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Risk Management Model of Information Security in IC Manufacturing Industry

Author(s): Weihui Dai | Qi Zhu | Chunshi Wang | Yujiao Zeng
Search Engine System Based on Ontology of Technological Resources

Author(s): Weihui Dai | Yu You | Wenjuan Wang | Yiming Sun | Tong Li
A Framework of Transferring Mobile Services with Agent Based Middleware

Author(s): Weidong Zhao | Haifeng Wu | Weihui Dai | Wenjuan Wang | Guangxue Yue
Research on Mobile Agent System for Agile Supply Chain Management

Author(s): Wenjuan Wang | Weihui Dai | Weidong Zhao | Tong Li | Guangxue Yue | Chen Xu
Robust Model for the Design of Controller in Saucer UAV

Author(s): Shihua Wang | Jianliang Ai | Weihui Dai | Yuanwei Li
Text Steganography System Using Markov Chain Source Model and DES Algorithm

Author(s): Weihui Dai | Yue Yu | Yonghui Dai | Bin Deng
STB Based Multimedia Information Publication System

Author(s): Xuan Li | Lixin Lin | Xin Liu | Dejian Ye | Weihui Dai
An Integrated Mobile Phone Payment System Based on 3G Network

Author(s): Weihui Dai | Xiang Cai | Haifeng Wu | Weidong Zhao | Xuan Li
Research on 3G-based Mobile Self-rescue System for Medical Emergency

Author(s): Weihui Dai | Chunshi Wang | Guoxi Li | Fei Yu | Chen Xu
Prediction of Futures Price Fluctuation: Modeling, Computing and Analysis System

Author(s): Weihui Dai | Xingyun Dai | Hua Ye | Jie Liu
Multi-agent Middleware for the Integration of Mobile Supply Chain

Author(s): Weidong Zhao | Haifeng Wu | Weihui Dai | Xuan Li | Fei Yu | Chen Xu
Public Service System for SMEs in E-government

Author(s): Weihui Dai | Xiaolan Zhang
Research on Real-Time Mobile 3D Topography System

Author(s): Weihui Dai | Shuyi Liang | Wei Yan
A Smart Targeting System for Online Advertising

Author(s): Weihui Dai | Xingyun Dai | Tao Sun
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