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Resistance to antimicrobials drugs and control measures of Salmonella spp in the poultry industry

Author(s): Velhner Maja | Potkonjak Dubravka | Stojanović Dragica | Mitevski Darko | Stojanov Igor | Petrović Jelena
Mechanisms of quinolone resistance and implications for human and animal health

Author(s): Velhner Maja | Kozoderović Gordana | Jelesić Zora | Stojanov Igor | Ratajac Radomir | Stojanović Dragica
Molecular diagnostics of Avian influenza virus

Author(s): Petrović Tamaš | Lazić Sava | Kapetanov Miloš | Velhner Maja
Determination of specific antibodies titre to salmonella enteritidis by elisa technique in several selected flocks of laying hens

Author(s): Velhner Maja | Orlić Dušan B. | Potkonjak Dubravka | Kapetanov Miloš | Lazić Sava
Most frequent calf diseases in industrial breeding

Author(s): Lazić Sava | Petrović Tamaš | Pušić Ivan | Velhner Maja
Occurrence of infectious laringotracheitis on farms in Vojvodina

Author(s): Orlić Dušan B. | Kapetanov Miloš | Kovačević Mira | Velhner Maja | Stojanović Dragica
Viral vaccines and their mode of action

Author(s): Velhner Maja | Petrović Tamara | Savić-Jevđenić Sara | Lazić Sava
Biochemical parameters in rats with an applied model of sepsis (cecal ligation and puncture) with pure and mixed bacterial culture

Author(s): Stojanović Dragica | Velhner Maja | Stojanov I. | Petrović Jelena | Ašanin Jelena | Kovačević Zorana
Presence of Campylobacter spp. in nature

Author(s): Stojanov Igor M. | Velhner Maja J. | Orlić Dušan B.
Morphological and immunohistochemical examination of tumor cells in Marek’s disease

Author(s): Pejović N. | Velhner Maja | Polaček V. | Aleksić-Kovačević Sanja | Marinković D. | Knežević Milijana
Salmonella enteritidis isolation from broiler chickens infected with low doses

Author(s): Velhner Maja | Stojanov I. | Potkonjak Dubravka | Kapetanov M. | Orlić Dušan | Rašić Z.
Clinical and serological examination of a parental flock latently infected with chicken anemia virus

Author(s): Kapetanov Miloš | Orlić Dušan B. | Velhner Maja | Košarčić Slavica | Lazić Sava
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