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Ophiobolin-O Reverses Adriamycin Resistance via Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis Sensitization in Adriamycin-Resistant Human Breast Carcinoma (MCF-7/ADR) Cells

Author(s): Wenxia Sun | Cuiting Lv | Tonghan Zhu | Xue Yang | Shanjian Wei | Jieyin Sun | Kui Hong | Weiming Zhu | Caiguo Huang
Evaluation of a new chemiluminescence immunoassay for diagnosis of syphilis

Author(s): Mo Xiaohui | Jin Yuelan | Yang Yang | Hu Weizhong | Gu Weiming
Mean-square Error Distortion Computation Model Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Weiming Yang | Jian Zhang | Jinxiang Peng
Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Arsenic Trioxide Eluting Stents in a Porcine Coronary Model

Author(s): Li Shen | Feirong Gong | Wenjie Tian | Weiming Li | Feng Zhang | Juying Qian | Aijun Sun | Yunzeng Zou | Wei Yang | Junbo Ge
Synthesis and Antiviral Activity of 5‑(4‑Chlorophenyl)-1,3,4-Thiadiazole Sulfonamides

Author(s): Zhuo Chen | Weiming Xu | Keming Liu | Song Yang | Huitao Fan | Pinaki S. Bhadury | De-Yu Huang | Yuping Zhang
Asymmetric Synthesis of α-Aminophosphonates Using the Inexpensive Chiral Catalyst 1,1’-Binaphthol Phosphate

Author(s): Weiming Xu | Sha Zhang | Song Yang | Lin-Hong Jin | Pinaki S. Bhadury | De-Yu Hu | Yuping Zhang
Synthesis and Antiviral Bioactivity of Chiral Thioureas Containing Leucine and Phosphonate Moieties

Author(s): Jingzi Liu | Song Yang | Xiangyang Li | Huitao Fan | Pinaki Bhadury | Weiming Xu | Jian Wu | Zhencao Wang
Phenotypic analysis of images of zebrafish treated with Alzheimer's γ-secretase inhibitors

Author(s): Arslanova Dilyara | Yang Ting | Xu Xiaoyin | Wong Stephen | Augelli-Szafran Corinne | Xia Weiming
Population dynamics of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Shanghai, China: a comparative study

Author(s): Tazi Loubna | Pérez-Losada Marcos | Gu Weiming | Yang Yang | Xue Lin | Crandall Keith | Viscidi Raphael
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Novel Sulfone Derivatives Containing 1,2,4-Triazole Moieties

Author(s): Weiming Xu | Baoan Song | Pinaki Bhadury | Yang Song | Deyu Hu
Increased DJ-1 expression under oxidative stress and in Alzheimer's disease brains

Author(s): Baulac Stéphanie | Lu Hope | Strahle Jennifer | Yang Ting | Goldberg Matthew | Shen Jie | Schlossmacher Michael | Lemere Cynthia | Lu Qun | Xia Weiming
The natural history of EGFR and EGFRvIII in glioblastoma patients

Author(s): Heimberger Amy | Suki Dima | Yang David | Shi Weiming | Aldape Kenneth
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