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Functional hearing results in patients with otosclerosis before and after stapedotomy

Author(s): Dankuc Dragan | Pejaković Nemanja | Komazec Zoran | Vlaški Ljiljana
Functional hearing examinations in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus type 1 in regard to disease duration

Author(s): Pudar Goran | Vlaški Ljiljana | Filipović Danka | Tanackov Ilija
Esophageal foreign bodies: Retrospective study in 203 cases

Author(s): Pudar Goran | Vlaški Ljiljana
Cochlear implantation at the ear, nose and throat clinic of the Clinical center of Vojvodina

Author(s): Komazec Zoran | Dankuc Dragan | Vlaški Ljiljana | Lemajić-Komazec Slobodanka | Nedeljkov Spomenka | Sokolovac Ivana
The role of current audiological tests in the early diagnosis of hearing impairment in children

Author(s): Lemajić-Komazec Slobodanka | Komazec Zoran | Vlaški Ljiljana
Audiologic diagnostics of vestibular schwannoma

Author(s): Komazec Zoran | Lemajić Slobodanka N. | Vlaški Ljiljana
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