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Improvement of Circadian Rhythm of Heart Rate Variability by Eurythmy Therapy Training

Author(s): Georg Seifert | Jenny-Lena Kanitz | Kim Pretzer | Günter Henze | Katharina Witt | Sina Reulecke | Andreas Voss
A new journal and new global perspective on infection control and public health

Author(s): Voss Andreas | Kluytmans Jan | Pittet Didier
USA300 Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Cuba

Author(s): Hopman Joost | Peraza Gilda | Espinosa Fidel | Klaassen Corné H | Velázquez Dayneris | Meis Jacques F | Voss Andreas
Priority actions to fight antibiotic resistance: results of an international meeting

Author(s): Jarlier Vincent | Carlet Jean | McGowan John | Goossens Herman | Voss Andreas | Harbarth Stephan | Pittet Didier
Ready for a world without antibiotics? The Pensières Antibiotic Resistance Call to Action

Author(s): Carlet Jean | Jarlier Vincent | Harbarth Stephan | Voss Andreas | Goossens Herman | Pittet Didier
Reading Competencies of Fourth-Grade Students: Comparing Print and Hypertext Literacies

Author(s): Andreas Voss | Inge Blatt | Wilfried Bos | Martin Goy | Lena Kraska | Michael Pfeifer
Electrocardiologic and related methods of non-invasive detection and risk stratification in myocardial ischemia: state of the art and perspectives

Author(s): Huebner, Thomas | Goernig, Matthias | Schuepbach, Michael | Sanz, Ernst | Pilgram, Roland | Seeck, Andrea | Voss, Andreas
Quantification of compensatory processes of postnatal hypoxia in newborn piglets applying short-term nonlinear dynamics analysis

Author(s): Schulz Steffen | Reulecke Sina | Eiselt Michael | Schwab Karin | Witte Herbert | Walter Bernd | Bauer Reinhard | Voss Andreas
Sensitivity of temporal heart rate variability in Poincaré plot to changes in parasympathetic nervous system activity

Author(s): Karmakar Chandan | Khandoker Ahsan | Voss Andreas | Palaniswami Marimuthu
Multivariate Data Analysis with TMVA

Author(s): Hoecker Andreas | Voss Helge
The influence of negative mood on heart rate complexity measures and baroreflex sensitivity in healthy subjects

Author(s): Kobele Ralf | Koschke Mandy | Schulz Steffen | Wagner Gerd | Yeragani Shravya | Ramachandraiah Chaitra | Voss Andreas | Yeragani Vikram | Bar Karl-Jurgen
2035 Immunohistological basis for late gadolinium enhancement phenomenon in tako tsubo cardiomyopathy on cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging

Author(s): Rolf Andreas | Nef Holger | Moellmann Helge | Kostin Sawa | Troidl Christian | Voss Sandra | Rixe Johannes | Conradi Guido | Weber Michael | Elsaesser Albrecht | Hamm Christian | Dill Thorsten
A multi-center blinded study on the efficiency of phenotypic screening methods to detect glycopeptide intermediately susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (GISA) and heterogeneous GISA (h-GISA)

Author(s): Voss Andreas | Mouton Johan | van Elzakker Erika | Hendrix Ron | Goessens Wil | Kluytmans Jan | Krabbe Paul | de Neeling Han | Sloos Jacobus | Oztoprak Nefise | Howe Robin | Walsh Timothy
Community-acquired MRSA and pig-farming

Author(s): Huijsdens Xander | van Dijke Beatrix | Spalburg Emile | van Santen-Verheuvel Marga | Heck Max | Pluister Gerlinde | Voss Andreas | Wannet Wim | de Neeling Albert
Ventilator associated pneumonia and infection control

Author(s): Alp Emine | Voss Andreas
Incidence, risk factors and mortality of nosocomial pneumonia in Intensive Care Units: A prospective study

Author(s): Alp Emine | Güven Muhammet | Yıldız Orhan | Aygen Bilgehan | Voss Andreas | Doganay Mehmet
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