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Poultry By-Product Meal as a Feed Supplement in Mid-Lactation Dairy Cows

Author(s): J.J. Alvarez Gonzalez | J.R. Orozco Hernandez | O. Orozco Ibarra | J.J. Uribe Gomez | V.O. Fuentes
Use of Phytase in Canola-Based Diets and the Digestibility of Adult German Shepherder

Author(s): A. Hernandez Anaya | J.R. Orozco Hernandez | J.J. Uribe Gomez | J. Padilla Munoz | V.O. Fuentes | I.J. Ruiz Garcia
The Effect of Lorazepam on the Horse

Author(s): V.O. Fuentes | M.L. Fuentes-Castro | P.I. Fuentes-Castro
Production Unit on the Highlands of Mexico. An Informative Note

Author(s): M.A. Blanco | O.C. Gutierrez | V.O. Fuentes
The Effect of High and Low Doses of Naloxone on Estrous Display and Ovulation Rate in Creole Ewes During the Mating Season

Author(s): V.O. Fuentes | A. Bernal-Canseco | M.L. Fuentes-Castro | V.M. Sanchez-Parra
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