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Increase in medical knowledge during the final year of undergraduate medical education in Germany [Wissenszuwachs im Praktischen Jahr des Medizinstudiums in Deutschland]

Author(s): Raupach, Tobias | Vogel, Daniela | Schiekirka, Sarah | Keijsers, Carolina | Ten Cate, Olle | Harendza, Sigrid
Stented Vessels: A Challenge for Histological Preparation and Microscopy

Author(s): Andrea Nolte | Theresa Braun | Sven Zur Oven Krockhaus | Adelheid Munz | Ulrich Vogel | Christian Schlensak | Hans Wendel | Tobias Walker
Assessment of heterogeneity between European Populations: a Baltic and Danish replication case-control study of SNPs from a recent European ulcerative colitis genome wide association study

Author(s): Andersen Vibeke | Ernst Anja | Sventoraityte Jurgita | Kupcinskas Limas | Jacobsen Bent | Krarup Henrik | Vogel Ulla | Jonaitis Laimas | Denapiene Goda | Kiudelis Gediminas | Balschun Tobias | Franke Andre
Contingency inferences driven by base rates: Valid by sampling

Author(s): Florian Kutzner | Tobias Vogel | Peter Freytag | Klaus Fiedler
No influence of the polymorphisms CYP2C19 and CYP2D6 on the efficacy of cyclophosphamide, thalidomide, and bortezomib in patients with Multiple Myeloma

Author(s): Vangsted Annette | S√łeby Karen | Klausen Tobias | Abildgaard Niels | Andersen Niels | Gimsing Peter | Gregersen Henrik | Vogel Ulla | Werge Thomas | Rasmussen Henrik
A rare differential diagnosis to occupational neck pain: bilateral stylohyoid syndrome

Author(s): Kirchhoff Gertrud | Kirchhoff Chlodwig | Buhmann Sonja | Kanz Karl-Georg | Lenz Miriam | Vogel Tobias | Kichhoff Rainer
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