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Frequency-dependent anti arrhythmic effects if Crataegus monogyna on extracellular field potential recording in experimental model of AF atrioventricular Node of rabbit.

Author(s): Vahid Khori | Mohammad Azadbakht | Mohsen Nayebpour | Amirhosean Jamshidi | Mona Pourabouk | Alimohammad Alizadeh | Fakhri Badaghabadi | Shima Changizi | Maryam Rajaei
Dynamic age-related changes of extracellular field potential of isolated AV-node of rabbit

Author(s): Vahid Khori | Alimohammad Alizadeh | Mahsa Niknam | Hamid Reza Moheimani | Hamid Yazdi | Mona Pourabouk | Fakhri Badaghabadi | Shima Changizi | Mryam Rajaei | Mohsen Nayebpour
Protective role of cyclosporine on the model simulated the rotational nodal arrhythmia (AVNRT) by using extracellular field potential recordings of isolated atrioventricular-node of rabbit

Author(s): Vahid Khori | Sepideh Shariatnejad | Alimohammad Alizadeh | Hamidreza Yazdi | Mona Pourabouk | Fakhri Badaghabadi | Hamid Reza Moheimani | Shima Changizi | Maryam Rajee | Mohsen Nayebpour
Role of nitric oxide on the electrophysiological properties of isolated rabbit atrioventricular node by extracellular field potential during atrial fibrillation

Author(s): Vahid Khori | Alimohammad Alizadeh | Ameneh Navaiyan | Mohsen Nayebpour | Mona Porabouk | Fakhri Badaghabadi | Shima Changizi | Maryam Rajaei | Hamidreza Moheimani | Hamidreza Yazdi
Role of Histaminegic and calcium channels in the inhibitory effects of hydroalcoholic extract of Matricaria recutita L. on isolated rabbit jejunum

Author(s): masoomeh mazandarani | fatemeh hoseini | akhtar seifi | hooman bayat | mona pourabouk | fakhri badaghabadi | maryam rajaei | Hamidreza Moheimani | vahid khori
Effect of pre-treatment with oxytocin on cardiac enzymes in regional ischemiareperfusion injury induced in the rat heart

Author(s): Ali Mohammad Alizadeh | Mahdieh Faghihi | Vahid Khori | Maryam Mohsenikia
Acute direct effects of cyclosporine on extracellular field potential of isolated rabbit AV node during experimental atrial fibrillation

Author(s): Vahid Khori | Samaneh Naeimipour | Alimohammad Alizadeh | Ali Haeri Rouhani | Mona Pourabouk | Fakhri Badaghabadi | Maryam Rajaei | Sepideh Shariatnezhad | Hamidreza Moheimani | Saeed Saleki | Mohammad Ali Zeyghami | Mohsen Nayebpour
Frequency-dependent electrophysiological properties of concealed slow pathway of isolated rabbit atrioventricular node preparation after fast pathway ablation in a functional model

Author(s): vahid khori | samaneh Naeimipour | Ali-Mohammad alizadeh | mona pourabouk | fakhri Badaghabadi | maryah Rajaei | sepideh Shariatnezhad | hamidreza Moheimani | saeed saleki | mohammadali Zeyghami | mohsen Nayebpour
A novel isolated dual perfusion/superfusion heart model for physiological and pharmacological evaluation of mammalian heart preparations

Author(s): Mohsen Nasri | Ali Mohammad Alizadeh | Vahid Khori | Sohrab Hajizadeh | Saeed Khodayari
Preconditioning effects of oxytocin in reducing cardiac arrhythmias in a rat heart regional ischemia-reperfusion model

Author(s): Mahdih Faghihi | Ali Mohammad Alizadeh | Vahid Khori | Vahid Khodayari | Saeed Moradi
Modulation of extracellular atrioventricular node field potential pattern and ventricular rhythm by morphine in experimental atrial fibrillation in isolated rabbit heart

Author(s): Vahid Khori | Ali Mohammad Alizadeh | Bagher Nikyar | Ardeshir Banikarimi | Fakhri Badaghabadi | Ahmad Soltani | Mohsen Nayebpour
New manifestations of electrophysiological remodeling of heart during experimental model of atrial fibrillation in cirrhotic rat isolated heart

Author(s): Vahid Khori | Ali mohammad Alizadeh | Hamidreza Moheimani | Delaram Shakiba | Soroosh Soroosh Aminolsharieh Najafi | Shahryar Alizadeh | Taghi Amiriyani | Ardeshir Banikarimi | Mahdi Zahedi | Mohamad hadi Molseghi | Ahmadreza Dehpour
Studies on the Cytotoxic Activities of Punica granatum L. var. spinosa (Apple Punice) Extract on Prostate Cell Line by Induction of Apoptosis

Author(s): Koushan Sineh Sepehr | Behzad Baradaran | Masoumeh Mazandarani | Vahid Khori | Fatemeh Zare Shahneh
Impact of Fumonisin B1 on the Production of Inflammatory Cytokines by Gastric and Colon Cell Lines

Author(s): Majid Mahmoodi | Ali Mohammad Alizadeh | Hamid Sohanaki | Nima Rezaei | Fatemeh Amini-Najafi | Ali Reza Khosravi | Sayed-Kazem Hosseini | Zahra Safari | Daryoush Hydarnasab | Vahid Khori
Effect of Achillea Santolina on Mice Spermatogenesis

Author(s): Mohammad.Jafar.Golalipour | Vahid Khori | Ramin.Azarhoush | Mohsen Nayebpour | Mohammad Azadbakh
Chronic Effect of the Hydroalcholic Extract of Urtica dioica Leaves on Regeneration of ß-cells of Hyperglycemic Rats

Author(s): Mohammad Jafar Golalipour | Vahid Khori | Soraya Ghafari | Anneh Mohammad Gharravi
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