessica Louise Macwilliam | Rahul Mistry | Michael St John Floyd Jr
A literature survey on Facial Expression Recognition using Global Features

Author(s): Vaibhavkumar J. Mistry, | Mahesh M. Goyani,
Effect of gabapentin on haloperidol induced inhibition of conditioned avoidance response in rat

Author(s): Nishant B. Bhansali | Yash N. Goyal | Baluswamy Divakar | Sureshchandra D. Mistry | Dinesh A. Chavda | Jiyo Chacko
( )^{*p} and psi_p operator

Author(s): S. Mistry | S. Modak
( )^{*s} and psi_s operator

Author(s): S. Modak | S. Mistry
UHRF1 is a genome caretaker that facilitates the DNA damage response to γ-irradiation

Author(s): Mistry Helena | Tamblyn Laura | Butt Hussein | Sisgoreo Daniel | Gracias Aileen | Larin Meghan | Gopalakrishnan Kalpana | Hande Manoor | McPherson John
Entry of M. leprae into Schwann cells: old studies revisited

Author(s): Mistry Nerges | Birdi Tannaz | Shetty Vanaja | Antia Noshir
Emergency Department Crowding is Associated with Reduced Satisfaction Scores in Patients Discharged from the Emergency Department

Author(s): Tekwani, Karis L | Kerem, Yaniv | Mistry, Chintan D | Sayger, Brian M | Kulstad, Erik B
Intravesical Instillation of Mitomycin C: A Cause of Delayed Bladder Perforation?

Author(s): Marta Penna | Kiki Mistry | Pallavi Pal | Chitale Sudhanshu
Prevalence of Opportunistic Fungal Infections in HIV Positive Patients in Tertiary Care Hospital, Rajkot

Author(s): Rosy Parmar | Vaibhavi Sharma | Chirag thakkar | Anil Chaudhary | Urmila Pateliya | Govind Ninama | Kalpesh Mistry | Yogesh Goswami | G.U.Kavathia | Rakesh Rajat
Integration of GPS and GSM for the Weather Monitoring System

Author(s): K.R. Trivedi | Dhiren P Mistry
Missing Data Estimation using Principle Component Analysis and Autoassociative Neural Networks

Author(s): Jaisheel Mistry | Fulufhelo V. Nelwamondo | Tshilidzi Marwala
A Mucinous Cystic Neoplasm of the Mesocolon Showing Features of Malignancy

Author(s): Kiki Mistry | Marta Penna | Shiva Dindyal | Hasan Mukhtar
No-Scalpel Vasectomy in a Camp Approach: Follow-Up, Complications and Compliance

Author(s): Patel Piyush R, Shah DK, Modi Anjali, Mistry Sunita N
Antibiotic Resistance Pattern in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Species Isolated at a Tertiary Care Hospital, Ahmadabad

Author(s): Rajat Rakesh M | Ninama Govind L | Mistry Kalpesh | Parmar Rosy | Patel Kanu | Vegad MM

Author(s): Yogesh Mistry | Govind L Ninama | Kalpesh Mistry | Rakesh Rajat | Rosy Parmar | Akshar Godhani
Identification of Breast Cancer-Associated Lipids in Scalp Hair

Author(s): Dharmica A.H. Mistry | Joseph Haklani | Peter W. French
The Dragon and the Tiger: Realties in the Control of Tuberculosis

Author(s): P. Bhatter | A. Chatterjee | N. Mistry
Genetic analysis of CRHRA1 and CRHRA2 microsatellites and their association with rheumatoid arthritis in South Asian and Caucasian populations of the East Midlands, UK.

Author(s): Anant Ghelani | Sophia Steer | Sheila Fisher | Baneeta Mistry | Leslie Goh | Adrian Jones | Ash Samanta | Sarabjit Mastana
Pausa para tu Salud: Reduction of Weight and Waistlines by Integrating Exercise Breaks into Workplace Organizational Routine

Author(s): Agustin Lara, MD, SPH | Antronette K. Yancey, MD, MPH | Roberto Tapia-Conyer, MD, MPH, MSc, DrSc | Yvonne Flores, PhD | Pablo Kuri-Morales, MD, MSc, SPH | Ritesh Mistry, PhD | Elena Subirats, MPH | William J. McCarthy, PhD
Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Coatings Based on Epoxy Novolac and Liquid Rubber Blend

Author(s): Hemant Kumar | S. K. Tripathi | Sukhen Mistry | Ganeshdatt Bajpai
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Newer Quinazolinones

Author(s): J. A. Patel | B. D. Mistry | K. R. Desai

Author(s): Melanie Joannides | Ashley N Mays | Anita R Mistry | Syed Khizer Hasan | Andreas Reiter | Joseph L Wiemels | Carolyn A Felix | Francesco Lo-Coco | Neil Osheroff | Ellen Solomon | David Grimwade
Chest X-rays and associated clinical parameters in pulmonary Tubercolosis cases from the National Tubercolosis Program, Mumbai, India

Author(s): Yatin N. Dholakia | Desiree T.B. D'souza | Monica P. Tolani | Anirvan Chatterjee | Nerges F. Mistry
The Importance of Antioxidant Micronutrients in Pregnancy

Author(s): Hiten D. Mistry | Paula J. Williams
Reducing selection bias in case-control studies from rare disease registries

Author(s): Cole J Alexander | Taylor John | Hangartner Thomas | Weinreb Neal | Mistry Pramod | Khan Aneal
Entropy Generation Analysis of Desalination Technologies

Author(s): Karan H. Mistry | Ronan K. McGovern | Gregory P. Thiel | Edward K. Summers | Syed M. Zubair | John H. Lienhard V
Recommendations to improve physical activity among teenagers- A qualitative study with ethnic minority and European teenagers

Author(s): Brophy Sinead | Crowley Annie | Mistry Rupal | Hill Rebecca | Choudhury Sopna | Thomas Non | Rapport Frances
The Beta Agonist Lung Injury TrIal (BALTI) - prevention trial protocol

Author(s): Perkins Gavin | Park Daniel | Alderson Derek | Cooke Matthew | Gao Fang | Gates Simon | Lamb Sarah | Mistry Dipesh | Thickett David
Impact of proton pump inhibitors on efficacy of clopidogrel: Review of evidence

Author(s): Mistry Suresh | Trivedi Hiren | Parmar Dinesh | Dalvi Prashant | Jiyo Chacko
Stillbirth in a Tertiary Care Referral Hospital in North Bengal - A Review of Causes, Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies

Author(s): Shritanu Bhattacharya, | Gautam Mukhopadhyay, | Pallab Kumar Mistry, | Shyamapada Pati, | Shyama Prasad Saha,
Surgical Management of Atresia Ani in a cow calf

Author(s): D.N. Suthar | S.R. Chaudhary | P.B. Patel | J.N. Mistry | J.B. Patel and S.S.Nerurkar
Fifth legged pygomelia in a cross bred cow calf

Author(s): J.N. Mistry | P.B. Patel | D.N. Suthar and J.B. Patel
Microwave-assisted synthesis of an important intermediate of benazepril

Author(s): Mistry B | Medhane Dipti | Mohanraj Krishnapriya | Ghone Sanjeevani
Pattern of Antigen Recognition by Anti-citrullinated Peptide Antibodies in Undifferentiated Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author(s): Sudha S. Deo | Arun R. Chogle | Kejal J. Mistry | Rashmi R. Shetty | Sanjay B. Londhe
MMSSEC Algorithm for securing MMS

Author(s): Priyanka Sharma | Mijal Mistry
Surgery for solitary brain metastasis in non-small cell lung cancer.

Author(s): Patel A | Mistry R | Vengsarkar U | Pradhan S
Undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver in childhood.

Author(s): Mistry R | Deshpande R | Chinoy R | Sampat M | Desai P
Primary germ cell tumours of the mediastinum.

Author(s): Albuquerque K | Mistry R | Deshpande R | Desai P
PEComa of the lung

Author(s): Vijayabhaskar R | Mehta Sanket | Deodhar Kedar | Pramesh C | Mistry Rajesh
Fatal non-occlusive mesenteric ischemia after esophagectomy

Author(s): Qureshi Sajid | Neve Rakesh | Raina Sudip | Mistry Rajesh
Role played by Th2 type cytokines in IgE mediated allergy and asthma

Author(s): Deo Sudha | Mistry Kejal | Kakade Amol | Niphadkar Pramod
Improving AODV Protocol against Blackhole Attacks

Author(s): Nital Mistry | Devesh C Jinwala | Mukesh Zaveri
Characterization of a Test for Invasive Breast Cancer Using X-ray Diffraction of Hair - Results of a Clinical Trial

Author(s): Gary L. Corino | Peter W. French | Myungae Lee | Mariam M. Ajaj | Joseph Haklani | Dharmica A.H. Mistry | Kevin Phan | Phillip G. Yuile
Risk factors for childhood obesity at age 5: Analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study

Author(s): Brophy Sinead | Cooksey Roxanne | Gravenor Michael | Mistry Rupal | Thomas Non | Lyons Ronan | Williams Rhys
Novel cost-effective method of laparoscopic feeding-jejunostomy

Author(s): Mistry Rajesh | Mehta Sanket | Karimundackal George | Pramesh C
The effects of a starch based carbohydrate alone or in combination with whey protein on a subsequent bout of exercise performance – preliminary findings

Author(s): La Bounty Paul | Cooke Matt | Campbell Bill | Vanta Josh | Mistry Haleigh | Greenwood Mike | Lutz Rafer | Willoughby Darryn
IL-13 expression by blood T cells and not eosinophils is increased in asthma compared to non-asthmatic eosinophilic bronchitis

Author(s): Siddiqui Salman | Cruse Glenn | Mckenna Susan | Monteiro William | Mistry Vijay | Wardlaw Andrew | Brightling Christopher
High levels of multidrug resistant tuberculosis in new and treatment-failure patients from the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme in an urban metropolis (Mumbai) in Western India

Author(s): D'souza Desiree | Mistry Nerges | Vira Tina | Dholakia Yatin | Hoffner Sven | Pasvol Geoffrey | Nicol Mark | Wilkinson Robert
Giant Cystadenoma of Prostate

Author(s): Ajit J Thomas | Yogesh Mistry | Ganesh Gopalakrishnan
Electronic Tongue:A Review

Author(s): P. D. Chaudhari | Dr. P. K. Sharma | Nilesh S Barhate | Mrs. S. P. Chaudhari | Mr. A.P. Chaudhari | Chetan J Mistry
Biological Screening Procedures For Anti-Diabetic Drugs

Author(s): Sunil Mistry | Radheshyam Patidar | Vivek Vyas | Amber Vyas | Dr.S.C. Mahajan | Dr.K.R.Dutt
Leiomyosarcoma of the maxilla as second malignancy in retinoblastoma

Author(s): Qureshi S | Mistry R | Natrajan G | Gujral S | Laskar S | Banavali S
Implications of computer tomography measurement in the management of renal tumours

Author(s): Mistry Rahul | Manikandan Ramaswamy | Williams Penny | Philip Joe | Littler Peter | Foster Christopher | Parsons Keith
The development and deployment of Common Data Elements for tissue banks for translational research in cancer – An emerging standard based approach for the Mesothelioma Virtual Tissue Bank

Author(s): Mohanty Sambit | Mistry Amita | Amin Waqas | Parwani Anil | Pople Andrew | Schmandt Linda | Winters Sharon | Milliken Erin | Kim Paula | Whelan Nancy | Farhat Ghada | Melamed Jonathan | Taioli Emanuela | Dhir Rajiv | Pass Harvey | Becich Michael
Predicting active site residue annotations in the Pfam database

Author(s): Mistry Jaina | Bateman Alex | Finn Robert
Colourful dermatology

Author(s): Mistry Mahesh
Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma: A single institution study

Author(s): Mistry Rajesh | Qureshi Sajid | Gupta Shaikat | Gupta Sameer
Lobular adenocarcinoma of the breast metastatic to the mandible

Author(s): Qureshi S | Navadgi S | Shet T | Mistry Rajesh
Role of proteins and cholesterol in human senile cataractogenesis

Author(s): Yadav Savita | Mistry K | Rawai U
Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma: A single institution study

Author(s): Mistry Rajesh | Qureshi Sajid | Gupta Shaikat | Gupta Sameer
Plasma fibrinogen levels in stroke.

Author(s): Mistry P | Chawla K | Rai H | Jaiswal P
Colloidal bismuth subcitrate in non-ulcer dyspepsia.

Author(s): Khanna M | Abraham P | Nair N | Mistry F | Vora I
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