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Minimum time trajectory for helicopter UAVs: computation and flight test

Author(s): Michael Zhu | Shupeng Lai | Randy Boucher | Ben Chen | Xiang Cheng | Wei Kang
A Small Ku-Band Polarization Tracking Active Phased Array for Mobile Satellite Communications

Author(s): Wei Shi | Zuping Qian | Jun Zhou | Xinbo Qu | Yang Xiang | Liu Hong
Advanced Antenna Technologies in the Beyond IMT-Advanced Systems

Author(s): Mugen Peng | Cheng-Xiang Wang | Feifei Gao | Wei Xiang
Distance-Based Routing Strategy for Traffic Transport in Spatial Networks

Author(s): Wei Huang | Xiang Pan | Xi Yang | Jianhua Zhang
Correlation of psychosomatic health and situation idiosyncratic coping of army men garrisoned at islands

Author(s): Wei NIU | Wei-zhong WANG | Ya-qing ZHU | Xiang ZHONG | Ling-ping JIN | Rong-chang XUE
Protective Roles of Gadd45 and MDM2 in Blueberry Anthocyanins Mediated DNA Repair of Fragmented and Non-Fragmented DNA Damage in UV-Irradiated HepG2 Cells

Author(s): Wei Liu | Xiangyi Lu | Guangyang He | Xiang Gao | Maonian Xu | Jingkai Zhang | Meiling Li | Lifeng Wang | Zhenjing Li | Likui Wang | Cheng Luo
Peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer thickness distribution in Chinese with myopia measured by 3D-optical coherence tomography

Author(s): Jing-Jing Zhao | Wen-Juan Zhuang | Xue-Qiu Yang | Shan-Shan Li | Wei Xiang
Adiposity and Fat Distribution in relation to Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in a Relatively Lean Population of Chinese Women

Author(s): Sheng-Hui Wu | Xiao-Ou Shu | Wong-Ho Chow | Yong-Bing Xiang | Xianglan Zhang | Qiuyin Cai | Hong-Lan Li | Ginger Milne | Wanqing Wen | Bu-Tian Ji | Nathaniel Rothman | Yu-Tang Gao | Wei Zheng | Gong Yang
Stability and Reliability of Plasma Level of Lipid Biomarkers and Their Correlation with Dietary Fat Intake

Author(s): Sang-Ah Lee | Wanqing Wen | Yong-Bing Xiang | Sergio Fazio | MacRae F. Linton | Qiuyin Cai | Dake Liu | Wei Zheng | Xiao-Ou Shu
Roles of BN52021 in platelet-activating factor pathway in inflammatory MS1 cells

Author(s): Shi-Hai Xia | Xiao-Hui Xiang | Kai Chen | Wei Xu
Sector Dividing Method in Enroute Radar Airspace with Unbalanced Traffic Distribution

Author(s): Zhijian Ye | Linhang Meng | Wei Gao | Zengxian Geng | Qiu Xiang
Gross Error Denoising Method for Slope Monitoring Data at Hydropower Station

Author(s): Wei Hu | Xingguo Yang | Jiawen Zhou | Huige Xing | Jian Xiang
Learning Representative Features for Robot Topological Localization

Author(s): Zeng-Shun Zhao | Xiang Feng | Fang Wei | Yan-Yan Lin | Yi-Bin Li | Zeng-Guang Hou | Min Tan
Effect of Environment on the Productivity and Physiological Indicator of Nursery Piglets

Author(s): Guoan Yin | Guopeng Sun | Honggui Liu | Xiang Li | Chunbo Wei | Jun Bao
Effects of microwave radiation on morphology and function of hematopoietic system of rats

Author(s): Wei SONG | Rui-yun PENG | Ya-bing GAO | Shui-ming WANG | Jing ZHANG | Li ZHAO | Xiang LI | Yang LI | Ji DONG
Association Between a Multi-Locus Genetic Risk Score and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Author(s): Pingzhao Hu | Aleixo M. Muise | Xiang Xing | John H. Brumell | Mark S. Silverberg | Wei Xu
Electrostatic properties of few-layer MoS2 films

Author(s): Guolin Hao | Zongyu Huang | Yundan Liu | Xiang Qi | Long Ren | Xiangyang Peng | Liwen Yang | Xiaolin Wei | Jianxin Zhong
Experimental Research on the Mechanical Properties of PVA Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Author(s): Wei Hu | Xingguo Yang | Jiawen Zhou | Huige Xing | Jian Xiang
Cytotoxic and Antibacterial Cembranoids from a South China Sea Soft Coral, Lobophytum sp.

Author(s): Min Zhao | Jian Yin | Wei Jiang | Minshan Ma | Xinxiang Lei | Zheng Xiang | Jianyong Dong | Kexin Huang | Pengcheng Yan
Mesoporous SiO2-Supported Pt Nanoparticles for Catalytic Application

Author(s): Yingze Cao | Wentao Zhai | Xiang Zhang | Shuxi Li | Lin Feng | Yen Wei
A Laboratory Evaluation of Medicinal Herbs Used in China for the Treatment of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

Author(s): Xiaoqing Chen | Chunyang Wang | Lanfang Xu | Xiaoshuang Chen | Wei Wang | Guang Yang | Ren Xiang Tan | Erguang Li | Yu Jin
CFTR Polymorphisms of Healthy Individuals in Two Chinese Cities—Changchun and Nanjing

Overexpression of DNA damage-induced 45 α gene contributes to esophageal squamous cell cancer by promoter hypomethylation

Author(s): Wang Bao xiang | Yin Bang Liang | He Bin | Chen Chen | Zhao Ming | Zhang Wei xing | Xia Zhen Kun | Pan Yi zhi | Tang Jing qun | Zhou Xin min | Yin Ni
Pathway-based joint effects analysis of rare genetic variants using Genetic Analysis Workshop 17 exon sequence data

Author(s): Hu Pingzhao | Xu Wei | Cheng Lu | Xing Xiang | Paterson Andrew D
Facile Synthesis of Fe-Doped Titanate Nanotubes with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity for Castor Oil Oxidation

Author(s): Guozhu Fu | Gang Wei | Yanqiu Yang | WeiCheng Xiang | Ning Qiao
Optical bistability based on Bragg grating resonators in metal-insulator-metal plasmonic waveguides

Author(s): Yinxiao Xiang | Xinzheng Zhang | Wei Cai | Lei Wang | Cuifeng Ying | Jingjun Xu
Transcutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation Protects Endotoxemic Rat from Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammation

Author(s): Yu Xue Zhao | Wei He | Xiang Hong Jing | Jun Ling Liu | Pei Jing Rong | Hui Ben | Kun Liu | Bing Zhu
Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein-Like Protein-2 as a Novel Serological Biomarker for Breast Cancer

Author(s): Mingjun Xiang | Wei Zhou | Dandan Gao | Xiansong Fang | Qian Liu
Mixture Segmentation of Multispectral MR Brain Images for Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): Lihong Li | Xinzhou Wei | Xiang Li | Syed Rizvi | Zhengrong Liang
A Picrorhiza kurroa Derivative, Picroliv, Attenuates the Development of Dextran-Sulfate-Sodium-Induced Colitis in Mice

Author(s): De-Kui Zhang | Jian-Jie Yu | Yu-Min Li | Li-Na Wei | Yi Yu | Yan-Hu Feng | Xiang Wang
Characterization of ARF-BP1/HUWE1 Interactions with CTCF, MYC, ARF and p53 in MYC-Driven B Cell Neoplasms

Author(s): Chen-Feng Qi | Yong-Soo Kim | Shao Xiang | Ziedulla Abdullaev | Ted A. Torrey | Siegfried Janz | Alexander L. Kovalchuk | Jiafang Sun | Delin Chen | William C. Cho | Wei Gu | Herbert C. Morse III
Proposal for a Loophole-Free Bell Test with Electron Spins of Donors in Silicon

Author(s): Fang-Yu Hong | Shi-Jie Xiong | Yang Xiang | Wei Hua Tang
A New MAC Protocol for Moving Target in Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jijun Zhao | Xiang Sun | Zhongcheng Wei | Zhihua Li
Combined Structure-Based Pharmacophore and 3D-QSAR Studies on Phenylalanine Series Compounds as TPH1 Inhibitors

Author(s): Liang Ouyang | Gu He | Wei Huang | Xiangrong Song | Fengbo Wu | Mingli Xiang
Controller Designing and Parameter Tuning in the First Order plus Large Delay Time System

Author(s): DAXIAO Wang | YINGJIAN Xu | WEI Zhang | LEIJUN Xiang
Some Inequalities for the -Curvature Image

Author(s): Weidong Wang | Daijun Wei | Yu Xiang
Adaptive Social Network Construction using Gaussian Mixture Model

Author(s): Xin Guo | Yang Xiang | Qian Chen | Wei Wei
An Adaptive MAC Protocol Based on Spatial and Temporal Correlation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jijun Zhao | Zhongcheng Wei | Zhihua Li | Xiang Sun
Observations on Copy Number Variations in a Kidney-yang Deficiency Syndrome Family

Author(s): Wei Wei Liu | Yong Xiang Gao | Li Ping Zhou | Azure Duan | Ling Ling Tan | Wan Zhen Li | Min Yan | Hong Ya Yang | Shi Lin Yan | Mi Qu Wang | Wei Jun Ding
Fasting plasma glucose is an independent predictor for severity of H1N1 pneumonia

Author(s): Wang Wei | Chen Hong | Li Qiang | Qiu Bo | Wang Jiajun | Sun Xiwen | Xiang Ying | Zhang Jinchao
The validation of the standard Chinese version of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Core Questionnaire 30 (EORTC QLQ-C30) in pre-operative patients with brain tumor in China

Author(s): Cheng Jin-xiang | Liu Bo-lin | Zhang Xiang | Zhang Yong-qiang | Lin Wei | Wang Rui | Zhang Yong-qin | Zhang Hong-ying | Xie Li | Huo Jun-li
On the achievable rates of multiple antenna broadcast channels with feedback-link capacity constraint

Author(s): Chen Xiang | Miao Wei | Li Yunzhou | Zhou Shidong | Wang Jing
Evaluation of several adjuvants in avian influenza vaccine to chickens and ducks

Author(s): Liu Chun | Liu Ming | Liu Fei | Liu Da | Zhang Yun | Pan Wei | Chen Hao | Wan Chun | Sun En | Li Hong | Xiang Wen
On English and Chinese Movie Title Translation

Author(s): Ke-lan LIU | Wei XIANG
Prevalence and Etiology of Abnormal Liver Tests in an Adult Population in Jilin, China

Author(s): Hong Zhang, Shu Mei He, Jie Sun, ChunYan Wang, Yan Fang Jiang, Qing Gu, Xiang Wei Feng, Bing Du, Wei Wang, Xiao Dong Shi, Si Qi Zhang, Wan Yu Li, Jun Qi Niu
Ataxia telangiectasia-mutated-Rad3-related DNA damage checkpoint signaling pathway triggered by hepatitis B virus infection

Author(s): Fan Zhao, Ning-Bo Hou, Xiao-Li Yang, Xiang He, Yu Liu, Yan-Hong Zhang, Cong-Wen Wei, Ting Song, Li Li, Qing-Jun Ma, Hui Zhong
Tacrolimus dosage requirements in living donor liver transplant recipients with small-for-size grafts

Author(s): Fei Liu, Ya Li, Xiang Lan, Yong-Gang Wei, Bo Li, Lv-Nan Yan, Tian-Fu Wen, Ji-Chun Zhao, Ming-Qing Xu, Wen-Tao Wang, Jia-Yin Yang
Oncological outcome of unresectable lung metastases without extrapulmonary metastases in colorectal cancer

Author(s): Wen-Hua Li, Jun-Jie Peng, Jia-Qing Xiang, Wei Chen, San-Jun Cai, Wen Zhang
Hepatic non-parenchymal cells and extracellular matrix participate in oval cell-mediated liver regeneration

Author(s): Wei Zhang, Xiao-Ping Chen, Wan-Guang Zhang, Feng Zhang, Shuai Xiang, Han-Hua Dong, Lei Zhang
Protective effect of recombinant human IL-1Ra on CCl-induced acute liver injury in mice

Author(s): Run-Zhi Zhu, Di Xiang, Chao Xie, Jing-Jing Li, Jian-Jun Hu, Hong-Lin He, Yun-Sheng Yuan, Jin Gao, Wei Han, Yan Yu
Recent progress and potential impact of modulation spectroscopy for narrow-gap HgCdTe

Author(s): SHAO Jun | MA Li-Li | LV Xiang | WU Jun | LI Zhi-Feng | GUO Shao-Ling | HE Li | LU Wei | CHU Jun-Hao
Platycoside N: A New Oleanane-Type Triterpenoid Saponin from the Roots of Platycodon grandiflorum

Author(s): Wei Li | Wei Zhang | Lan Xiang | Zi Wang | Yi-Nan Zheng | Ying-Ping Wang | Jing Zhang | Li Chen
Resveratrol represses YKL-40 expression in human glioma U87 cells

Author(s): Zhang Wei | Murao Koji | Zhang Xiang | Matsumoto Kensuke | Diah Suwarni | Okada Masaki | Miyake Keisuke | Kawai Nobuyuki | Fei Zhou | Tamiya Takashi
The Genetic Algorithm for Truck Dispatching Problems in Surface Mine

Author(s): Ming- Xiang He | Jiu- Chuan Wei | Xin- Ming Lu | Bao-Xiang Huang
Health-related quality of life in glioma patients in China

Author(s): Cheng Jin-xiang | Liu Bo-lin | Zhang Xiang | Lin Wei | Zhang Yong-qiang | Liu Wei-ping | Zhang Jian-ning | Lin Hong | Wang Rui | Yin Hong
Anti-obesity effect of an isoflavone fatty acid ester on obese mice induced by high fat diet and its potential mechanism

Author(s): Yao Yao | Li Xiao-Bo | Zhao Wei | Zeng Yan-Yan | Shen Hong | Xiang Hua | Xiao Hong
Anti-tumor activity of N-trimethyl chitosan-encapsulated camptothecin in a mouse melanoma model

Author(s): Liu Xian-ping | Zhou Sheng-tao | Li Xing-yi | Chen Xian-cheng | Zhao Xia | Qian Zhi-yong | Zhou Li-na | Li Zhi-yong | Wang Yu-mei | Zhong Qian | Yi Tao | Li Zheng-yu | He Xiang | Wei Yu-quan
Efficient inhibition of lung cancer in murine model by plasmid-encoding VEGF short hairpin RNA in combination with low-dose DDP

Author(s): Ma Yong | Yang Yang | Zhang Shuang | Chen Xiang | Zhang Na | Wang Wei | Cao Zhi | Jiang Yu | Zhao Xia | Wei Yu | Deng Hong
Enhancement of cisplatin sensitivity in lewis lung carcinoma by liposome-mediated delivery of a survivin mutant

Author(s): Yu Dan-Dan | Wang Chun-Ting | Shi Hua-Shan | Li Zhi-Yong | Pan Li | Yuan Qing-Zhong | Leng Fei | Wen Yuan | Chen Xiang | Wei Yu-Quan
The Anti-Inflammatory Activity of HMGB1 A Box Is Enhanced When Fused with C-Terminal Acidic Tail

Author(s): Wei Gong | Yingru Zheng | Fan Chao | Yuan Li | Zhizhen Xu | Gang Huang | Xiang Gao | Song Li | Fengtian He
Genetic analysis of chikungunya viruses imported to mainland China in 2008

Author(s): Zheng Kui | Li Jiandong | Zhang Quanfu | Liang Mifang | Li Chuan | Lin Miao | Huang Jicheng | Li Hua | Xiang Dapeng | Wang Ninlan | Hong Ye | Huang Li | Li Xiaobo | Pan Deguan | Song Wei | Dai Jun | Guo Boxuan | Li Dexin
Some Inequalities for the Lp-Curvature Image

Author(s): Wang Weidong | Wei Daijun | Xiang Yu
Construction of a full-length cDNA Library from Chinese oak silkworm pupa and identification of a KK-42-binding protein gene in relation to pupa-diapause termination

Author(s): Yu-Ping Li, Run-Xi Xia, Huan Wang, Xi-Sheng Li, Yan-Qun Liu, Zhao-Jun Wei, Cheng Lu, Zhong-Huai Xiang
Surgical Treatment of Synchronous Lung Cancer and Hepatic Metastasis

Author(s): Yi ZHANG | Xiang WEI | Tiecheng PAN
Development and evaluation of a leadership training program for public health emergency response: results from a Chinese study

Author(s): Wang Chongjian | Wei Sheng | Xiang Hao | Wu Jing | Xu Yihua | Liu Li | Nie Shaofa
Surveillance for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in China from 2006 to 2007

Author(s): Shi Qi | Gao Chen | Zhou Wei | Zhang Bao-Yun | Chen Jian-Ming | Tian Chan | Jiang Hui-Ying | Han Jun | Xiang Ni-Juan | Wang Xiao-Fang | Gao Yong-Jun | Dong Xiao-Ping
Downregulation of CD147 expression alters cytoskeleton architecture and inhibits gelatinase production and SAPK pathway in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Author(s): Qian Ai-Rong | Zhang Wei | Cao Jian-Ping | Yang Peng-Fei | Gao Xiang | Wang Zhe | Xu Hui-Yun | Weng Yuan-Yuan | Shang Peng
Asymmetric Glyoxylate-Ene Reactions Catalyzed by Chiral Pd(II) Complexes in the Ionic Liquid [bmim][PF6]

Author(s): Xi Jun He | Zhen Lu Shen | Wei Min Mo | Bao Xiang Hu | Nan Sun
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