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Author(s): Chakia Joi McClendon | Sherrell Pettiford | Dawn Conklin | Lauren Kloc | Sang-Hyon Oh | Jenora Turner Waterman
A study to assess the feasibility of undertaking a randomized controlled trial of adherence with eye drops in glaucoma patients

Author(s): Richardson C | Brunton L | Olleveant N | Henson DB | Pilling M | Mottershead J | Fenerty CH | Spencer AF | Waterman H
Catalysing conservation action and raising the profile of pangolins - the IUCN-SSC Pangolin Specialist Group (PangolinSG)

Author(s): Challender D.W.S. | Baillie J.E.M. | Waterman C. | IUCN-SSC Pangolin Specialist Group
Visualising Deteriorating Conditions

Author(s): Tom Andrews, RN, B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc., Ph.D. | Heather Waterman, RN, B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D.
Adherence to ocular hypotensive therapy: patient health education needs and views on group education

Author(s): Waterman H | Brunton L | Fenerty C | Mottershead J | Richardson C | Spencer F
Praecansone A: Evidence for the existence of 8,9-(E) and 8,9-(Z) isomers in extracts from tephrosia pumila

Author(s): Ermias Dagne | Abiy Yenesew | Alexander I. Gray | Peter G. Waterman
Anti-feedant effects of surface accumulated flavonoids of Polygonum Senegalense

Author(s): J. O. Midiwo | J. J. Matasi | O. M. Wanjau | R. W. Mwangi | P. G. Waterman | E. Wollenweber
Flavonoids of polygonum senegalense (MEISN) part II: More surface and internal tissue flavonoid aglycones

Author(s): J. Ogweno Midiwo | N. K. Gikonyo | D. O. Wanjau | J. J. Matasi | P. G. Waterman
Kaempferol glycosides from Albizia Versicolor

Author(s): Geoffrey M. Rukunga | Peter G. Waterman
Structural Analysis of Cytochrome P450 105N1 Involved in the Biosynthesis of the Zincophore, Coelibactin

Author(s): Bin Zhao | Suzy C. Moody | Robert C. Hider | Li Lei | Steven L. Kelly | Michael R. Waterman | David C. Lamb
Determination of an optimal dose of medetomidine-ketamine-buprenorphine for anaesthesia in the Cape ground squirrel (Xerus inauris)

Author(s): K. E. Joubert | T. Serfontein | M. Scantlebury | M B Manjerovic | P. W. Bateman | M B Manjerovic | P. W. Bateman | N. C. Bennett | J. M. Waterman
rac-18-Methoxycoronaridine hydrochloride

Author(s): Martin E. Kuehne | Rory Waterman

Author(s): Benjamin A. Vaughan | Anthony E. Wetherby | Rory Waterman
REVIEW: The City without Castells

Author(s): Peter Waterman
Social dilemmas and individual/group coordination strategies in a complex rural land-use game

Author(s): Luis García-Barrios | Raúl García-Barrios | Andrew Waterman | Juana Cruz-Morales
An integrated functional genomic study of acute phenobarbital exposure in the rat

Author(s): Waterman Claire | Currie Richard | Cottrell Lisa | Dow Jacky | Wright Jayne | Waterfield Catherine | Griffin Julian
An integrative modular approach to systematically predict gene-phenotype associations

Author(s): Mehan Michael | Nunez-Iglesias Juan | Dai Chao | Waterman Michael | Zhou Xianghong
Cluster magnetotail observations of a tailward-travelling plasmoid at substorm expansion phase onset and field aligned currents in the plasma sheet boundary layer

Author(s): N. C. Draper | M. Lester | S. W. H. Cowley | J.A. Wild | S. E. Milan | G. Provan | A. Grocott | A. N. Fazakerley | A. Lahiff | J. A. Davies | J.-M. Bosqued | J. P. Dewhurst | R. Nakamura | C. J. Owen | J. Waterman | M. G. Henderson | H. J. Singer | E. Donovan
Coordinated ground-based, low altitude satellite and Cluster observations on global and local scales during a transient post-noon sector excursion of the magnetospheric cusp

Author(s): H. J. Opgenoorth | M. Lockwood | D. Alcaydé | E. Donovan | M. J. Engebretson | A. P. van Eyken | K. Kauristie | M. Lester | J. Moen | J. Waterman | H. Alleyne | M. André | M. W. Dunlop | N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin | A. Masson | A. Fazerkerley | H. Rème | R. André | O. Amm | A. Balogh | R. Behlke | P. L. Blelly | H. Boholm | E. Borälv | J. M. Bosqued | S. Buchert | M. Candidi | J. C. Cerisier | C. Cully | W. F. Denig | P. Eglitis | R. A. Greenwald | B. Jackal | J. D. Kelly | I. Krauklis | G. Lu | I. R. Mann | M. F. Marcucci | I. W. McCrea | M. Maksimovic | S. Massetti | P. M. E. Décréau | D. K. Milling | S. Orsini | F. Pitout | G. Provan | J. M. Ruohoniemi | J. C. Samson | J. J. Schott | F. Sedgemore-Schulthess | R. Stamper | P. Stauning | A. Strømme | M. Taylor | A. Vaivads | J. P. Villain | I. Voronkov | J. A. Wild | M. Wild
Simultaneous two hemisphere observations of the presence of polar patches in the nightside ionosphere

Author(s): A. S. Rodger | M. Pinnock | J. R. Dudeney | J. Waterman | O. de la Beaujardiere | K. B. Baker
Conformational flexibility and molecular interactions of an archaeal homologue of the Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond syndrome protein

Author(s): Ng C Leong | Waterman David | Koonin Eugene | Walters Alison | Chong James | Isupov Michail | Lebedev Andrey | Bunka David | Stockley Peter | Ortiz-Lombardía Miguel | Antson Alfred
Volatile Chemical Constituents of Piper aduncum L and Piper gibbilimbum C. DC (Piperaceae) from Papua New Guinea

Author(s): Topul Rali | Stewart W Wossa | David N Leach | Peter G Waterman
The Seventh Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC2009)

Author(s): Zhang Michael | Waterman Michael | Zhang Xuegong
Volatile Chemical Constituents of Piper aduncum L and Piper gibbilimbum C. DC (Piperaceae) from Papua New Guinea

Author(s): Topul Rali | Stewart W Wossa | David N Leach | Peter G Waterman
Multiplex-Ready PCR: A new method for multiplexed SSR and SNP genotyping

Author(s): Hayden Matthew | Nguyen Thao | Waterman Amanda | Chalmers Kenneth
Integrative missing value estimation for microarray data

Author(s): Hu Jianjun | Li Haifeng | Waterman Michael | Zhou Xianghong
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