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Modulation of Vascular Cell Function by Bim Expression

Author(s): Margaret E. Morrison | Tammy L. Palenski | Nasim Jamali | Nader Sheibani | Christine M. Sorenson
A Classification Framework for Running Adaptive Management Rapids

Author(s): Melinda Harm Benson | Ryan R. Morrison | Mark C. Stone
Point Topography and Within-Session Learning Are Important Predictors of Pet Dogs’ (Canis lupus familiaris) Performance on Human Guided Tasks

Author(s): Udell, Monique A.R. | Hall, Nathaniel J. | Morrison, James | Dorey, Nicole R. | Wynne, Clive D.L.
Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis and Susceptibility to HPV

Author(s): Tejas Patel | L. Katie Morrison | Peter Rady | Stephen Tyring
Cancer Genetics Services in Europe

Author(s): S. Hodgson | B. Milner | I. Brown | G. Bevilacqua | J. Chang-Claude | D. Eccles | G. Evans | H. Gregory | P. Møller | P. Morrison | M. Steel | D. Stoppa-Lyonnet | H. Vasen | N. Haites
Current Policies for Surveillance and Management in Women at Risk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer: A Survey among 16 European Family Cancer Clinics

Author(s): H. F. A. Vasen | N. E. Haites | D. G. R. Evans | C. M. Steel | P. Møller | S. Hodgson | D. Eccles | P. Morrison | D. Stoppa-Lyonnet | J. Chang-Claude | M. Caligo | European Familial Breast Cancer Collaborative Group
Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Predisposition in 1999: Which Molecular Strategy and which Family Criteria?

Author(s): D. Stoppa-Lyonnet | M. Caligo | D. Eccles | D. G. R. Evans | N. E. Haites | N. S. Hodgson | P. Møller | P. J. Morrison | C. M. Steel | H. F. A. Vasen | J. Chang-Claude
Cancer Genetics Services in Northern Ireland

Author(s): P. J. Morrison | N. C. Nevin
Utilisation of Prophylactic Mastectomy in 10 European Centres

Author(s): D. G. R. Evans | E. Anderson | F. Lalloo | H. Vasen | M. Beckmann | D. Eccles | S. Hodgson | P. Møller | J. Chang-Claude | P. Morrison | D. Stoppa-Lyonnet | M. Steel | N. Haites
Ethical, Social and Economic Issues in Familial Breast Cancer: A Compilation of Views from the E.C. Biomed II Demonstration Project

Author(s): Michael Steel | Elizabeth Smyth | Hans Vasen | Diana Eccles | Gareth Evans | Pål Møller | Shirley Hodgson | Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet | Jenny Chang-Claude | Maria Caligo | Patrick Morrison | Neva Haites
Insurance Implications for Individuals with a High Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Europe

Author(s): P. J. Morrison | C. M. Steel | H. F. A. Vasen | D. Eccles | D. G. R. Evans | P. Møller | S. Hodgson | D. Stoppa-Lyonnet | J. Chang-Claude | M. Caligo | E. Olah | N. E. Haites | N. C. Nevin
Guidelines for Follow-Up of Women at High Risk for Inherited Breast Cancer: Consensus Statement from the Biomed 2 Demonstration Programme on Inherited Breast Cancer

Author(s): P. Møller | G. Evans | N. Haites | H. Vasen | M. M. Reis | E. Anderson | J. Apold | S. Hodgson | D. Eccles | H. Olsson | D. Stoppa-Lyonnet | J. Chang-Claude | P. J. Morrison | G. Bevilacqua | K. Heimdal | L. Mæhle | F. Lalloo | H. Gregory | P. Preece | Å. Borg | N. C. Nevin | M. Caligo | C. M. Steel
Google+ v Facebook: The Comparison

Author(s): Kevin Curran | Scott Morrison | Stephen Mc Cauley
Expectations for the United Nations high-level meeting on noncommunicable diseases

Author(s): Devi Sridhar | J Stephen Morrison | Peter Piot
Exclusive breastfeeding is best in all cases

Author(s): Marian Tompson | Judy LeVan Fram | Andrea Eastman | Valerie W. McClain | Pamela Morrison

Development of a Regional Nursing Research Partnership for Academic and Practice Collaborations

Author(s): Heather L. Tubbs-Cooley | Donna S. Martsolf | Rita H. Pickler | Caroline F. Morrison | Cassie E. Wardlaw
Medical Center Farmers Markets: A Strategic Partner in the Patient-Centered Medical Home

Author(s): Daniel R. George, PhD, MSc | Liza S. Rovniak, PhD, MPH | Jennifer L. Kraschnewski, MD, MPH | Kathy J. Morrison, MSN, RN, CNRN | Judith F. Dillon, MSN, MA, RN | Beth Y. Bates, RN, ND
Dynamic Downscaling of the Impact of Climate Change on the Ocean Circulation in the Galápagos Archipelago

Author(s): Yanyun Liu | Lian Xie | John M. Morrison | Daniel Kamykowski
Microphysical process rates and global aerosol-cloud interactions

Author(s): A. Gettelman | H. Morrison | C. R. Terai | R. Wood
Effect of Yoga and Traditional Physical Exercise on Hormones and Percentage Insulin Binding Receptor in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Author(s): Lorenzo Gordon | Errol Y. Morrison | Donovan McGrowder | Yeiny F. Penas | Eslaen M. Zamoraz | David Garwood | Ruby Alexander-Lindo | Rachael Irving
Designing performativity for mixed reality installations Designing performativity for mixed reality installations

Author(s): Andrew Morrison | Alex Davies | Geska Brečević | Idunn Sem | Tim Boykett | Robert Brečević
Expression profiling of putative type 2 diabetes susceptibility genes in human islets and in rat beta cell lines

Author(s): Faer Morrison | Jonathan Locke | Anna Murray | Lorna W. Harries
Assessment and Selection of Materials for Melbourne City Council House 2

Author(s): Dominique Hes | Andrew Morrison | Margret Bates
The Evidence Regarding Maintenance Tocolysis

Author(s): John P. Elliott | John C. Morrison
Improved Outcome of Severe Acute Pancreatitis in the Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Polychronis Pavlidis | Siobhan Crichton | Joanna Lemmich Smith | David Morrison | Simon Atkinson | Duncan Wyncoll | Marlies Ostermann
Basic Experimental and Clinical Advances in the Mechanisms Underlying Abnormal Pregnancy Outcomes

Author(s): Timothy R. H. Regnault | Mark J. Nijland | Helen Budge | Janna L. Morrison
Review: From disgust to humanity--sexual orientation and constitutional law

Author(s): Alba Izado Leon Hernandez | Laura Morrison
Conference Report

Author(s): Sofie Dreef | Laura Morrison
Chemokine Ligand 5 (CCL5) and chemokine receptor (CCR5) genetic variants and prostate cancer risk among men of African Descent: a case-control study

Author(s): Kidd LaCreis R | Jones Dominique Z | Rogers Erica N | Kidd Nayla C | Beache Sydney | Rudd James E | Ragin Camille | Jackson Maria | McFarlane-Anderson Norma | Tulloch-Reid Marshall | Morrison Seian | Brock Guy N | Barve Shirish S | Kimbro Kevin S
Reliability of three foot models to examine paediatric gait

Author(s): Mahaffey Ryan | Morrison Stewart | Drechsler Wendy | Cramp Mary
The reliability of plantar pressure assessment during barefoot level walking in children aged 7-11 years

Author(s): Cousins Stephen D | Morrison Stewart C | Drechsler Wendy I
Population genetic structure of Ascaridia galli re-emerging in non-caged laying hens

Author(s): Höglund Johan | Morrison David A | Engström Annie | Nejsum Peter | Jansson Désirée S
Copy number variation in the Framingham Heart Study

Author(s): Shtir Corina | Pique-Regi Roger | Siegmund Kim | Morrison John | Schumacher Fredrick | Marjoram Paul
Google+ v Facebook: The Comparison

Author(s): Kevin Curran | Scott Morrison | Stephen Mc Cauley
Violencia, crimen y desarrollo social en América Latina y el Caribe

Author(s): Mayra Buvinic | Andrew Morrison | María Beatriz Orlando
Cosmological Surveys with the Spitzer Space Telescope

Author(s): P. G. Pu00E9rez-Gonzu00E1lez | G. H. Rieke | E. Le Floch | C. Papovich | J. S. Huang | P. Barmby | H. Dole | E. Egami | A. Alonso-Herrero | J. R. Rigby | L. Bei | M. Blaylock | C. W. Engelbracht | G. G. Fazio | K. D. Gordon | K. A. Misselt | J. E. Morrison | J. Muzerolle | M. J. Rieke | S. P. Willner | E. T. Young
Type-specific prevalence of human papillomavirus in women screened for cervical cancer in Labrador, Canada

Author(s): Alberto Severini | Ying Jiang | Paul Brassard | Howard Morrison | Alain A. Demers | Elizabeth Oguntuase | Muna Al-Rushdi | Felicia Preston | Samuel Ratnam | Yang Mao
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Novel Therapeutic Strategies

Author(s): Brett Morrison | Kenneth Hensley | Erik P. Pioro | Susanne Petri | Mahmoud Kiaei
Haemopoiesis and its regulation at various stages of haemopoietic cell differentiation of bone marrow

Author(s): Chesnokova N.P. | Morrison V.V. | Ponukalina Е.V. | Zhevak Т.N. | Afanasieva G.A. | Polutova N.V. | Newazhay Т.A.
Epidemiology of falls and osteoporotic fractures: a systematic review

Author(s): Morrison A | Fan T | Sen SS | Weisenfluh L
Antenatal Steroids and the IUGR Fetus: Are Exposure and Physiological Effects on the Lung and Cardiovascular System the Same as in Normally Grown Fetuses?

Author(s): Janna L. Morrison | Kimberley J. Botting | Poh Seng Soo | Erin V. McGillick | Jennifer Hiscock | Song Zhang | I. Caroline McMillen | Sandra Orgeig
Anglicismos y aculturación en la sociedad chilena (English loanwords: acculturation in chilean society)

Author(s): Constanza Gerding Salas | Mary Fuentes Morrison | Gabriela Kotz Grabole
The evaluation of blood fow in the face skin by LDF method

Author(s): Davydova A.V. | Morrison A.V. | Utz S.R. | Meglinski I.V. | Lychagov V.V.
2,4,6-Trinitrophenyl benzoate

Author(s): Rodolfo Moreno-Fuquen | Fabricio Mosquera | Alan R. Kennedy | Catriona A. Morrison | Regina H. De Almeida Santos
Cytoprotective effect of cytoflavinum in the treatment of thermal injuries of various severity levels

Author(s): Alexey J. Bozhedomov | Vitaliy V. Morrison | Nataliya M. Shulayeva | Victoria V. Nikitina | Inna L. Ivanenko
Impact of natural and anthropogenic aerosols on stratocumulus and precipitation in the Southeast Pacific: a regional modelling study using WRF-Chem

Author(s): Q. Yang | W. I. Gustafson Jr. | J. D. Fast | H. Wang | R. C. Easter | M. Wang | S. J. Ghan | L. K. Berg | L. R. Leung | H. Morrison
1-Benzylpiperidin-4-one O-(2-bromobenzyl)oxime

Author(s): Rodolfo Moreno-Fuquen | Alix E. Loaiza | John Diaz-Velandia | Alan R. Kennedy | Catriona A. Morrison
Robertsite, Ca2MnIII3O2(PO4)3·3H2O

Author(s): Marcelo B. Andrade | Shaunna M. Morrison | Adrien J. Di Domizio | Mark N. Feinglos | Robert T. Downs
Activating Boxmind: an evaluation of a Web-based video lecture with synchronized activities

Author(s): Richard Joiner | Catherine Durkin | Derek Morrison | Lisa Williams
Nioboaeschynite-(Ce), Ce(NbTi)O6

Author(s): Shaunna M. Morrison | Robert T. Downs | Kenneth J. Domanik | Hexiong Yang | Donald Doell
Impact of natural and anthropogenic aerosols on stratocumulus and precipitation in the Southeast Pacific: a regional modelling study using WRF-Chem

Author(s): Q. Yang | W. I. Gustafson Jr. | J. D. Fast | H. Wang | R. C. Easter | M. Wang | S. J. Ghan | L. K. Berg | L. R. Leung | H. Morrison
Toward a minimal representation of aerosols in climate models: description and evaluation in the Community Atmosphere Model CAM5

Author(s): X. Liu | R. C. Easter | S. J. Ghan | R. Zaveri | P. Rasch | X. Shi | J.-F. Lamarque | A. Gettelman | H. Morrison | F. Vitt | A. Conley | S. Park | R. Neale | C. Hannay | A. M. L. Ekman | P. Hess | N. Mahowald | W. Collins | M. J. Iacono | C. S. Bretherton | M. G. Flanner | D. Mitchell
Activating Boxmind: an evaluation of a Web-based video lecture with synchronized activities

Author(s): Richard Joiner | Catherine Durkin | Derek Morrison | Lisa Williams
Structure and function of pedal neurons controlling muscle contractions in Tritonia diomedea

Author(s): Reakweeda Zazay | Josh Morrison | Roger Redondo | James Alan Murray
Cytoprotective effect of cytoflavinum at treatment of thermal injury of various severity level

Author(s): Bozhedomov A.J. | Morrison V.V. | Shulaeva N.M. | Nikitina V.V. | Ivanenko I.L.
Optical Properties of ZnO-Alloyed Nanocrystalline Films

Author(s): Hui Che | Jesse Huso | John L. Morrison | Dinesh Thapa | Michelle Huso | Wei Jiang Yeh | M. C. Tarun | M. D. McCluskey | Leah Bergman
Repeated concussion among U.S. military personnel during Operation Iraqi Freedom

Author(s): Andrew J. MacGregor, PhD, MPH | Amber L. Dougherty, MPH | Rosemary H. Morrison, MPH | Kimberly H. Quinn, BS | Michael R. Galarneau, MS
(E)-Benzaldehyde O-{[3-(pyridin-3-yl)isoxazol-5-yl]methyl}oxime

Author(s): Rodolfo Moreno-Fuquen | Alix Elena Loaiza | John Diaz-Velandia | Alan R. Kennedy | Catriona A. Morrison
Quantifying the Impact of Obesity Category on Major Chronic Diseases in Canada

Author(s): Ying Jiang | Yue Chen | Douglas Manuel | Howard Morrison | Yang Mao | Obesity Working Group
Prevalence of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Comorbidity in the Canadian Community Health Survey 2002–2003

Author(s): Frank Mo | Lisa M. Pogany | Felix C.K. Li | Howard Morrison
Oxidative Metabolism Genes Are Not Responsive to Oxidative Stress in Rodent Beta Cell Lines

Author(s): Faer Morrison | Karen Johnstone | Anna Murray | Jonathan Locke | Lorna W. Harries
Design and Testing of a Multi-Sensor Pedestrian Location and Navigation Platform

Author(s): Aiden Morrison | Valérie Renaudin | Jared B. Bancroft | Gérard Lachapelle
Diagnostic value of markers of vascular endothe-lial injury in thermal traumas

Author(s): Morrison V. V. | Bozhedomov A. Yu. | Zakharova N. В. | Podgornova A. V.
Redetermination of kovdorskite, Mg2PO4(OH)·3H2O

Author(s): Shaunna M. Morrison | Robert T. Downs | Hexiong Yang
Factors affecting response rates to mailed preoperative surveys among arthroplasty patients

Author(s): Wenbao Wang | Jeffrey A Geller | Abraham Kim | Todd A Morrison | Jung Keun Choi | William Macaulay

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