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A Systematic Review of the Environmental Impacts of GM Crop Cultivation as Reported from 2006 to 2011

Author(s): Oliver Knox | Clare Hall | Alistair McVittie | Robin Walker | Bruce Knight
A Royal Chartered College joins Chiropractic & Manual Therapies

Author(s): Walker Bruce F | Finch Robert P | Jay Timothy C
Management of people with acute low-back pain: a survey of Australian chiropractors

Author(s): Walker Bruce F | French Simon D | Page Matthew J | O'Connor Denise A | McKenzie Joanne E | Beringer Katherine | Murphy Kerry | Keating Jenny L | Michie Susan | Francis Jill J | Green Sally E
The journal 'chiropractic & osteopathy' changes its title to 'chiropractic & manual therapies'. a new name, a new era

Author(s): Walker Bruce F | French Simon D | Cameron Melanie | Perle Stephen M | Lebouef-Yde Charlotte | Rubinstein Sidney M
Navigating Trade-Offs: Working for Conservation and Development Outcomes

Author(s): Bruce M. Campbell | Jeffrey A. Sayer | Brian Walker
Stimulant Reduction Intervention using Dosed Exercise (STRIDE) - CTN 0037: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Trivedi Madhukar | Greer Tracy | Grannemann Bruce | Church Timothy | Somoza Eugene | Blair Steven | Szapocznik Jose | Stoutenberg Mark | Rethorst Chad | Warden Diane | Ring Kolette | Walker Robrina | Morris David | Kosinski Andrzej | Kyle Tiffany | Marcus Bess | Crowell Becca | Oden Neal | Nunes Edward
Impairment of viral replication capacity by nef alleles from HIV elite controllers

Author(s): Mwimanzi Philip | Markle Tristan | Otsuka Hirohito | Ogata Yoko | Tokunaga Michiyo | Miura Toshiyuki | Martin Eric | Pereyra Florencia | Walker Bruce | Brumme Zabrina | Brockman Mark | Ueno Takamasa
Chiropractic care for children: too much, too little or not enough?

Author(s): French Simon | Walker Bruce | Perle Stephen
Biomarkers of oxidant stress, insulin sensitivity and endothelial activation in rheumatoid arthritis: a cross-sectional study of their association with accelerated atherosclerosis

Author(s): Pemberton Philip | Ahmad Yasmeen | Bodill Helena | Lokko Daniel | Hider Samantha | Yates Allen | Walker Michael | Laing Ian | Bruce Ian
Early virological suppression despite high frequency NNRTI resistance following perinatal prophylaxis in HIV-infected African infants

Author(s): Prendergast Andrew | Mphatswe Wendy | Tudor-Williams Gareth | Blanckenberg Natasha | Cengimbo Ayanda | Jeena Prakash | Rakgotho Mpho | Pillay Visva | Thobakgale Christina | Reddy Sharon | Mncube Zenele | Vanderstok Mary | McCarthy Noel | Dong Krista | Coovadia Hoosen | Morris Lynn | Walker Bruce | Goulder Philip
Severe aberrant glenohumeral motor patterns in a young female rower: A case report

Author(s): Stark Timothy | Seebauer Jessica | Walker Bruce | McGurk Neal | Cooley Jeff
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses in Chinese infected with HIV-1 B'/C Recombinant (CRF07_BC)

Author(s): Chen Jianping | Hong Kunxue | Jia Mingming | Liu Hongwei | Zhang Yuanzhi | Liu Sha | Zhang Xiaoqing | Zhao Hongjing | Peng Hong | Ma Pengfei | Xing Hui | Ruan Yuhua | Williams Katie | Yu Xu | Altfeld Marcus | Walker Bruce | Shao Yiming
Elite control of HIV infection: implications for vaccines

Author(s): Pereyra Florencia | Addo Marylyn | Kaufmann Daniel | Miura Toshiyuki | Rathod Almas | Baker Brett | Trocha Alicja | Ueda Peggy | Rosenberg Rachel | Cohen Daniel | Stone David | Liu Yang | Wrin Terri | Buchbinder Susan | Petropoulos Christos | Rosenberg Eric | Walker Bruce
Prevention of an additional surgery for regional lymphadenectomy in melanoma: rapid intraoperative immunostaining of sentinel lymph node imprint smears

Author(s): Shidham Vinod | Komorowski Richard | Neuberg Marcelle | Walker Alonzo | Campbell Bruce | Chang Chung-Che | Dzwierzynski William
Low back pain risk factors in a large rural Australian Aboriginal community. An opportunity for managing co-morbidities?

Author(s): Vindigni Dein | Walker Bruce | Jamison Jennifer | Da Costa Cliff | Parkinson Lynne | Blunden Steve
A microchip CD4 counting method for HIV monitoring in resource-poor settings.

Author(s): Rodriguez William R | Christodoulides Nicolaos | Floriano Pierre N | Graham Susan | Mohanty Sanghamitra | Dixon Meredith | Hsiang Mina | Peter Trevor | Zavahir Shabnam | Thior Ibou | Romanovicz Dwight | Bernard Bruce | Goodey Adrian P | Walker Bruce D | McDevitt John T
Limited Durability of Viral Control following Treated Acute HIV Infection

Author(s): Kaufmann Daniel E | Lichterfeld Mathias | Altfeld Marcus | Addo Marylyn M | Johnston Mary N | Lee Paul K | Wagner Bradford S | Kalife Elizabeth T | Strick Daryld | Rosenberg Eric S | Walker Bruce D
A comparison of biologically variable ventilation to recruitment manoeuvres in a porcine model of acute lung injury

Author(s): Funk Duane | Graham M Ruth | Girling Linda | Thliveris James | McManus Bruce | Walker Elizabeth | Rector Edward | Hillier Craig | Scott J Elliott | Mutch W Alan
CD8+ T lymphocyte responses target functionally important regions of Protease and Integrase in HIV-1 infected subjects

Author(s): Rodriguez William | Addo Marylyn | Rathod Almas | Fitzpatrick Cecily | Yu Xu | Perkins Beth | Rosenberg Eric | Altfeld Marcus | Walker Bruce
Dynamics of success and failure in phage and antibiotic therapy in experimental infections

Author(s): Bull J | Levin Bruce | DeRouin Terry | Walker Nina | Bloch Craig
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