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Identification of viruses in Acute Lower Respiratory Infections (ALRI) in Lao People's Democratic Republic

Author(s): Sentilhes Anne-Charlotte | Xaysitthideth Vimatha | Rith Sareth | Ongkhamme Somvay | Sisouk Thongchanh | Phonekeo Darouny | Bernatas Jean-Jacques | Deubel Vincent | Buchy Philippe | Brey Paul | Vongphrachanh Phengta
Variation of dengue NS1 antigen measured by commercial ELISA kit in various forms of dengue infections and assessment of the association between NS1 antigen level and disease severity

Author(s): Duong Veasna | Ly Sowath | Ong Sivuth | Chroeung Norith | Try Patrich | Deubel Vincent | Vong Sirenda | Buchy Philippe
Molecular monitoring of causative viruses in child acute respiratory infection in endemo-epidemic situations in Shanghai

Author(s): Wang Wei | Cavailler Philippe | Ren Peijun | Zhang Jing | Dong Wei | Yan Huajie | Mardy Sek | Cailhol Johann | Buchy Philippe | Sheng Jun | Fontanet Arnaud | Deubel Vincent
Expression and characterization of recombinant Japanese encephalitis virus NS1 protein in Drosophila S2 cell

Author(s): Li Yize | Flamand Marie | Counor Dorian | Kieffer Nelly | Rey Felix | Deubel Vincent
Shedding of the Pandemic Swine-Origin Influenza A Virus (H1N1) after Oseltamivir Administration

Author(s): Leiyun Weng | Qiang Wang | Wei Wang | Peijun Ren | Vincent Deubel | Tetsuya Toyoda
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